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  1. I once saw a peculiar match. Blue was inferior, so she fled to the corner and took her last stance there. holding desperately a high guard. Red was furiously attacking and punching forcefully the whole time, although most of the punches of course were caught in the desperate but good guard. Blue managed with just barely a couple of counter strikes, which did hit. to my surprise, the rond (match?) was decided as draw. Huh? Easy, It wasnt Muay, it was with kickboxing rules... Where there is essentially boxing rules. Being dominating doesnt count, what counts is clean hits; and punches do score. So, Red was overhelmingly dominating, but got none extra points for this.. She had lotsa of punches, but most fastened on the guard, just a few clean hits.... While Blue did managed to hit a couple of times... Ergo draw. A side note. This reminds me about an european fotboll "soccer" match between England and Poland on Wembley, which is Englands national arena in London; about 1974. The english had a massive dominance. Lotsa shots on goal. The polish goalkeeper Tomaszewski was a hero.... Took lotsa of shots! Even a couple of punishment shots! Just one goal went in... And the poles manages with the trick; they managed to send a ball forward; and Lubanski run through whole field, driving the ball with him forward. 1-1!!! A draw! History made! Poland to the World Championship, where they took a good and popular third place. Thus, compare kickboxing with soccer...
  2. This with an inner circle around the owner / trainer... And new bees have difficult to come forward. Here, get also the proper education they are de facto paying for, both in their time, effort and often also good money. The phenomena is common! A generous host / owner, whom can create a warm, welcoming athmosphere, is the remedy. But its not always (seldom) the reality.... Ps. A standard way worth to try with, is to anyway work as hard and as well you can. Often enough, with time they will see you ARE a hardworker, not whining for nothing, and with time, accept you in their circle and perhaps even, their cameradeship. If they dont; you hadnt lost much anyway, because your effort will repay for yourself this way or another. Ps. I believe THIS was the way Sylvie did, when she did come to Petchungrang, a male gym... Showing she is a hardworker, she won their acceptance. In this case, as its typically a male dominated milieu, it becomes extra difficult for most females. Sorrowfully but true, this is a common experience for most women in many situations... In war and in peace. That is a heavy reason why most women kept themselves into typically female occupations, and typically female sports... It needs extra determination, and tough skin for a female to be succesfull. in a traditionally male area. Getting massive flak from many men, but sometimes also, from other women... I dont have any good advices nor easy solutions at this moment, I just want to mention it; the problems are a common experience for many females whom want to go forward in a male dominated milieu... And thus, it will help to network with other females (and sympathisers) in martial sports, as here in this forum, but also, networking with almost any other ambitious females, should give some help and mental relief.. Its almost only the so called boygirls, or tomboys, whom manage comfortably in male milieus; they are used to play and work with boys and later on males, and agree with them, "speak on equal and friendly terms"
  3. I think there is / were a wellknown thai Muay grandmaster, whom went the alone way. He did learned by watching... He had never a rational training. After a time, he got work as assistant corner man, and used his time to observe closely and learn... So, if you observe and learn deeply enough, doing the mental visualisation too; half of the job is done... How to build up your physique, is next... But there are surely many ways and ideas.
  4. A possible try is with a friendly cat! Its an old house cure cat skin is good for rheumatism. The fact is, an alive, friendly cat, is even better!!! What is, you must have a cat whom likes to sleep on you... OK, a lesser known fact, is cats and their purring helps also to heal fractures and sprains. These are oh so common with hard training athlethes and - of course - fighters... There are even scientific studies telling the cat purring is in a frequence near the ideal for helping bone fissures to heal... Its possible a loving, friendly dog could do something similiar... But this is speculation. On cats Im fairly sure. In both cases a good bet is to take care of a cat / dog whom is it pity about. From a high kill shelter; or a homeless whom seeks your help. It helps much your karma, and it may help up your health.
  5. Thx for the insights. One comment. The phenomena I did featured in bold... This is not about you, this is about the alone girl / woman in that gym. Here is she alone, eager to train, but more or less aside... If nothing else, she is the alone woman. And suddenly there comes in another adult woman! They want to give their member a positive experience, to be able to met and train with another woman if and when the occasion arises.... Of course, if you are a paying guest, its not necessarily YOUR problem. But. Hey, what do I know, they perhaps even thinks you are in a similar situation? Alone woman in YOUR gym? Anyways, its a problem with several bottoms. I dont know if its customary to phone the owner / coach / host and tell whom you are and what type of train you do wish. Or the owner / host meets the new face and asks... Its done in some of bridge clubs for example: " I wish to visit your club tonight, and will be happy to get a good partner to play with. I consider myself as an expert." Another proposal I fancy is to have labels to put on: Beginner medium, advanced and Mostly fitness (=take it easy in sparring) (Fighter = Im OK with quite rough sparring too), but as I know, this is not done. Ps. Nay, Im not into active martial arts myself; although I did some other sports, including bridge and riding.
  6. ps. I mentioned minerale salt as an useful source of both potassium, and also of natrium. So this is a very useful tip for many. A good and solid starting point. But its not enough, especielly not if you by any reason want to have a higher ratio potassium kontra natrium. Many groceries and fruits have a very high ratio of potassium. So, eat aplenty these groceries (and fruits if you arent ketosian). Tip: unmature, green bananas contain little sugars, but lotsa of fibers. So if you happen to be OK with the taste of unmature bananas, green bananas is a good source. Sylvie as we know, uses happily Cream of Tartar, a very rich source of potassium.
  7. You dont really tell much about your actual situation. So its difficult to analyse. But I get an impression, you are eathing healthy, including much vegetables. You have cut your calories to a sub level. You train a lot. And yet, you arent going down, being still "overweigh". And so its a problem for you. Now, lets hope you arent anorectic... Because anorectics may be verry thin by all accounts, but they themselves believe they are fat... You may be a natural here, dont needing much food. Alike a pony, whom gots fat as soon she has free access to fresh grass, even if she works a lot. You may have problems with thyroid hormones. (so a check up with your doctor is in order, both for the thyroid and other hormones, and possible anorexia - if you ARE too thin, doc will tell you this). I come to think about the funny but wise joke: Cookies dont contain much vitamines. So you must eat much cookies to get some vitamines... And there is a big kernel of truth in this joke. Normally if we eat our 2500+ calories a day, we usually get most of necessary nutrients even if the diet isnt perfectly balanced... That is one reason why very long the main demand on food WAS the overall calorie intake. For example, for soldiers. But if we cut down the food intake more than marginally, suddenly we need to think much more about the nutrients, vitamines, minerales... And remember our need of carbos isnt really high, we need more of fat and proteins. Even if it IS possible for humans to live much on carbos. The food must be balanced, and preferably, we shall take in also extra vitamine and minerale supplements. So this is really my suggestion too. Be sure you take suitable supplements, be it tablettes / pills or else. The official daily recommendation are often really not the optimal dosage, but its minimi dosages to not become sick. I know its true for vitamines C and D; both should be about 10x than the usual official recommendation, but I suspect it may somewhat bigger dosages are desirable for other vitamines and minerales too...
  8. So if you tend to overeat, next step would be to mind the size of the portions. We tend to eat up what is on the plate. So the easiest is to use smaller plates. And dont take extra portions. Sorry for my uneven english. English is my third language. Even if I do often participate on english spoken forums, but still, its uneven. There are also spices and foods, which increase the burning. Chili is well described, but its probably true for all peppers, because they all contain the same capsaicin?. The big studys had been done with chili, that is why everyone mention chili. But almost all peppers are useful There are surely also other spices. Also, cocoa oil burns nicely, and help with the burning of other fats too. Some use just cocoa oil as their leaning up device... Take coldpressed organic style. Nuts are good. They have much calories, but also they are burning nicely, so the practical net effect is better than the theoretical contains of calories. There are surely also other foods which are both healthy, and hasten up the burning.... Of course, in such studies they gets quite a lot of that preparates / foods. More than a normal person uses. But many small additions, and soon you are there. Just to be consistent. Also, its possible to get used to bigger amounts of say, black pepper, than an average person uses. Just buy a big jar with pepper, so it will be cheaper per kilo. Morning exercise before you eat breakfast. A brisk walk / running at least half an hour. Take coffeine before. You may take a little cocoa fat before you start; it will start up the burning. Wait with the breakfast at least half an hour after the walk, or at least, eat just slow carbos for breakfast. No sugar nor wheat. If you are on keto its of course no problem here, but not all are on keto. This advice is, because increased burning continues a while after the exercise. You dont want to stop this by eating quick carbos.... A brisk evening walk of at least half an hour, is also useful, by the same reason; ie increased burning which continues during the night. But dont take caffeine before the evening walk; you will get difficult to sleep. A 18-6 diet (or some variation thereof) may be useful to try. Ie, you eat between, say 9-15, and nothing during the rest of the time. OMAD one meal a day, is of course an extreme version of this. Or Sylvies pet variation, every second day... Being on keto, isnt even no big deal. because you arent hungry the same way as when still on carbo. I myself use 18-6, flexing by practical reasons into 16-8. This gives me possibility to get two planned meals a day, and even; a little plate of youghurt with lotsa of different healthy spices and ingredients in midways in the day.
  9. Ah, so this phenomena is the reality behind the karate films. When feks Mr Miyagi barely touches the opp, and he falls down although a big strong fellow... Or when Daniel san crushes a big ice cube in the same film. This is so because its a movie, but there IS a core of truth in there... Exactly as you try to describe it. A focused and relaxed strike tends to be more powerful than brute strength. Tx for this moment of insight!
  10. My spontane reaction is, baby and spouse (the main caretaker?) must have the priority. YOU and your training, you can always get there by bike / motorbike. This way you are easily movable. So, not too far from the gym, so the bike ride wont take more than max 10 minutes riding. But otherwise, plan for baby and main caretaker to have it comfortable. If you can find something such, it should be perfect. Unless, spouse and baby also wanna be at the gym... If so, the planning gets a shade more complicated. If you / spouse are used bike riders, its surely possible to have the baby at your chest in a carrier device. but this isnt in everyones taste and potentially dangerous. Otherwise, perhaps a small car is the best. costs more, but covers it all.
  11. I suppose the old time sallade blades, and spinach blades are among the best. Also, spinach blades are neutral in taste, almost a little sweetish, so you can eat them quite a lot, even if you arent fancied in the classical sallad-blade sallades. Most "above the earth" groceries are good. Berries are good too; both for being healthsome (lotsa of vitamines and antioxidants), and not much sugar. Fruits if you arent ketosian. Apples are excellent. Bananas have much potassium. If you are OK with not so matured bananas, they wont contain much sugar but contain much fibres and all the vitamines and minerales typical for bananas... Matured bananas contain much sugar and less fibres, so it cant be recommended for a person minding hers weight - or state of blood sugar. Ps. Im by instinct recommending lotsa of antioxidants. But I have learned, for active full contact fighters whom are always having lotsa of micro-contusions, much antioxidants arent good. Im not sure about the mechanisms,, it seems the oxidating agents indirectly helps with the healing of these micro-contusions.... So, my guess to summarize: if you are a full contact fighter, take antioxidants because they are necessary for good health, but dont take more than an average person.
  12. I suppose you arent no middle age+, fatty person, with insuline-syndrom, big belly thin legs, but sooner a youngish adult, training much? What is your exact purpose to cut weigh? Come into match weight; ie do a quickie for a couple of days, , or to make an overall cut off into a sport where being lean and not weighting much is always an advantage?? as for example long distance runner...
  13. Im glad my improvisation was useful to you. To summarize. Its of course always nice and beneficial to have superior cardio, be physically superstrong and able, and have a solid belly muscle armor. Both if you do Muay or any other sports, including Karate. But being a Karateke as compared with a Nak Muay, you will train less on these moments, but concentrate instead on the moments mentioned above. Why, you will get quite a some cardio and muscles "just" by doing the usual training, alike katas, explosiveness, reflexes, and so on. As long as you do them honestly, and arent resting and drinking water half of the time. Not least, because a typical Muay competition is full contact fight, while a typical Karate competition is either Kata, or half contact. As I know, full contact is done almost only on films... Kumite ? Unless you are a pro in elite class. If so, you dont spare on anything, are making sure you are topping off everything at once. Doing anything to get an edge over the other pros.
  14. You dont want to risk to hurt your sparring pard? its wise, of course. Try perhaps to spar with an experienced fighter, whom is used to get and manage some rough handling. Tell him / her its what the session will be about, so he / she wont get sour you are going all out although this is a friendly sparring... If necessary, jump straight inte the deep water, ie take a real fight, preferably with an opp more experienced than you. Because otherwise you will have the same problem: you want to win and beat up your opp, but you dont want to hurt him / her, not a beginner whom barely had began the carrieer.... A note re female Muays. In clubs in the West;, many of them are really into fitness. So yeah, they will probably be shrieking and protesting as soon it begins to hurt. Female muays do complains too about this phenomen. If you want to sparr reasonably hard hits, be sure you spar with a female whom is herself a wanna be fighter. These manage roughness much better than fitness models. Ask them before you begin in the sharp mode version.
  15. I suppose its best to mail there and ask... Both about costs and his recommendations about your injury. After all, as your coach he should be aware of it. Either train a little easier on you; or better still; learn you techniques compensating in a real fight... If its worth to drive in? If its a good teacher, yes. Look. Compare if you were a rider. or a dancer. Training mostly with your own local coach, and / or on your own. Yet you would do almost whatever you could, to regularly meet up with a top notch trainer. And get part of his top notch coaching lessons... Yes, you would do this even if your local trainer WAS good. But to get influences from another one good trainer, is wise. Even if in the second case, you wouldnt bother to do it every week, but be happy with clinics at least twice a year. Ps. As I understood it, our Sylvie had to drive in to her first sensei, Master K. Apparently it was worth it. I also presume, she trained also lotsa on her own at home. Physical training, shadow boxing, some mental training, such can be done even if you dont have access to a good bag nor pad holder. ps2. Use the driving time for something useful. If nothing else, to hear on a good audio book.... If so done, the long driving hours wont be no waste of time.
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