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  1. Thanks, I was also thinking Hongthong would most likely be the best place to start. I never really thought about the logistics of this process until I decided to take the leap. It is encouraging in a way because I assume just being available to show up has some value.
  2. Hi all, I'm going to Chiang Mai in the summer and I'm amped up so I'm starting my gym search early. I'll definitely take the advice I've seen on this forum to try to get a feel for a gym in person but maybe someone knows of a gym or Kru who might be a good match based on my situation. I'm over 30, not in killer shape, work a schedule that will only allow for 1 training session a day, haven't had any fights, and I'm nearly blind without contact lenses. Weigh ~80kg. Male. Goal is simply to get fights. I'm very much an amateur and just want to do this while I can. Dream gym helps me get legitimate matchups and understands that living as full time nak muay isn't in the cards right now but I do want to fight.
  3. I suppose I'm just looking to get a better idea about the expectations of various gyms including running frequency, distance, and pacing. Just knowing what to be prepared for so I don't crash and burn. I'm over 30 now so a major concern is the balance between pushing through 'hurt' and avoiding actual injuries because my time is running out and I'd rather compete at less than ideal than not compete at all due to injury. Basically I'm getting old and trying to figure out how to deal with it while trying to fight before it's too late.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for input/advice especially from those training in Thailand regarding running. When I research gyms in Thailand most seem to have a running regime of 30-60 miles a week and therefore I've been attempting to build up to this for quite some time but it's lead to constant injuries and has become a huge source of frustration. I want to continue attempting to build my mileage because I don't doubt the benefits but I'd also like to get in a gym and be able to train. I'm sure I'm not the first to bump into this barrier to entry of sorts and I'd be interested to hear about your own experiences with the running culture of various gyms.
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