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      Sylvie gets a lot of questions about gyms in Thailand. We only have our own experiences to go on, but the community can help inform others too. Thoughts on gyms can go here.

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      If you'd like to open a discussion on your experiences, or if you have questions about Muay Thai culture in Thailand or Thai Culture in general, here is the place to post.

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    8. The Fights of Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu with Commentary

      All my fights are live streamed on my Facebook Page but Kevin also films with a much better camera to which I add commentary. Here where you can keep up on my impossible goal of fighting a World Record 471 documented professional fights, thought to be an 'untouchable' record. My complete fight record is here.

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      A subforum where Muay Thai photographers can post their best photos - and even if they like upload high-resolution versions so others can appreciate all the details IG and Facebook lose. Feel free to add links to your streams, photo specs and commentary.

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      This is a dedicated roundtable for women. If you'd like access, please message the Admin by clicking this link.

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      Here is where we post about where Women's Roundtable is headed. Participate in the discussion.

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      Female athletes must deal with many things from a bodily standpoint. If you have a question, or there is something you'd like to share only among women, here is the place.

    4. Female Gym Experiences - Thailand & Worldwide

      Here is where you can talk about your experiences in gyms as women, including longer term issues of gender and sexuality, but also anything gym related you'd like to discuss with women only. If you'd like to post a female-oriented gym review here is the place.

    5. Thailand Culture Experiences - for women

      If you have a topic or question about Thailand other than what happens in Thai gyms, this is the place. Culture, customs, how tos, being a woman in a foreign country.

    6. Open Topics - for women

      Here is where all other by women for women questions and topics go. When in doubt you can always post here. The Women Only section isn't just for Muay Thai, it's for all women who train, or even would like to train in the fighting arts.

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    • Totally agree with that. The body definitely gets more sensitive over the course of the fight. Money in the bank 
    • I was able to witness that live in a K1 fight I watched. One guy was fighting this Russian fighter and right away in the first round the Russian landed a first lowkick flush on his opponents thigh with a loud resounding *SMACK*. A lot of people where like whoa! He obviously had prepared to make good use of this weapon and he went on to do so. More and more of his leg kicks started landing when he snuck them in all the time with good setups and ALL of them were damn hard. Needless to say, the damage racked up quickly and made his opponent very vary of the lowkick threat. Naturally that made him even more susceptible as the fear of more legkicks hitting just threw off the rest of his game. Not that I blame him.... that Russian took him clean of BOTH his legs one time (where mostly that only happens if a fighter is on only one leg). The fight ended with a KO through those legkicks. The man just was not able to get up on his own anymore and had to be supported by his trainer to leave the ring.
    • Personally I started training Muay Thai at 35 (I'm 36 now) and very out of shape. Used to practice Fillippino Pekiti Tirsia Kali for some 8 years before but that was years ago, too. Had to take a bit of a break from seriously training for a while because we moved and whatnot but I will get back into it soon. Don't know yet if I want to actually fight or if sparring is enough for me but I don't really feel like my age would not permit that. When I started I was like: "I'm 35 now and look, Saenchai is 38 so I still have time" :P 😉
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    • I stand out in Thailand. A lot. And for odd reasons. I'm "Thai sized," but because I'm not Thai, I stand out as a particularly small westerner. I'm muscled, tattooed, speak Thai in a way that surprises a lot of the folks who I'm speaking to for the first time, etc. In almost any situation where I'm getting gawked at, smiling and saying "nakmuay" is the only explanation necessary for every single person to burst into a smile and nod with a kind of, "oh, that makes sense." I love it.
    • I think thats a dead on assessment. I think thats exactly it. It looks good to view, maybe even from a morbid fascination, but to be on the recieving end is just a no. I think this is why its so important to market to hobbyists and make them really understand the safety. In my time around mma and bjj (over ten years) Ive seen way more serious injuries there than in muay Thai. Sure bumps and bruises, but not the limb and finger injury frequency from bjj/mma. Educating potentially interested but cautious hobbyists has to be a priority I think. 
    • Anyone have some fun little stories to share that happened to them in or around Muay Thai?   Here is one that happened to me: I filled up my car at a local gas station  wearing a shirt from my gym with a big Muay Thai Label on the front and went inside to pay. The guy who runs the station is asian (from his looks he MIGHT actually be Thai, I really should have asked!) and very open and friendly to people. He looked at my shirt and beamed at me like "Aaaah Muay Thai! You have to loose lots of weight!" My answer (a little overwhelmed by the funny openness) was something like "haha yea I guess... I'm working on it" :P He went on the tell me about how he played some soccer when he was young and how they made shoes for that from cut up tires and that to play in the team you had to be tough like a fighter. He actually said when he asked to get into the team the leader body-punched him to see if he was tough enough.   The best part was simply "Aaaah Muay Thai! You have to loose lots of weight!"🤣  
    • I think it may be as simple as they don't want to be punched in the face. People may also be under the false impression, if they train at a fight gym, they in turn must fight. The idea of sparring also scares a lot of people as they don't really understand what sparing is about. The general public may view bjj as a safer pastime. I teach 4 classes a week.  2 at my local gym and 2 in my shed. I get on really well with most people at my gym and heaps of people want to try muay thai, however they don't make the leap. I have been asked whether or not I teach mma, which I don't.  All of the people seem content to stay with their 10am boxercise class. I have even made it clear, that I am not a fight gym and above all I just want people to come and enjoy the classes, raise your heart rate a bit ,learn a devastingly beautiful martial art with skills that are way more beneficial to them than boxercise. My classes are also aimed at people 45 and over, so they don't feel inadequate amongst the younger set. I could blab on ad infinitum, but my only guess as to why people don't train, is fear of the unknown.
    • I have the same issue. I see what I believe to be heavy interest but its got to be my bubble. Because I have a lot of connections in the mma and bjj world though, I definitely see the difference in interest. Whats crazy to me is how a video I shared on ig of Sage getting crushed by Cosmo ends up being the highest viewed post Ive ever had. Its a reposted video too, so the viewership on that video worldwide has to be bigger than any bjj video ever posted. Theres some sort of disconnect we are missing between people liking seeing striking (and muay Thai in general) and the decline in interest (in training in it?). 
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