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      Get to know the Roundtable. Read the latest forum updates and what we are thinking about. Help design the community.

    2. Technique, Training and Fighting Questions

      Sharing experiences and knowledge about training and fighting in Muay Thai, as well as technical questions and answers. Mental training is also a part of this.

    3. 1+1 Keto And Muay Thai Athlete Nutrition

      I follow a 1+1 Keto approach which is a version of the ketogenic diet - low, low carb, high fats, moderate protein - plus fasting every other day. It's not for everyone. Discuss this and all other dietary nutrition topics as related to training and fighting. Questions and shared experiences.

    4. Gym Advice and Experiences

      Sylvie gets a lot of questions about gyms in Thailand. We only have our own experiences to go on, but the community can help inform others too. Thoughts on gyms can go here.

    5. Thailand Culture Experiences & POVs

      If you'd like to open a discussion on your experiences, or if you have questions about Muay Thai culture in Thailand or Thai Culture in general, here is the place to post.

    6. Open Topics - men and women - General

      This is a catch all for posts of any topic related to the fighting arts, Thailand, gendered experiences, etc. that don't fit into the other categories. When in doubt, just post here.

    7. Patreon Muay Thai Library Conversations

      Here you can discuss anything related to the Patreon Muay Thai Library - Preserve The Legacy project. Session reviews, questions on particular sessions, opening links of discussion, suggestions for sessions to be filmed and just things that you've learned and loved.

    8. The Fights of Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu with Commentary

      All my fights are live streamed on my Facebook Page but Kevin also films with a much better camera to which I add commentary. Here where you can keep up on my impossible goal of fighting a World Record 471 documented professional fights, thought to be an 'untouchable' record. My complete fight record is here.

    9. Great Muay Thai Photography

      A subforum where Muay Thai photographers can post their best photos - and even if they like upload high-resolution versions so others can appreciate all the details IG and Facebook lose. Feel free to add links to your streams, photo specs and commentary.

  2. Women's Roundtable | women only

    1. Request Access To Women's Roundtable   (60 visits to this link)

      This is a dedicated roundtable for women. If you'd like access, please message the Admin by clicking this link.

    2. Women's Roundtable Gathering

      Here is where we post about where Women's Roundtable is headed. Participate in the discussion.

    3. Female Athletes and the Body

      Female athletes must deal with many things from a bodily standpoint. If you have a question, or there is something you'd like to share only among women, here is the place.

    4. Female Gym Experiences - Thailand & Worldwide

      Here is where you can talk about your experiences in gyms as women, including longer term issues of gender and sexuality, but also anything gym related you'd like to discuss with women only. If you'd like to post a female-oriented gym review here is the place.

    5. Thailand Culture Experiences - for women

      If you have a topic or question about Thailand other than what happens in Thai gyms, this is the place. Culture, customs, how tos, being a woman in a foreign country.

    6. Open Topics - for women

      Here is where all other by women for women questions and topics go. When in doubt you can always post here. The Women Only section isn't just for Muay Thai, it's for all women who train, or even would like to train in the fighting arts.

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    • For my last night of training, the General took us back over to the sport boxing gym for another go at the pads and even a round of sparring. With the General - and most of the gym - looking on, Tyler and I did rounds with the pad holder from the other day. Some of the techniques the General has been trying to get us to do the last few weeks almost came out more naturally; but honestly, if the kick was too fast, I still was not able to get my body to react fast enough. I was mostly concentrating on my waist rotations and weight transfer. Both of which will take many, MANY more months of work before I don’t have to think about them, and can just do them naturally. Also tonight, we got to spare with one of the gyms advanced students.  They told us he was a decorated Western and Thai boxer. And dang, were they correct. While he was just playing with us, see what we could do and if we would buy into his game, the gym’s boxer was lightening fast and had footwork that could put most dancers to shame. I have a very playful sparring game to begin with, but the gym’s boxer was just as playful and it was hard not to buy into it. This was not favored by the General. He wanted us to sit back more, wait for the attacks and defend. While the General was very forgiving of my tendencies, he often yelled comments and corrections my way during each round (I honestly didn’t hear many of them thought, Swear). More so than anything, the General wanted to see how we defend, he didn’t want to us make mistakes attacking and be countered on. Which honestly, happened a fair amount. The gym’s boxer was playful but patient and I found myself getting ancy. I was able every now and then to pull of some of the block the General favors, along with a few other kicks and punched we practiced. Above else, it was fun. Always room for improvement though. Tomorrow I will get on a plane and head back to California. I have no words which I think do justice for the experience I’ve had hear. Three years ago, if you had told me this is where I’d be, and this is what I’d be doing, I would have you that you are crazy. When Kevin pitched me the idea, I wasn’t sure how serious to take the suggestion. But here I am. Martial arts is by far the best thing to ever happen to me. I owe so much of who I am and the things I’ve had the opportunity to do to martial arts. Martial art is quite literally like having a super power. Much beyond being to physical impose yourself on someone, martial arts allows you the power to be confident. To go into the unfamiliar and come out the other side better for having done it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of those who offered their words of encouragement and support. Especially, thank you Tyler, Mai, Kevin and Sylvie. I could not have done this with out you all! I talk to you all again when I am back in California.
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