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  1. @Kero Tide's fight Judy Humber vs. Kèro Tide - (2022.09.21) via ReactQ on r/WMMA https://www.reddit.com/r/WMMA/comments/xnfkcq/muay_thai_judy_humber_vs_kèro_tide_20220921/
  2. I don't have any experience there but check out Hongthong Gym (Chiang Mai - contact here). Sylvie doesn't have it in her review but Joe's brother Gen is Muay Femur. Sylvie has a session with Gen in the Muaythai Library. #40 Gen Hongthonglek - Muay Femeu Tactics & Mindset (70 min)
  3. Rereading this thread made me curious so I googled Tim's name and found his thesis. Can't wait to read through it. Macias, Timothy R., "Lethal floral patterns: an examination of the effects of Orientalism on the sport of Muay Thai" (2020). Cal Poly Humboldt theses and projects. 385. https://digitalcommons.humboldt.edu/etd/385
  4. Sadly Attachai is no longer in BKK. According to @emma's facebook post they are setting up a new gym in Ayutthaya https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=611345137083522&set=a.289400305944675 Their facebook page is still up. Last post was in March so not sure how active it is. https://www.facebook.com/ATTACHAIMUAYTHAIGYM
  5. I'm sure Sylvie or Kevin can get you a more accurate location, but on Yodwicha's face book page he commented in Thai that the gym is in Prakhonchai District, Buriram. It's the second comment down. https://www.facebook.com/109758933730799/photos/a.112176056822420/985065366200147/ I plugged that into google maps from the BKK airport and the drive time was approx 5 hours. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Suvarnabhumi+Airport+(BKK),+999+หมู่+1+Nong+Prue,+Bang+Phli+District,+Samut+Prakan,+Thailand/Prakhon+Chai+District,+Buri+Ram,+Thailand/@14.2482669,101.2749239,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x311d67771542274f:0x120d19554f157a07!2m2!1d100.7501124!2d13.6899991!1m5!1m1!1s0x311a20decca5dbc9:0x30469cfc8de5c40!2m2!1d103.035694!2d14.6161754!3e0
  6. Kem's is on Sylvie's recommended gym list. Here's her description. Hopefully if anyone has been there recently they will chime in.
  7. Sylvie's sponsor, Onyx MMA is in Singapore. https://www.onyxmma.com/
  8. Check out this video from Sylvie about using a wall to improve your elbow strikes. If you are a subscriber to Sylvie's patreon there is also a tag in the Muay Thai Library for elbows. MTL: Elbows https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?filters[tag]=MTL%3A Elbows
  9. Great interview by Kevin about Kero's experience training with Sylvie long term. I really like Kevin's question about what women who want to train with Sylvie should expect. I got the impression that training with Sylvie is best for someone who is self motivated and can do their own work. Sylvie is very generous with her time but she's not there to motivate anyone else or hold their hand. Sylvie will be gone from the gym fighting and filming so female fighters need to be willing to be the only woman in a thai family gym. That means being will to ask for things like sparring that male fighter receive automatically, otherwise they will be left out.
  10. Just finished watching Muay Thai Bones Podcast #10 - Losing Sweetness, No "Easy Fights", Thai Culture. The haircut story reminds me of Rose Namajunas. Her hair was getting in her way in training so she cut it. There is a lot a lot of cultural baggage in the West about hair being a "woman's crowning glory" and also a cliche that women will cut their hair after a breakup as a symbol that they don't care how they look/other people perceive them. I was really moved when Kevin was talking about taking a step back and appreciating the things that Sylvie has done. In the documentary leading up to her 50 fights. At 4:41 she talks about maybe a woman in Thailand having 200 fights. Sylvie is that woman and she's even surpassed it now. I asked on Facebook, "How are fighters fighting down in match up seen, especially if they lose? Do Sylvie's opponents receive criticism for fighting her with such huge weight mismatches?" Sylvie's reply, "I can't say that it's all one way or another. My own trainer says he would be embarrassed to lose to someone much smaller, which I'm sure happens, and that he'd be embarrassed to win over someone much smaller. But the way my opponents are boosted, in what I see written, when they beat me it doesn't seem to be the case that way. Beating me is still an achievement, despite the size differences, which are rarely outright mentioned in Thai comments that I see."
  11. Here's the live stream from Sylvie's facebook page. "The LIVE stream of the Queens of the North all-female card promotion! 7 fights from Chiang Mai Thailand hosted by Jenine Pilla - featuring guests Karuhat, Dieselnoi and Langsuan."
  12. Amy Pirnie vs. Lommanee W.Santai - FULL FIGHT - (Lion Fight 59) - (2019.08.31) https://ok.ru/video/1807891304731 via u/ReactQ on r/WMMA
  13. Royal Thai Residence Pattaya sponsors Petchrungruang Gym and has a training package there. More info on their website. https://www.royalthairesidencepattaya.com/muay-thai/
  14. I love Muay Thai Bones, I like to watch the video version in small chunks. There's so much to digest. I don't often listen to podcasts if there is video available instead. Post Muay Thai Library chat sessions sound like a great addition. You put out so much wonderful video. I am way behind on watching the most recent Muay Thai Library sessions, although I always read the intro article as soon as it is up. I really enjoy both your and Sylvie's writing style and would actually prefer more articles to read than more video to watch.
  15. Finished watching the podcast last night. Seeing Kevin and Sylvie laughing together brings me so much joy. I can't wait to hear Kevin's next wild idea. As a patron, I love seeing how my support can make those ideas a reality. Sylvie, thank you for agreeing to share your insights about your Wai Kru/Ram Muay. I had always wondered what you were doing in your opponents corner and how many times you circled the ring after sealing it. I'm really excited about Fight City. The way you lift other women up, especially Thai women, has always been one of my favourite things about following your journey. #FightCity #1296
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