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  1. I'm experiencing the second lock down of the year and haven't seen a gym since July. I'm training w a friend/trainer outside. Doing what we can, borrowing pads from friends hook then on to trees to emulate a boxing bags. I'm dealing with an injury so I'm studying physiotherapy and took up yoga again. I'm reading books that will help me train better(currently the Oxygen Avantage). I'm doing 75Hard to increase my mental strength (just Google 75hard and Andy Frisella if you interested). I adopted a stray kitten. I'm reaching out to strangers on social media asking for advice or sparring opportuni
  2. Hi! Since I gathered a lot of expeirence getting injured and sick while training, I thought I would start a new topic, namely: gym/trainer advice received on how to care for injuries or ailments. I will start with a couple of things I have been told and their origin. Swollen, painful knuckles: massage with hot water and salt (western boxing coach, Sweden) Ligament or muscle issues: Ice bath with salt. Eat potatoes and ocra/lady fingers. (lethwei trainer, Myanmar) Any kind of muscle pain: warm water massage (basically all muay thai trainers, Thailand) Cough: gur
  3. During our current lockdown I discovered I live very close to a trainer from my gym and we have been training outside waiting for gyms to open. He had the exact same thing to say about my chicken arm as described above. He had an interesting drill though to fix it. Or you guys might know it, I've never seen it before We stood opposite each other and with straight jabs and punches, punched each others gloves. And we stood shorter apart than arms length distance so I would have to "strike through" his glove. We did a couple of minutes if 12, 12, 112, 1hook2 etc. It was really uncomfortable
  4. sorry I have only trained in Bangkok as I used to live and work in the city. Bangkok is a wonderful city but not great if you dont have any fight experience as there are not many fight opportunities other than Asiatique. The north is great for women apparently with plenty fight options. Some people like Phuket. The women section on this forum has some threads on good gyms for women. and discussions on sexual assault and the legal system which you should be mindful of.
  5. I haven't been myself but I heard Sitjaopo is really great. And their students do get to fight, men and women. Hua Hin has a couple of places where they organize fights., so it would not be that difficult once covid is gone.
  6. I would definitely try a few sessions at a gym first before you decide. And it is not seen as weird in any way. Gyms change a lot and especially now during the pandemic, some gyms are having fewer trainers and other students. If you are a woman and you want to fight, the north is probably better. In Bangkok it is very difficult to get a fight as a woman with limited fight experience. And of course now it might be difficult to fight at all. It seems like Thailand is slowly opening up for tourists on this so-called special tourist visa (STV), but this also includes hotel quarantine and the
  7. I really enjoy this discussion. Funny how these ideas circulate. In lethwei catching kicks would make sense since you can only win by KO. But muay thai, yes it's a ridiculous idea punches like these would make catching kicks easier. I almost laughed when my teacher told me this but seems like it's a thing people actually believe.
  8. Yes you definitely see a bent punch faster than a straight one. I had Vero Nika (she fought against Sawsing last year) try to teach me straight punches. She has the most beautiful straight powerful punches. I'm gonna try the wall thing, great tip.
  9. I think this is more a rule of thumb thing than a fact. Learning new things while fatigued might help. When you tired you also expose your weaknesses. Fifth round on pads will tell you more about yourself than first round. I think you can create systems for better learning, but I don't think there are any bulletproof ways that will always work. I don't believe physical movements can be taught by over-intellectualizing them which I see a lot of in this forum. You want fluidity? Stop thinking go dancing.
  10. Yesh it sounds about right. Such a weird thing that from the outside it's a muay thai thing when it's well not really. My teacher said something about it's good for catching kicks fast . Anyhow very difficult for me to unlearn.
  11. I had a crossfit coach once who told me to work on gymnastics technique when I am tired. Easier to get it right because the body is exhausted and will naturally use the best technique for the movement to waste as little energy as possible. And you are too tired to overthink stuff.
  12. Since the start of this year I have been practicing Myanmar traditional boxing after two years of training muay thai in Thailand. These are similar, but also very different sports. For example, this sport focuses much more on hands and most trainers would correct my punches, making them more straight, hence enhance knuckle power (you fight bare-knuckled). I've recently have had the pleasure to train with an older very knowledgeable teacher who has operated his gym since 1982. He is in general very interested in most martial arts and has a lot of respect for muay thai as well. And t
  13. This is really interesting. What about the overhand punch, is it basically a hook?
  14. For me it was when someone told me the best advice he ever got was to simply stay on your feet when your partner tries to trip or sweep you in the clinch. I realized there's this moment of giving up like "damn he got me" before tripping/falling and you can actually choose not to give up and stay upright. It was a complete game-changer for me. Suddenly the boys had to work hard when trying to sweep me because I wasn't "helping" them.
  15. It's great to have such s resolve. For now better wait and see what happens with the country and covid. It might take a bit until the country opens up. But a good advice would be to come as a tourist and visit a few gyms and find your place within a geographical area that suits you (depends on your preferences). Some gyms can help you with a longer-term visa. There's also the opportunity to work as an English teacher for example. However. South-East Asia is mainly closed for now. And there are a lot of mixed messages on when countries will open up for whom and under what conditions.
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