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  1. Hi MIcc! The heat rashes look like allergic reaction, raised rashes. You are right, as soon as I got back to the US, all my rashes and hand and feet went back to normal. I could of been allergic to something in Thailand without knowing the root causes. I did bring benadryl with me and I took it every other night or so, but that didn't help with the rashes. Perhaps I should bring my regular allergy medication with me and the rash cream next time, just to see that difference. Glad you had a good training in Thailand.
  2. I just got back from BKK after 2 wks of training. I've found my body swells up and my hands and feet were big. I drank a lot of water but that alone didn't help. Electrolytes helped a bit but here come the heat rashes. Cooling powder is a must IMO!!!
  3. Hi all, I am studying Boran and with that, I am learning all the technique in Thai. However, I've found a lot of discrepancies in spelling. For example, I learned elbow to be "Sawk" but I've seen also spelled "Sok". Another example is Mahdt Throng, I have seen it spell many other ways as well. Is there an "official" name for the list of the technique names? The Mae Mai 15 names and their translation seem pretty on par everywhere I've search. Thanks in advance! Alan
  4. Hi Sylvie, Looks like I am only going to stay in BKK most of the time and Pattaya for a few days. I am going to take up your recommendation on the hotel recommendation and also planning on going to Sor. Klinmee Gym and Venum. I am also thinking of visiting Sityotong, do you have any opinion on the gym? Thanks so much! Kap Kun Krap! Alan
  5. Awesome, and thank you so so much for your hard work! Hopefully I get to see you when I'm there! AL
  6. Sylvie, How does it work if I want to train at a gym in Thailand for a day? Do I ask for a day fee and then ask for how much for one of the trainer for an hour or two of private? In Pattaya, which gym would you recommend? Is there places that I can rent for a room for a night in both Chiang Mai and Pattaya? Thanks again! AL
  7. OH, do you have any recommendation for training there? I might able to spend a day or two there! :) When you say 2 hrs, is it by bus? AL
  8. Thanks for the info! My friend's gym is at the Fairtex in Pattaya, he made a suggestion for me to go. I'm not sure how far that really is from Bangkok. Any idea?
  9. Hello all, I've been following Sylvie and Emma for a while now. I am from Boston, MA, USA and planning a trip to go to Thailand to train with my GM in Boran and do some sight seeing a other tourist stuff. Looking forward to this MT community and share our knowledge and experience. AL
  10. Hi all, I am looking for some gym advice on which gym is visitor friendly in Chiang Mai. I am planning on visiting Chiang Mai from Bangkok to break up my trip. Also, any food and sight seeing recommendations? Thanks! Alan
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