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  1. Hi! I’m a female non-fighter (maybe in several years, but definitely not right now) with about half a year of recreational muay thai experience (3 times a week, once a day). Really enjoyed learning the techniques. So I’m planning a travel to Thailand to train for a month. Based on my research, I shortlisted 2 gyms: santai and hongthong. In the older reviews available online, females who have no fighting experience seem to have had mixed experiences in terms of the level of attention of the trainers as well as the opportunity to spar or learn clinching techniques (some said they were even brushed aside or had issues finding training partners for being not strong enough). I’m concerned about these reviews, but I’m not sure how accurate they are and to what extent these situations came from a lack of personal initiative versus the negative culture at the gym. Would love to hear any recent experiences at these gyms! Thank you!
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