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Hi Leto, welcome to the Library.

There is a The Basics tag which allows you to scroll through all the sessions which tend to concentrate on basics. Sometimes these put basic principles into higher purpose, so they aren't just for beginners, and basics are really important at all levels, so everyone can get something out of them, but beginners especially. Thais like to always return to basics.

You can find that here: https://www.patreon.com/sylviemuay/posts?filters[tag]=MTL%3A The Basics

Every session has tags at the bottom of the post where you can scroll through related material.

Among the basic sessions there are a few that stand out for me:

#22 Singdam Kiatmoo9 - Making the Basics Beautiful (71 min) watch it here < this one really is a ground up walk through the basics of stance, rhythm and stepping. Getting everything right so that what you build on echoes through all your techniques that follow.

Singdam provides perhaps the best progression through the basics I've yet filmed, the blueprint of his beautiful, effective style. This instruction is bottomless. Even after 5 years in Thailand there is a ton for me in this very close examination of powerful technique essentials. 

#34 Samart Payakaroon - Balance, Balance, Balance! (81 min) watch it here < here one of the greatest ever teaches an elementary symmetry and his philosophy about balance in all things.

Atop the tower of Muay Thai legends probably stands Samart. 3x Fighter of the Year, 4x Lumpinee Champion and WBC World Boxing Champion, no fighter more brilliantly showed what femeu fighting could do. In this session he shows the foundations of how to build true balance, the ultimate key to his fighting style.  

#14 Chatchai Sasakul 1 - Perfecting Hands (106 min) watch it here < Chatchai is probably the best boxing coach in Thailand. But he also was a respected Muay Thai fighter in the Golden Age. He teaches a weight-transfer philosophy in strikes connected to Muay Thai

Former WBC world boxing champion at Flyweight, and winner of Best Coach of the Year in Thailand, Chatchai in this nearly 2 hours of video makes micro adjustment after micro adjustment, honing in pristine technique in the basic strikes of boxing, for use in Muay Thai. It's all about weight transfer.

#64 Chatchai Sasakul 2 - Elements of Boxing (72 min) watch it here < more basics from Chatchai. Honestly his sessions can be viewed many, many times.

Chatchai is not only a former WBC world champion, he also is the recipient of Thailand's Coach of the Year. He is one of the great striking coaches in the world, and in this session he breaks down all the basics from the footwork on up. Nobody has a more beautiful and potent hands foundation. Watch and learn from a master. 

#96 Hippy Singmanee 3 - Basics of Balance, Rhythm & Footwork (75 min) watch it here < one of the slickest fighters of the Golden Age breaks it all down to how to move and rhythm through all strikes and defense.

When a legend of the sport teaches you the core basics of Golden Age Muay Thai you stop and listen. These movements are essential for reaching higher levels of fighting, and Hippy - who was probably the best small fighter of his time, always fighting up - teaches these movements to his own young fighters. Build from the ground up.

#60 Sagat Petchindee 3 - All the Strikes Tuned and Dangerous (101 min) watch it here < one of the best instructors in all of Thailand going through all the strikes

One of the great, legendary names of Thailand, Sagat Petchyindee the inspiration for the Street Fighter character, goes through his entire striking philosophy with lots of technical correction and fine tuning. See the secret to his creation of smooth, efficient, explosive power, and witness the amazing man himself.


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On the teep there are two really good videos. The teep is a very important, and under trained weapon in Muay Thai:

#82 Chanchai Sor. Tummarungsri - The King of Teeps (54 min) watch it here

Perhaps in all the Library there is no session more devoted to, and detailing of the art of the teep. Chanchai is a Golden Age legend known for his undefeatable teep, and clearly has spent many years dissecting all the small parts that make his teep so incredible, so students can learn it for themselves. Dive into the art of the teep in this one!

#55 Manop Manop Gym 1 - The Art of the Teep (90 min) watch it here 

An absolutely brilliant technician, Arjan Manop who is famed as Saenchai's Yokkao padman, teaches the art of the teep in fantastic detail. Some of his corrections were so small, like the timing of the plant foot, but have made big impacts on my practice. If you love the fine details of beautiful Muay Thai technique this is a session for you. 

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