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  1. I’ve asked this before a while ago, but what is it like around the gym is there markets and 7/11s near by ? Also is there Thai fighters that train at the gym ?
  2. Can remove if not for for this forum. Anyone got good golden age fight photos able to use for a canvas print ?
  3. @Amateur_Hour clean decision win, should have video of fight soon will post link in this
  4. Shins are fucked from fight yesterday watched the hot water videos on YouTube would you use this right away or ice it for a couple days first then use the hot water method?
  5. In Bangkok the now, anyone recommend a good private ?
  6. Struggling to be strong in clinch,feels like getting out strengthed by people 15kg lighter. Thai trainer keeps saying strong but can’t figure out like the right muscles to use. Also been told to sit down in clinch but struggle to find this as well what do you do with your feet ?
  7. Thought about it and think I’m going for kem, might go down to yodwicha for a couple days too. Any other good privates near there ? Thanks for the help
  8. About 10th post on this but want to get it right stuck between these 3 gyms. Will be taking much privates I can get. Anyone any idea which I will make the most out of a 3 week stay with ?
  9. Thanks. I know there’s no 7/11 near the gym but is there a shop for stuff like water, electrolytes, extra food just basic shit. Also is there any cafes and massage places nearby again nothing fancy just something to chill and recover between sessions. I’m hoping to fight too messaged the gym and said if they can arrange it if find a fair match but I only have 2 fight exp, is there good chance of finding one out there ? Thanks
  10. Hi anyone been to Kem Muay Thai recently and can help with couple questions ?
  11. Hi did you find anything about this I have the same problem?
  12. Can anyone recommend insurance that covers injuries from fighting in Thailand ?
  13. Just watched some of Sylvia’s private with him there. like the look of it
  14. Thinking of going to kem too. Is there good private’s up there was thinking of getting ones from karuhat and wangchannoi anyone know how far that would be from kem ?
  15. Just seen these like the look of The gym. If anyone goes or has whats the training like ?
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