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  1. Thank you for advice. The opponent's gym changed date again so I called the whole thing off and will wait for proper pro lethwei fight instead or possibly try to get a match in Thailand when I go back there in March.
  2. Yeah I want to avoid that situation of running after her. And I think they use lethwei KO timeout rules so opponent has 2 minutes to recover after being knocked down. A friend if mine recently fought under same hybrid rules, he had to knock the guy down 3 times before he got the win but he didn't know about it before. Oh I'm hearing so much stupidities about this fight. And from recent pics I see this girl is very very heavy right now. From what I reckon, she's actually not fight ready but it's good promotion for her gym to fight the only white fighter chick left in the country and she'll just go for a draw.
  3. I just found out this fight is KO or draw so I can't win on points. The thing is my opponent asked to increase weight to 3kg above my current weight. I agreed. Then she suddenly pulled out (people gossip to me "she ran away"). Which is weird because she is younger, heavier, has more fight experience and expected to be next lethwei female champ. I also know her gym as well, it's a modern gym with focus on technique. Her last fight she won knee KO first round (also smaller fighter). Anyhow I went training anyway after I was told my fight was off. Then I was told she changed her mind again and agreed to fight but at a different event 3 days earlier. Apparently this one is more low key with no videos. So I guess it's a great of losing face or whatever. So if the fight happens. I need to go for KO. But I've been told that if the opponent just runs away and KO is impossible, I should avoid a situation where I'm chasing her and instead just display technique. This will help me get respect even if it ends in a draw. People at my gym don't speak much English. My Ajarn has asked an interpreter to support me to understand. But still, most things I know about this fight is from people writing me giving me bits n pieces of information and I patch them together. Location of the fight is only shared shortly before "to avoid the mil. junta to get hold of the events and start messing around". Which adds another dimension to fighting 55. Anyhow the training for this fight is (exhausting) but super fun. I learnt a new way of blocking body kicks, for example like the diagonal block, but really throw your knee into your opponent's inner thigh.
  4. She made it to Phuket after a very long complicated journey and I met up with her there when I was visiting. She's training at Tiger Muay Thai and she'll fight on Muay Hardcore this Saturday against Nongbew. This will be a very difficult fight for her, considering Nongbews skills and I think Vero Nika only has around 20 fights against opponents from a lot less technically skilled pool. But let's see . Either way it's good for women fighting.
  5. Thank you so much @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu this is incredibly helpful. As this is in a lethwei community (but lethwei fights not allowed now for reasons I don't understand fully) it seems like the lethwei style of blocking kicks with arms and focus on headkicks and punches to the head would help me. In my gym there is limited English knowledge and my Burmese is very limited as well. I have a friend who is part of the organisation of these fights I'll clarify with him. In my pads training now, I am barely asked to do body kicks (rather lethwei style crosskick) and it's almost 100% headkicks and they want me to do jumping knees (which I struggle with). They want me to switch stance a lot, attacking from both stances and move around more. So my thinking is, it will be more traditional kickboxing rules (based on what I understand from your post) rather than Muay Thai. On the advice on forward moving aggression: this helps a lot as well. I actually have no clue about the judges ability to score properly (unfortunately and without being disrespectful) which makes me a bit uncomfortable to use technique and I feel KO might be my best option. Sincere thanks for taking the time to explain!
  6. Hiya! Looks like I might have an upcoming fight soon. Rules are being negotiated, I have asked for elbows and MMA gloves but seems like it will be kickboxing rules with regular gloves. 3x3min rounds. Not sure how the scoring will be or if it's KO or draw so I'll go for KO. I don't really know how to fight kickboxing. I mean, we do it in sparring all the time but I see it as muay thai without elbows. I understand kickboxing is faster, limited clinching time, no elbows. More moving around. Any advice how to use a muay thai background and fight under kickboxing rules? I love clinch and elbows . My opponent is currently some kg heavier than me but a bit shorter, not sure if she'll lose weight. She has a lethwei and MMA background.
  7. One thing I wanted to mention is also us women understanding how much power we have and how hard we punch. I might be mistaken, but I feel sometimes women tend to go pretty hard because guys we spar with never want to admit when hurts. So we don't learn to assess our own strength in strikes.
  8. Thank you Kevin for voicing this and as a man understanding this. I really appreciate that. I find personally it's really hard to speak about these things. When as a woman you get discriminated against because you are a woman (and this happens a lot), those situations are easy to fix: everyone gets to spar, everyone gets clinching etc. The hard part is the benefits you might receive because you are _not_ like other women. So there are situations where you receive a lot of attention because you are not what they expect a woman to be (oftentimes playing that card of being very strong physically but just sweet enough so that they accept your male coded attributes), but you know for sure that this attention is at the same time cutting into attention that could have been given to other girls, because of the scarcity you speak of. You "play the game" to get ahead. And you not proud of it, but as a woman you know it's a zero sum game. So the ideal situation is that your gender is viewed neutrally. But if that happens, lots of benefits are lost.
  9. To be honest, from my perspective, it feels like "ok we going to allow women fighting so we just gonna allow everything". Pyrrhic victory.
  10. Thank you so much! Actually Thai Embassy started issuing tourist visa again she got one but in Doha Qatar Airways refused her to board because she wasn't vaccinated (she had CoE but airline overruled embassy decision). She managed to get to a third country to start over the whole process hoping to make it to Thailand. I will forward her the details hoping she can make it. Unfortunately there were some wrongful posts done on Myanmar celebrity media claiming she had gone to the jungle to join the rebel forces (just like Myanmar One MMA fighter Antoniyar did) which put her in a difficult safety situation and I'm relieved she could leave the country. I didn't see the fight but her female fighter friend told me Sawsing would have won if it was scored via points. ("Myanmar fighters are strong but have no ring IQ" is something I heard Myanmar fighters admit a couple of times...).
  11. So would the way the fighters fought (adhering to traditional rules) change the way it was scored/ruled even though the fight took place outsideThailand? And just to clarify on the knees in the clinch. If a knee lands on the closed side of the body (meaning if the knee makes it through the block) it scores higher? Or did you mean, if the fighter goes for the side that's open (ie _not_ kneeing a block) it scores higher?
  12. I believe my gym was a typical example of that. Took my a while to figure out and I still do not really understand the two business models or everything that happened while I was there. Which is part of the charm I guess :).
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