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  1. UPDATE: just witnessed women, for the second day in a row, jumping tyre in the Muay Thai class at Top Team, in what appeared to be bikini briefs. Also the same ones as yesterday. I don't even know what to say. I feel uncomfortable even noticing but it's hard not to when you drive past and all you can see is white ass bouncing amongst an array of Muay Thai shorts. My ajarn literally makes me go change if I try to sneak in the gym leggings (I really feel more comfortable in them than shorts sometimes, and feel like they show less of my body... The boys don't seem to agree; yet it's fine for anyone who's not... me? To wear them. Including men. :confused: )
  2. This is a topic that really gets under my skin, every single day. In Australia, there are always the 1-4 girls in the gym that want to show off everything they got; but in Phuket, it seems like there is a painfully small amount of women who don't actually want to expose every inch of their body. Now, I'd like you to know I am all for women (and men) expressing themselves and feeling good in their own skin... But these particular women that wear crop tops that literally cover half their (usually fake) boobs, and bike shorts that show what should be our 'private parts' all too clearly. If you're comfortable dressing like this, well, that's wonderful. but don't you see that you're attracting all the wrong attention? Married men are struggling with themselves to not feel some-typa-way, young boys can see you... (I've even had one of my trainers 10yr old sons come up and ask me why P'Jazmine doesn't dress like the other ladies, and then whisper in my ear that he could see her 'peepee' and he's happy I dress like a boy, I should wear big clothes all the time. Then later told me I should keep my shirt on, not always dress like a boy. Haha.) And in most gyms there are usually one or more little girls running about too; like, I know it is common for mother's to dress their daughters up how they deem 'beautiful', which clearly some mothers think sexy = beautiful, instead of cute and innocent. But what kind of example do you think you're setting for them? They're looking up to you and watching you whether you like it or not. That is our next generation. And it's all fine and dandy for people to say this generation is quite f'd up, and I completely agree, but who raised it? Who was this generation brought up by? Yes, it is a hard truth to swallow. But it's just that: the truth. Ultimately, you're setting a screwed up example for young girls, and even other women. Of course everyone can think for themselves and it shouldn't have to be your responsibility per say, but it is unnecessary, distasteful, and disrespectful to your own body, and to others too. And on another note: if a man is married or in a relationship, don't flirt with him. If he thinks it's okay to mess about, set him in his place. It may piss him off, but you will earn more respect for doing so. Much, much more to be said, but that's all from me for now. Your turn! :thumbsup:
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