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  1. I went there in 2019 and I would clinch everyday with that guy holding the pads for you on the second picture and also with you ont he fourth picture. He was brutal. Jesus. I am twice his size but he did whatever he wanted with me.
  2. No a dumb question. If the person knows how to hold, you should def. go 100% power, explosiveness and speed. I am also a big guy, 100 kilo, 193cm, and pads holders in the west is a problem. Even in gyms in thailand I can see thais are discussing who's going to hold for me, or who will clinch with me. Even if I don't speak thai, it's easy to see that the like manager is saying, like, "you go" and he's like, "fuck that, did you see him, send this guy" and so on and so forth. I mean, it's no fun to hold pads for any hard hitter. In the west. I try to have the same training partner
  3. Sincerely, I think that part of it was body type. I am 6.4 and 230lbs and without being obese, I am not shredded. Thais are strong on fat and body shaming. I've received comments at most gyms I've been in Thailand but at that gym, I could see that they were talking about it and laughing at me in thai in front of me, thinking I would not pick on their body language. So that mixed with the fact that I am tall and pretty heavy, thus slower and not as graceful as a 140 pounder. I think they just did not have any interest in me. They were also very selective on which women they ga
  4. For me, when in normal training (meaning not in Thailand) it's muay thai 4 to 6 day a week, running a few times and yoga once a week.
  5. Personally. Although not a bad gym, I would not go back. There are enough better gyms out there in my opinion. My main issue with it was a certain favoritism toward some guys regardless of skills and intention to fight. I would often end up not sparring because of it. And I know what I am worth and there was no reason other that they did not care for everyone. That said a lot of people swear by this gym and go back over and over. And, it is the gym where there was the best sense of community I've been to. Most people except de Swedes would hangout together after training. And the trainer
  6. Most people don't run at Sitjaepho. You're only expected to run if you want to fight. You can do private in between sessions. I would suggest not renting the rooms at the gym, people said they did not sleep because of the dogs barking. Contrary to what was said, there are two thai fighters there, but it is true that it is mostly a farang fighters gym. The level is pretty high in general, but I would agree that several people clinched like if they life depended on it, which is unproductive. But not a clinch heavy gym anyway. Lots of Sweden cause the other twins liv
  7. I had a few ribs injuries and, with bad back injuries, they are the worse. Really hard to work around because even heavy breathing will hurt with the ribcage expansion. Personally, I really kind of stop training and did some very limited cardio at home. At the end of an injury someone sent me the link to a product that is basically a compression clothe for your ribs, said it works wonders and I believe Dominick Cruz went through a camp and fought with a broken rib thanks to this, but I never tried it. In any case, it was something like this https://www.amazon.com/Lumbar-Support-Double-Co
  8. So last time I went to thailand I trained at Sitjaopho in Hua Hin, Ramba Somdete in Pattaya and FA Group in Bangkok. But, I did not once go to the beach or anything else than training. This time around I would like to train but also experience the beaches and beautiful spots of the south of Thailand. I am a big guy, 193cm and 100kg, so although I prefer smaller gym, I can't really go to a mostly thai fighters oriented gym, but I have absolutely no interest in going to camps like Sinbi or Tiger. Here are the places I've been thinking of. Singpatong Sitnum
  9. So my question is, is it better to buy gears in Bangkok or Pattaya? I heard Action Zone is pretty good in Bangkok, any other address in Bangkok or Pattaya that would be better than Action Zone? I need to buy quite a bit of gear that I'll send back to Canada so a place that have good choices, good prices and that will give me discount for buying a lot of gear at the same time?
  10. By get your ass kicked, I meant just been dominated. If on top you asked for people to go easy and they did not and it was not only one dude, then maybe the culture of that gym suck. As for being a girl, well I could not know but I often ask to go easy, especially the first few rounds, and I am usually the biggest man in the gym. I just enjoy more a technical, controlled sparring session over a sloppy slug fest although you do need to practice for these once in a while. Also, you don't need to spare on the first day, week, month. You spare when you feel ready for it. I often see newbies sparr
  11. I don't think there is such a gym. I mean even pro mma gym like Tristar (seems like yours was also a mma gym) accept and teach to newbies. The too agressive type were probably middle ranger people happy to kick the shit out of someone for once or maybe it's just a bad gym. A good gym with a good head trainer won't let beginners get their ass kick for nothing. Nobody learns anything in these situation. When I spare with a newbie I basically only work on my defence and let them try to catch me. Also, one rule of thumb I follow is the closer to my house the gym is, the better it is. Helps to be s
  12. Thank you everyone. Sound advices. Since I saw the video of Rambaa Somdet whipping the dude's ass I kind of want to go try a week with him now.... ahahah although he look like a real small man. But the quality of the technique over the size of the teacher sounds good But I think the advice of isolation is a good one. I think I might try Rambaa for a week and then heads up to Sitmonchai. Jeez, so many gym to choose from. Hard to make a choice. Especially from far away.
  13. I have the same problem. It happened to me maybe 4 or 5 times. I got x-rays, but it was never broken and its pretty rare anyways to broke upper ribs as they are really solid. It just happened to me a month a go. Getting better but I received a punch yesterday and it really hurt. I heard chiropractic really helps. Have not tried it. But bottom line, it's a condition I have to live with. I keep my hands a little lower than others because of that and catch kick with the opposite hand instead of letting the kick enter my ribs area. If you ever find a "cure" please let me know. Otherwise. go
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