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  1. Sylvie, interesting about the cool version. I might give that a whirl at some point too. Miss Bruise, here's an Amazon link for you: http://www.amazon.com/Namman-Muay-Boxing-Liniment-120ml/dp/B001ON8ZN6
  2. It's quite oily, though I haven't noticed any stains. The namman muay I have is in liquid form, though one chick on Instagram had it in cream form. I only really use it on something if it's sore, in which case I'll apply before training. It's kind of menthylated similar to Bengay or IcyHot so not for the eyes or other sensitive areas. I don't think it makes a huge difference personally, but others swear by it.
  3. I'm on an iPhone and the forum is not much slower than anyrhing else for me.
  4. I don't know all of the details so I can only specilate and speak generally, but there needs to be a balance between trusting your coaches to lead you forward (helping hone technique, etc.) and being your own advocate to make sure you are getting the training you need to progress. As a customer you are free to take your business wherever you feel appropriate. I don't see a need to apologize or continue patronizing the first gym if you are enjoying the new one.
  5. My coach told me to check Kaewsamrit when I said I was hoping to train in Thailand next year. I haven't been there myself yet.
  6. I always travel alone, so if it were me I'd be there in a heartbeat. Just follow your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. I haven't yet been to Thailand, but I've faired well as a lone female in all my workd travels so far. :) Go enjoy!
  7. http://8limbs.us/muay-thai-forum/topic/120-what-size-gloves-brand-do-you-use-why/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2087 A topic thread about what gloves brands we all use and prefer. I'm in the US so I have to order mine online.
  8. I looked and could only find paid downloads for the Pimsleur courses ($120US).
  9. I Want To Go, thank you for all the suggestions! I had to get LINE a long while back haha, they definitely love that app. Micc, if you have a smart phone check the learning thai apps. A lot of them do that sort of thing (so you can read/hear/repeat vocab and phrase lists). Learn Thai With Mod has many free youtube videos where she also repeats words and displays the thai on screen as she teaches. Good luck!
  10. And yeah, the language exchange was an unexpected bonus. I originally was contacting them to find out more about gyms that had no website (or no English website). Many never replied, but a good handful did answer questions and even sent photos and videos of the gym and training sessions. Two kept messaging afterwards and we've been working on stuff for months now. One of the cool parts of the internet experience. :D
  11. Thank you for the link, Lottie. I'll hild onto it in case I do decide to pay for lessons. Sylvie, that site looks great. ขอบคุณค่ะ I did a quick skim and loved the sentence expansion drill someone shared. I've definitely noticed differences in levels of casualness, like how phrases are often truncated or different words used all together when my buddies speak. It's a challenge, but my goal is to be understood and read street signs, so I think I'm getting there slowly haha. I'm starting to read simpler FB posts without referencing anything and am super excited about that.
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right board, but I was interested to talk to other members about this. I'm hoping to travel to Thailand in 2016, and have been trying to learn how to speak and read/write in Thai to aid me in my time there. I started by checking out Learn Thai with Mod and all of her videos, which I have found super helpful. I know she also offers Skype lessons, but so far I've held off on the expense. I've gotten a lot out of adding thai fighters on Facebook and interacting with them daily there (reading and writing). A few of them are trying to work on their English so we actually do video chats now and again as well, helping each other with pronunciation and word flow. I'm currently at Preschool levels of thai, but it's getting easier each week. Does anyone else have any helpful resources for someone looking to learn? :)
  13. Common things I've experienced with newer people in spar include the elbow crunch to protect from a front kick, late checks against body kicks that become elbow spikes to the shin, and generally being too tense, which leads to flinch responses to everything and firing hard counters. I've been pretty fortunate so far with having experienced partners who haven't injured me when I was green (and now being experienced enough to avoid injury with new greenies). Stuff happens sometimes though, so I try not to stress about it and enjoy the training.
  14. Fair point about agility/footwork. We mainly skip rope as a warm up to trainjng - we circuits with things like agility ladders in our conditioning sessions plus general footwork as part of technique sessions. For warm up purposes I prefer the heavy rope as I feel it gets my whole body where the speed rooe feels like it's mostly my legs that are warm in the 10-15 min we skip.
  15. Update: trained as usual. Switched to knees when kicks on that leg became too much (the inpact sort of reverberating the foot even though my foot wasn't hitting). Was able to donpretty much everything else without issue.
  16. Any advice on training with a broken toe? Unfortunately I caught an elbow while throwing a teep last night and my little toe snapped. I've had broken toes before, but that was before I trained muay thai. I'm not sure buddy tape will be effective once I start to sweat.
  17. I'm curious to see what everyone says as it seems there are a lot of members who are in/have been to Thailand. My gym supplies speed ropes, but after stopping in at a few other gyms over the years I'd come to prefer the heavy ones and have since purchased my own. I feel like it helps work my upper body and gets it warmed up a lot better than a speed rope.
  18. It was suggested to my mother after 7 years of lessons that I pursue another after-school activity ... so hopefully you fare better. :')
  19. I love hot soaks/compresses and epsom salt for most aches. Perhaps some ankle supports might help during trajning as well?
  20. I'm very curious to hear from more people on this. I'm on my phone so the short version for me (female about 155lbs): 8am coffee and fruit (usually includes a banana plus whatever else I picked up that week) 9:00-10:30 train 11am grilled chicken breast or can of tuna over dark green salad with nuts, seeds, dried fruit 4pm about half to 2/3 a sweet potato, 2 eggs, grilled chicken or turkey, spinach 6-8pm train 8:30 peanut butter toast or some chicken and rice, also some sports drink if I feel the need
  21. Training in the US I wear a tanktop and thai shorts to train (with the appropriate sports undergarments). I remove my shirt for clinch as I'll be fighting without one and it makes sense to me to be used to working skin-to-skin. If I were overseas I am guessing I'd stick to the tank top since things are a bit different culturally. Edited to add: the men at my gym train shirtless a majority of the time and are required to be shirtless for clinch. The women have never been asked to dress any certain way. When I train at my friend's gym (the one from thailand) I never go shirtless as none of the men do. I think each gym has its own culture and it makes sense to follow suit where appropriate.
  22. In cases like that I sometimes get frustrated at myself for not performing to my ability, even if rationally I can understand why I'm "off" that day. I'm not a crier by nature, usually I get broody and more aggressive.
  23. I use 12oz Top King and they have been great and I train twice daily five times a week (this pair is about 15 months old). I am 155lbs. As for preventing swamp glove, I take a pair of nylons and stuff the feet with dryer sheets, then tie off the ends. They look like potatoes and keep them from getting gross inside. A majority of the year the weather is not conducive to sunning them to dry, which I will do in summer months when I remember.
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