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  1. Wow. I never have seen fights in thailand in real life, neither have I seen how intense the gambling community looks. I'm sure it is not the same for every stadium (I might be wrong because these are all assumptions) but I'm just so shocked by this eruption. And there should be no influence from gambling in my opinion on the decision, that saddens me.
  2. I'm sorry I didn't get to reply earlier I've been busy with school this week! But I'm very appreciative about your efforts to help me find and journey through the concept of southpaw fighting as a muay khao and the idea of the advantage of the ambidextrous ability! Last night I went to my class and was doing pad work and sparring in southpaw. It surprisingly for me was quite comfortable (besides throwing elbows). I REALLY noticed a sort of flow coming out of my pressure due to being able to go from southpaw to orthodox by following through with strikes and making that a step into the other stance felt incredibly fluid. I will definitely continue to do southpaw so I can play with what it can do. A problem I've been running into is learning how to close distance, part of it is cutting the habit of being on the "railroad tracks" as Sylvie likes to describe it and learning how to make angles and have good foot work for muay khao style, but I think that is something that will come to me overtime as i work on it. I forgot who, I think it was Yodkhunpon, that had this beautiful galloping foot work that I'd love to get used to. Just thought I'd give an update to how that journey is going! Again thank you for your help and abundant knowledge on the topic! Karuhat has such unique movement in how his fakes are part of his fluid head and body movement. it isn't a jerk of the body.
  3. Wow, this was extremely helpful. I've been watching some of Sylvie's older fights and kept hearing her talk about the overturning problem and how frustrated it made her. Being able to switch I knew had advantages but I didn't think deeply enough to realize that it can help you fight the way you may be looking to fight (more offensively and defensivley), perhaps switching can also point out mistakes you had in your original stance aswell, and would definitely help you fight against someone who is southpaw because you will have a general idea of the advantages and train to counter that. I can see where her evolution went in that, switching stances was important in her journey for reaching where she is now trying to achieve more relaxation. That is absolutely beautiful. And as an aspiring pressure, muay khao style, fighter myself I'll have some more things to look out for and pay attention to. And I really appreciate the link to that video. Again, thank you!!!
  4. (Im new to this so I dont know if my formatting is correct or if Im posting in the right place, sorry) I am heavily interested in the Muay Khao style of fighting, I noticed that Sylvie noted that she switched to southpaw after years of being orthodox in her Muay Thai Library on Patreon. Are there reasons that anyone or Sylvie herself changed to southpaw? Since most of her opponents seem to be orthodox, is it because her left knee to the orthodoxes open side is more available instead of having to switch stance? Thank you for everyones responses in advance! also as an introduction since this is my first post. Hi! Im Carter, im 17 and I started Muay Thai in August.
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