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  1. 75-80lb!! That's an insane difference. It would be very difficult to overcome, even for experienced clinchers. Try to clinch with someone 80lb lighter than you, and you'll get the idea. Being totally exhausted is normal. Also, who says drilling clinch is pointless? That makes no sense. For reference, see how the Thais drill clinch in the library. See also how Judokas train foot sweeps, such as Deashi-harai. If you can't find someone your size, you can still think of flow-based (instead of strength-based) drills to do together: "swimming," unbalancing, sweeps from 50/50, etc. You don't have to go full force all the time: you are learning to recognize certain common positions, their counters, counters to the counters, and smooth transitions between these. The mismatch lb situation is common in BJJ training too. Ask your partner to go technical and not to rely on strength so much in your sessions.
  2. @tsmith47 I am not finding the information about three provinces. The updated info on Thai Embassy official site is here. From what I understand, the new "Test and Go" program has no geographic restrictions, once you meet the program requirements:
  3. Amazing, thank you both! Working out the logistics now.
  4. Are Kem's or Yodwicha's gyms still the best options for a taller clinch fighter? I'm 6'2" 72kg. Looking to stay for 3 months or more in a quiet location where I can train and work (remotely) without much distraction. I've read Sylvie's guide to the various gyms, but don't know what the situation is like post-COVID. Was also confused about Yodwicha: does he still teach at Kem's or does he now run his own gym in Bangkok? What would you folks recommend for a longer, immersive stay? I don't plan on competing due to age, but perhaps a smaller exhibition type fight would be nice for the experience.
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