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  1. Everything in the city costs a lot. :') I'm in the Bronx, but I avoid NYC as much as I can because I don't have that kind of cash flow.
  2. Both are good, so is Kings. Whichever is most convenient as Manhattan can be a pain to navigate in a timely manner. :)
  3. Well I guess I only will have the one fight for 2016. I was put on a few different shows with no opponent, and then last month I was in a bad car accident and am only getting back to a somewhat normal gym schedule this week. Overall it was a pretty disappointing year for my muay thai goals. Before the crash, I did sign up for a Strongman competition in January. I wanted to kick off 2017 with something that I can train for that doesn't require a match being found. We've also discussed moving me down another weight bracket. I'll be working on that in the next few months to see if it's doable. I'll make official 2017 goals in a new thread later. I just wanted to make an update here as my 2016 is over now regarding muay thai. :|
  4. I haven't had a total blank out (yet), but I do put WAY too much pressure on myself to make my coach/gym look good. You're not alone. Hopefully some of the veterans will have more useful comments.
  5. US$150 per month unlimited (classes available: muay thai, bjj, mma, strength and conditioning) $60 for a one-on-one muay thai session
  6. Ugh, typing on my phone as I eat breakfast. Sorry!
  7. There's no easy answer given the conplex nature of gym relationships. It's partly a business transaction (and you want to get the wervices you paid for), and it's partly a personal investment by both you and your team/coach to put work in amd hone skills. If you feel guilty it may be worth a conversation with yor firsr coach - or maybe not. Coaches are quite used to seeing folks move on for a variety of reasons. I say do what feels best to you and serves you best.
  8. Fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once; fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times. It takes time and work to be great. Be patient with yourself as you master each tool and condition your body. I think we are all guilty of being overly critical of ourselves at least sometimes. Don't let it stifle you. Keep doing the work and you will go places.
  9. I'm seconding the coconut oil. I do it at least twice a day, morning and before bed (better with socks, but I'll put it on regardless of whether I wear socks).
  10. There is no direct transliteration betweeb the Thai and English languages. ด can sound like "d" but it can also sound like "t" depending on where it falls in the word. There will be many spelling variations online of different words/phrases.
  11. I'm a relative newb here, but this is good advice they've posted - very much what my coach advises. For now eat clean and eat enough. The intensity of fight camp may grab a pound or two just by skipping the junky stuff, then the last week work on the carb cut/salt cut, watching your water, etc.
  12. Team Octopus and Bangkok Boxing may be places to start. I love visiting Atlanta/Duluth (I'm in NYC).
  13. Chuwattana used to have a big guy (Kanongsuk) but now he's in Singapore with Evolve. I know Sitmonchai has a big guy holding pads as I follow Kru Dam and see him in their videos. I'm not sure if Sean Fagan (Muay Thai Guy) is active on these boards, but he has been setting up some camps in Thailand and has looked around at gyms there. He may also be a good person to ask.
  14. I found earlier on I was trying to move my opponent with a 300 Sparta push kick, when really it was needing to be more of a sharp jab. Maybe try swinging a bag and teeping it as it swings toward you for timing? You should have your coach or an experienced teammate give specific critiques of your technique.
  15. I'm not sure what the differences between the fights would be in Thailand as I haven't been, but I like the idea of having as much ring experience as possible. Good luck.
  16. Glad you got to have the experience and take away some positives. Next time you'll be better prepared mentally now that you've had the chance to fight someone heavier.
  17. We all have to deal with nerves when we enter the ring, be it fear of injury, fear of underpeforming or embarrassing oneself. There are so many things we worry about in these situations. An interclub is one of the best places to deal with nerves as they are in most ways very much a real fight, but they don't count except for experience. Talk to your coach and ask what they'd like to see you improve on in your next interclub. Concentrate on that in training, and then go have fun. There's nothing better than punching someone in the face and NOT having the police called. :P
  18. Ha, yeah. I've had one of those deep lumps that took a while to surface. I kept compressing and trying to work it out, but it wasn't ready. No fun! I'm glad to hear you've been able to work around it though. Not being able to train would drive me insane, as I'm sure is the same with most of us here.
  19. Ooo maybe I'll hard boil some eggs for salads to change it up a bit. I'm not a creative chef in the least haha, though I have gotten much, much better about shopping and prepping my food because of muay thai.
  20. I prefer hot compresses. Epsom salt baths/soaks. Is it that sore you can't box (no kicks)? That sucks.
  21. I thought this could be fun and perhaps even helpful for some of us. I know when I'm in camp I tend to fall into a lot of repeat meals, which can be boring. Something I tend to eat a lot of are dark green salads. I'll batch cook some lean poultry on the weekends, either ground or thinly sliced and (most often) seasoned with chili and lime juice. Then each day after my morning session I'll toss some of that over a dark greens mix. I'll slice some avocado as well and mix it in. Right now strawberries are fresh so I've been enjoying aome of those in there too. What are some of your Go To's?
  22. A mid-year update on my 2016 goals: I have managed to move down a weight class as I wanted, but sadly I've had two of three fights fall through so far. I'm *hoping* to fight next month, but we'll see if someone signs up and shows up.
  23. As mentioned, this isn't such a dramatic weight advantage, and it being her first fight you'll hopefully have the adavantage of experience. Keep breathing and do what you do. :) Maybe try to stay out of clinch earlier on in the rounds as that can be super draining even with a same size opponent.
  24. Most of my shorts are from www.muaythaifactory.com. I prefer the cheap HAN shorts, but they have quite a selection. I would recommend people check them out. In stock items ship quite quickly from Thailand. I usually ask the boys if they want stuff and we all split the shipping, which to the US for some shorts is about $20. May be even cheaper for UK folks?
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