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  3. This study found that those with physical abuse in childhood (as differing from sexual abuse), had a heightened reaction to sad faces, due to the right amygdala (which broadly, maybe more stimulated in the follicular phase): Childhood Trauma History Differentiates Amygdala Response to Sad Faces within MDD
  4. This study suggests that sexual abuse victims and those with PTSD have a heightened anxiety response to fearful AND neutral faces, through the left amygdala. In female fighters it is possible that Luteal Phase left amygdala stimulation could amplify this: read it here: Amygdala habituation to emotional faces in adolescents with internalizing disorders, adolescents with childhood sexual abuse related PTSD and healthy adolescents
  5. I hope there are no times like we have and we are facing. Training is my life and I cant even explain how much psychologically it has effected me by not being able to go to the gym. Like I started reaching out brands who are working in the similar category like elite sports to help me and other boxers to get into the game and help us to survive through this pandemic. I'm glad they have started to now gradually.
  6. one study: the left amygdalais more closely related to affective information encoding with a higher affinity to language and to detailed feature extraction, and the right amygdala to affective information retrieval with a higher affinity to pictorial or image-related material. Furthermore, the right amygdala may be more strongly engaged than the left one in a fast,shallow or gross analysis of affect-related information. read the study here: Differential_Contribution_of_Right_and_Left_Amygda.pdf They found in 17 normal subjects thatthe evaluation of unpleasant visual stimuli
  7. In some Follicular = left, Luteal = right from wikipedia, the amygdala Hemispheric specializations In one study, electrical stimulations of the right amygdala induced negative emotions, especially fear and sadness. In contrast, stimulation of the left amygdala was able to induce either pleasant (happiness) or unpleasant (fear, anxiety, sadness) emotions.[10] Other evidence suggests that the left amygdala plays a role in the brain's reward system.[11] Each side holds a specific function in how we perceive and process emotion. The right and left portions of the amygdala have i
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  9. We filmed an entire session at Sangtiennoi's gym, just to give an inside look at what training there is like, one of the more "authentic" Muay Thai gyms with a history of training high level westerners as well.
  10. Hi! Since I gathered a lot of expeirence getting injured and sick while training, I thought I would start a new topic, namely: gym/trainer advice received on how to care for injuries or ailments. I will start with a couple of things I have been told and their origin. Swollen, painful knuckles: massage with hot water and salt (western boxing coach, Sweden) Ligament or muscle issues: Ice bath with salt. Eat potatoes and ocra/lady fingers. (lethwei trainer, Myanmar) Any kind of muscle pain: warm water massage (basically all muay thai trainers, Thailand) Cough: gur
  11. First off, I want to say a big thank you to Sylvie for the dedication and detail you put into all your content and for sharing such a wealth of Muay Thai information with the world. Having watched the great session with Kontoranee Payakaroon, I had a question or a request for clarification. My first Muay Thai trainer, Ryan Roy (pro MT fighter, previously head trainer for Fairtex in the Bay Area back in the day, and now owner of T2 Muay Thai in Mountain View, CA for any folks out there looking to learn) taught us to always step out at a 45-degree angle on our kicks to avoid getting caught
  12. Hello everyone, Its been awhile since I've updated my experience with Sagat, and a lot has happened the past few months A basic recap: I contacted Sylvie in May, who put in touch with Sagat -Since then, I've trained with Sagat since mid may. During that time my stamina, technique, and overall fighting IQ have increased in ways I cannot begin describe. The amount of learning and mindset shift has been immense. Approaching Muay Thai with a scientific and academic and intensive perspective is how I'd describe my mindset In that time, I've trained with 5-6 days a week fo
  13. During our current lockdown I discovered I live very close to a trainer from my gym and we have been training outside waiting for gyms to open. He had the exact same thing to say about my chicken arm as described above. He had an interesting drill though to fix it. Or you guys might know it, I've never seen it before We stood opposite each other and with straight jabs and punches, punched each others gloves. And we stood shorter apart than arms length distance so I would have to "strike through" his glove. We did a couple of minutes if 12, 12, 112, 1hook2 etc. It was really uncomfortable
  14. Hey guys, My impression is that Muay Boran as we see it today, is not a traditional martial art with heritage an lineage in the same way styles of Kung Fu are, my impression is that it is some sort of revival or reconstruction of Muay Boran and what you learn in a boran class today is actually relatively new. Am I way off base? I've tried digging but have had some trouble finding answers
  15. sorry I have only trained in Bangkok as I used to live and work in the city. Bangkok is a wonderful city but not great if you dont have any fight experience as there are not many fight opportunities other than Asiatique. The north is great for women apparently with plenty fight options. Some people like Phuket. The women section on this forum has some threads on good gyms for women. and discussions on sexual assault and the legal system which you should be mindful of.
  16. Only did 3 days at Sitjaopho so too short to know how good it is, but remember quite a few girls were training there. But owner and trainers were cool and patient. Very friendly pet dog running around the mat too
  17. Are there any gyms in particular in Thailand you’d recommend for women ?
  18. I haven't been myself but I heard Sitjaopo is really great. And their students do get to fight, men and women. Hua Hin has a couple of places where they organize fights., so it would not be that difficult once covid is gone.
  19. Thank you!! Really appreciate it. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to book long term rooms if I trial them first. I’ll definitely be waiting until next year. Way too risky at this point and will need everything to settle a bit. Do you happen to know much about how the training is at Sitjaopho Gym and the possibility to find fights?? I believe it’s based at Hua Hin District.
  20. The left amygdala is more attuned to fear expressions in others (luteal, perhaps): The left amygdala knows fear: laterality in the amygdala response to fearful eyes
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