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  2. February 1st will present the first all-female card at Lumpinee Stadium, it's GoSport (the promotion that introduced women to the ring there) and doesn't indicate whether all these fights are 5 rounds or if some are 3 rounds. It appears to all be Thai women and the Main Event is Sanaejan (the first female fight for the Lumpinee banner was Sanaejan vs Buakaw, but wasn't IN the stadium due to Covid restrictions, so this will be her first time actually in the Lumpinee ring) vs Somrasmee, who was "Rising Star of the Year" in Thailand's Northern region last year or the year before.
  3. All I know is according to some studies, the ketogenic diet can help women lose weight while also improving blood sugar management. Additionally, when administered as a supplemental therapy in women with specific types of malignancies, it may be advantageous. So a good keto diet should consist of roughly 75% fat, 10%-30% protein, and no more than 5% or 20-50 grammes of carbohydrates per day. High-fat, low-carb foods such as eggs, meats, dairy, and low-carb vegetables, as well as sugar-free drinks, should be prioritized. Keep overly processed foods and harmful fats to a minimum.
  4. Thakoon Pongsupha, the head of Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok, is launching yet another TV channel for "Entertainment Muay Thai." In the announcement it reads that fighters who "entertain" in their fights, both foreign and Thai, will have continued working relationships with the promotion. The details have yet to be announced but Thakoon is partnering with his son, Arm (both pictured in the article). I don't know Arm's previous experience with anything to do with either Muay Thai or TV, but assume he grew up at the camp, which is outside Thakoon's home. And as for Thakoon, he has decades experience of running a successful fighter's gym and has worked with foreign fighters almost all that time. He has previously worked with promotions, notably other "entertainment" category promotions like MX Muay Thai, which has disappeared but was one of the earlier attempts at Muay Thai 3 rounds, wearing MMA gloves and focusing on "action."
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  6. Do the Running Drills. It can help in improving your power and athleticism by increasing movements in planes of motion. At first, it looks a little strange but after some practice and some focus. Do forward and lateral running! Also you can try shutter Runs. Also there's a main role of diet in that. Have some quality crabs, lean protein and healthy fluids!!
  7. Thank you for advice. The opponent's gym changed date again so I called the whole thing off and will wait for proper pro lethwei fight instead or possibly try to get a match in Thailand when I go back there in March.
  8. I can tell you the most important aspect of kickboxing.. Kickboxing is all about integrating your kicks and punches in a fluid, lyrical manner, such that your punches set up your kicks and your kicks set up your punches. Most individuals who try Kickboxing do it with their fists first, then walk around a bit before striking with their feet. They're kicking, then boxing; they're not doing Kickboxing. Mastering the ability to mix your kicks and punches in a smooth manner with right kickboxing gloves and Shin Pads , seamless way takes time and patience. If you stick with it, you'll soon be kicking and hitting like Chuck Norris!
  9. Sure!! Please send me the Link To Your Website. I'll take a deep look on the pieces!! I've also using Title's and ES Boxing Gloves. The quality of those products are just fine. But now I'll make sure to try out your Product and give a positive feedback.
  10. Yeah I want to avoid that situation of running after her. And I think they use lethwei KO timeout rules so opponent has 2 minutes to recover after being knocked down. A friend if mine recently fought under same hybrid rules, he had to knock the guy down 3 times before he got the win but he didn't know about it before. Oh I'm hearing so much stupidities about this fight. And from recent pics I see this girl is very very heavy right now. From what I reckon, she's actually not fight ready but it's good promotion for her gym to fight the only white fighter chick left in the country and she'll just go for a draw.
  11. I once saw a peculiar match. Blue was inferior, so she fled to the corner and took her last stance there. holding desperately a high guard. Red was furiously attacking and punching forcefully the whole time, although most of the punches of course were caught in the desperate but good guard. Blue managed with just barely a couple of counter strikes, which did hit. to my surprise, the rond (match?) was decided as draw. Huh? Easy, It wasnt Muay, it was with kickboxing rules... Where there is essentially boxing rules. Being dominating doesnt count, what counts is clean hits; and punches do score. So, Red was overhelmingly dominating, but got none extra points for this.. She had lotsa of punches, but most fastened on the guard, just a few clean hits.... While Blue did managed to hit a couple of times... Ergo draw. A side note. This reminds me about an european fotboll "soccer" match between England and Poland on Wembley, which is Englands national arena in London; about 1974. The english had a massive dominance. Lotsa shots on goal. The polish goalkeeper Tomaszewski was a hero.... Took lotsa of shots! Even a couple of punishment shots! Just one goal went in... And the poles manages with the trick; they managed to send a ball forward; and Lubanski run through whole field, driving the ball with him forward. 1-1!!! A draw! History made! Poland to the World Championship, where they took a good and popular third place. Thus, compare kickboxing with soccer...
  12. I don't really think I'd want anything scented in my gloves to be honest. But the packaging looks nice. I wish you the best of luck with your launch.
  13. Hi, My name is Jasper and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently in the middle of making a boxing glove deodorizer and I'd love everyone's opinion on this forum. Just have a couple of questions and pictures. - Among Fresh Linen, Mint, and Lemon which would you prefer the most? I have some final product pictures if you don't mind taking a look. You can check out the final product picture on my business instagram or this imgur link. https://www.instagram.com/iozakcombat/ https://imgur.com/a/EdMUyV7 Let me know what you guys think! I will be launching in February so If anyone is interested I am offering discounts just follow my instagram and DM me. Thank you!
  14. The vital moment in the 4th, in the fight above. Dieselnoi calls off the attack:
  15. I realize now that at the time of the original writing we did not have the Samart vs Dieselnoi Holy Grail fight. Here it is:
  16. Clenching the fists tightly all the time will cause excessive tension in the arms, slow down punch speed and tire the arms out prematurely. Boxers are taught to keep their hands lightly clenched and only clench tight when the punch makes impact on the target A lot of Punching Power is derived from the SPEED of the Punch, which will multiply the impact force of the punch upon contact with the target - A slow punch is usually a weaker punch. Also keeping the hands loose makes it easier to block/slap down an opponent’s punches.
  17. The photo and my thoughts written two years ago, worth preserving here: This is what Patriarchy looks like. It is not some great evil, though certainly great evils have been committed through its tendencies, as have many goods. It's a structure, a form. You can see it in this silhouette. In the midst of all these men, and boys, thronging like like fish in a Natural school, is one of the greatest fighters of this generation, Great in terms of magnitude, Great in the old sense of the word. There are probably more fights in her single body than all the fights in all the other bodies in the ring...or at least it is not absurd to imagine it so, and to make the count. But, this is the thing. It is an absolute struggle, more difficult than any fight, or even any year of fighting, for Sylvie to even stand here, right where you see her now...in the sparring ring. Every male flows, Naturally, into this ring, like pouring water into a glass. Sylvie fights white-knuckle and teeth-gritting to even stand there, with an adequate sparring partner. It's not that Pi Nu doesn't support her, or women, he is one of the most receptive Thai trainers to female fighters we've ever seen in Thailand, and gives so much. It's that the Form of fighting does not include women, it's not in its core syntax. So it is always as if you are trying to insert a loan word, or a turn of grammar, from another language. And in the case of Sylvie who is an absolute unicorn of commitment, experience and skill, it's a very strange word indeed. It always has to be "put in" the conversation. This means she is forever, and somewhat painfully always wedging herself into the Form, and it will never end, no matter how historic she or her accomplishments become. This is the Form. And, it is even more uncomfortable than that. As a child of the Patriarchy - and I do not use this as a Bad Word, only a descriptor, "founded on the Father", arche, the Old word implies analogical things like "cornerstone", "root", Ur Source - she embodies, and reswallows the Forms of Patriarchy. She feels, instinctively as a buried intuition, that female aggression is suspect, and that it may not work out well. This does not just mean the throwing of fists, but also the insistence and persistence that one needs to Practice the throwing of fists, ultimately to be a part of the Form, regularly. There is just a low ceiling set for women in Thailand, and likely elsewhere, that if you can RIP the pads better than anyone else in the gym, fight hard and regularly winning most of your fights...you have arrived. You are "done". It cannot be conceived by anyone around her the kind of fighter she yearns to be, the kind that Shakes the Earth. So they cannot imagine why she should spar now like madwoman, or, fight like a madwoman either. Just smash the pads, spar once in a while, take your place as a unicorn. They cannot imagine the thirst and the hunger that has taken her thus far, and will take her infinitely farther. So, she takes up her leaden inheritance of passivity and obedience, lugs it to the gym, to the Church of Patriarchy, and yearns out a few small steps toward what can only be seen as a transcendence, a making. All in lead, she forces her way into the sparring ring. How to make that lead Gold. The alchemy of Ages. This is the cauldron, the crucifix. People think it's the Fight ring, but it is here, in this ring, the sparring ring, where "everyone" is welcome, and a unicorn is not (shackled from within, and without). Sylvie pulled a trick. If you (or I) won't let me be shaped by the Form, I'll just fight it out in the REAL ring. I'll use fights - a hoard and a boatload of them, a historic number - to just transform myself, shoot myself out like a star, where none have been. And that has been an incredible hack of the Form, but it only takes one so far. The ring of real alchemy is in the training ring, where the landscape of Patriarchy is most rich and subtle. That is the next battlefield, where the overburden of inheritance can be stripped away, and Eyes, yes eyes, can be truly grown. Eyes are the only path to Yodmuay. There is no other path. And Eyes must be found in the Caldron of the Form. You have to stand there, until standing there means nothing at all.
  18. I just found out this fight is KO or draw so I can't win on points. The thing is my opponent asked to increase weight to 3kg above my current weight. I agreed. Then she suddenly pulled out (people gossip to me "she ran away"). Which is weird because she is younger, heavier, has more fight experience and expected to be next lethwei female champ. I also know her gym as well, it's a modern gym with focus on technique. Her last fight she won knee KO first round (also smaller fighter). Anyhow I went training anyway after I was told my fight was off. Then I was told she changed her mind again and agreed to fight but at a different event 3 days earlier. Apparently this one is more low key with no videos. So I guess it's a great of losing face or whatever. So if the fight happens. I need to go for KO. But I've been told that if the opponent just runs away and KO is impossible, I should avoid a situation where I'm chasing her and instead just display technique. This will help me get respect even if it ends in a draw. People at my gym don't speak much English. My Ajarn has asked an interpreter to support me to understand. But still, most things I know about this fight is from people writing me giving me bits n pieces of information and I patch them together. Location of the fight is only shared shortly before "to avoid the mil. junta to get hold of the events and start messing around". Which adds another dimension to fighting 55. Anyhow the training for this fight is (exhausting) but super fun. I learnt a new way of blocking body kicks, for example like the diagonal block, but really throw your knee into your opponent's inner thigh.
  19. She made it to Phuket after a very long complicated journey and I met up with her there when I was visiting. She's training at Tiger Muay Thai and she'll fight on Muay Hardcore this Saturday against Nongbew. This will be a very difficult fight for her, considering Nongbews skills and I think Vero Nika only has around 20 fights against opponents from a lot less technically skilled pool. But let's see . Either way it's good for women fighting.
  20. We obtain a lot of our information via the internet these days. In reality, and sadly, the name "Google" has become synonymous with "research." So, with material so easily available with nothing more than internet connection, it is a valid question if a mixed martial arts gym is really essential anymore... After all, the illustrious Gracie family maintains an online academy. Shane Fazen of FighTIPS poses this topic and raises some excellent reasons that deserve our consideration. To begin, I'll agree that there is a lot of very good information and some very informative videos out there that can really increase your knowledge on the subject of mma, but there is also a lot of very bad information out there because anyone with an internet connection and a video camera can upload whatever they want. The trick, in my opinion, is to be extremely cautious about what you watch and to take that information with a grain of salt since we don't always know the motivations behind information dissemination. Finally, nothing beats training with an instructor who can provide you with current knowledge and coaching guidance. Nothing beats going to a genuine gym with professional instructors and people to work with, but I understand that this isn't always a possibility. For example, I reside in Dalhart, Texas (Google "middle of f-ing nowhere, TX" and it should be the first result), yet there is no jiu-jitsu or mixed martial arts facility within 40 miles of me, and I have to go 86 miles to Amarillo to find a legitimate black belt.
  21. Fighters may attack their opponent with punches and kicks, including strikes below the waist, with the exception of the groin. Elbows and knees are not permitted. Clinch fighting, throws, and sweeps are all prohibited.
  22. I might also posit, and will later contribute more to the discussion when I have more time, that this understanding of overlapping precepts between Stoicism and Buddhism, such as patience, temperance, control, Self knowledge etc.... has its root in core virtue. To over simplify a bit for the purpose of this point, both Christ and Buddha taught many things but had a central aspect and pinnacle for which they taught. Buddha is recognized as the embodiment of compassion and Christ the embodiment of forgiveness. The reason that compassion and forgiveness are central to those doctrines is because we are human and those are the hardest lessons in life. They are the most difficult principles we struggle with to reconcile. I would assert that to truly revere Life, including that of your opponent, is by being a living embodiment of those principles. I have found that the study of fighting has vastly increased my own compassion and forgiveness towards others. This is why teachers matter. For me, to witness tis in a fighting master, it demonstrates dedication, self mastery and humanity in a person fired, tempered, cooled and sharpened in the crucible of life. Because of this warrior spirit and solidarity, you have the CHOICE to teach without ego. There is no freedom of choice without discipline. As humans, we all have the tendency to pick up the sword. When the fighting is done and the battle is laid down, this is the story of swords turned to ploughs.
  23. I should add to the run of thoughts above something I've written about elsewhere. The irony of the built in bias against aggression for its own sake is that Thailand's Muay Thai has produced some of the most skilled, aggressive, stalking fighters in combat sport history. But it doesn't do this through being biased for aggression. It actually does it through its opposite. Because defensive, countering, controlling fighters have traditionally had a scoring bias IF you were an aggressive, dern fighter you had to be very skilled, and effectively aggressive. You had a hill to climb on the scorecard, and do it against highly evolved defensive fighters. As The Bull to the favored Matador, you had to be a very good bull. It's more complicated than this, in that there is not just "one" Muay Thai in Thailand, and I do believe there is almost ideological struggle over ideal representations of excellence (the rural tough guy vs the Bangkok artful guy for instance), but there has been this tension within Muay Thai developed through its Buddhistic perspective on aggression. It's for this reason that we like to say that Muay Thai isn't about aggression, it's about dominance. And there are many ways of being dominant, especially in a scoring aesthetic that praises self control and the control of the opponent. I write this as the husband of a fighter who is a dern, forward-fighting Muay Khao fighter who has fought in the country more times than any other westerner (260), and has lost many, many times to the retreating, defensive fighter who held the scoring bias. Instead of feeling that the scoring wasn't "fair" (ie, Western, or non-Thai) we came to thoroughly embrace it and admire it as beautiful. The advancing fighter holds an extra scoring burden because of how aggression is viewed. It's a puzzle to be solved and brings out much greater possibilities in the aggressive fighter. This feels right to the sport and art of Thailand's Muay Thai.
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