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Women's Roundtable | women only

This is a women's only portion of the forum organized to share support, information and experiences to women who train in Muay Thai the world over. If you would like to participate create an account and contact staff to be verified.


  1. Request Access To Women's Roundtable   (1,215 visits to this link)

    This is a dedicated roundtable for women. If you'd like access, please message the Admin by clicking this link.

  2. Women's Roundtable Gathering

    Here is where we post about where Women's Roundtable is headed. Participate in the discussion.

  3. Female Athletes and the Body

    Female athletes must deal with many things from a bodily standpoint. If you have a question, or there is something you'd like to share only among women, here is the place.

  4. Female Gym Experiences - Thailand & Worldwide

    Here is where you can talk about your experiences in gyms as women, including longer term issues of gender and sexuality, but also anything gym related you'd like to discuss with women only. If you'd like to post a female-oriented gym review here is the place.

  5. Thailand Culture Experiences - for women

    If you have a topic or question about Thailand other than what happens in Thai gyms, this is the place. Culture, customs, how tos, being a woman in a foreign country.

  6. Open Topics - for women

    Here is where all other by women for women questions and topics go. When in doubt you can always post here. The Women Only section isn't just for Muay Thai, it's for all women who train, or even would like to train in the fighting arts.

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