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  1. Also, I should add I am a size US 8 jean. There is not a lot left on either strap to adjust larger. Depending on your shape, I would guess the original straps would max out at a US 12-14.
  2. It arrived today after I left for tghe gym, so I put it on when I got home and shadowboxed in my kitchen. It fits pretty well. I'm aware that it's there, but it doesn't pinch or rub. Knocking on it I can tell it'll absorb impact well. I'll try it in spar tomorrow, though I do need to find one of those spring clasp closures as tying it isn't ideal for me. I'll report back later, though so far I'd say this is a good buy.
  3. My buddy got me a pair of FBT shorts in Bangkok that ended up being about $25US. The rest of my shorts I've ordered online from places like muaythaifactory.com or muaythaistuff.com for $8-20US (though they certainly have fancier, higher priced shorts as well). I am a US 8 jean and usually wear a M thai short. I prefer a looser fit and would rather roll the waist over instead of getting a smaller size. Check the measurements for the brands online to compare. Also, retro cut shorts sit lower and seem to work better for me as a female with a bit of butt left back there.
  4. If confidence is something you were told to work on ... I'm going to tell you to stop overthinking this. If you got good trainjng at Sinbi or Sitjaopho and believed in their instruction (and are able to make thw trip), then go and see how you've improved since your last visit. Keep it simple and don't get lost in the thinking. Just train, just fight. Have fun!
  5. I'm competig at the WKA's in New York this year, and I'm preparing for that with my team and the coach/corners I'll be with at the tournament. For me, I think confidence in my skills and my corner is built through experience and by working together. Thst said, if I was financially able to travel and train I would probably jump at the chance. I'm not sure if this comment is at all helpful, haha.
  6. It sounds like either choice will require some level of sacrifice on your part. Either you're trying to make a commute part of your schedule, or you're possibly giving up quality of training. Do they offer a free trial? If so I'd say give it the week/10 days they offer and see how well their training fits your needs. You could get lucky and it might work oht well enough. Also, obligatory American giggle about a 45 minute commute. :P
  7. I think light drilling and technique spar are important, especially when you're trying to build confidence. Give it time and relax. Unless you're being an asshole, you won't break your partner. :)
  8. Sylvie, I really like the image of rearranging plates. They're all still there, but the focus and order changes. I'm still pushing forward. I think I had to accept that it's all evolving and not stress about "losing" something as I sharpen a different tool. I tend to obsess on things in a bad way, so it's a work-in-progress.
  9. I know for me the kick changed because my step out changed - because of the injury and the habits I formed to compensate for it that stuck long after bones healed. You do as you practice, and for a while I wasn't practicing good kicks. I know I've also learned to fight in closer and with more elbows, so in some ways the kick has been downgraded because I now have other weapons that I am pretty strong with. Overall I'm probably more balanced than before when I was crushing with just the one kick. It was really interesting to think about how different parts of my game have progressed each month, each year.
  10. I was thinking tonight during my run about how my technique has evolved the longer I've trained (and the more ring experience I've gained). While I think we all strive to "perfect" our technique as we go on, the changes in how we perform aren't always improvements. A specific example of mine is my rear roundhouse. Starting out it was absolutely my strongest weapon. Then I broke my foot on the job and I had to adjust training for a while as it healed. Once I did start using it again full force, it wasn't the same as before. It was weaker. It was slower. It wasn't great. It's taken almost 8 months of focus to feel like it's back to a good place. Am I the only one? I thought this might be fun to discuss.
  11. Just ordered a BCAA for the first time. I usually just eat clean and balanced, but curious to see if this helps at all. I'm not looking to gain any mass, just better protect what I do have - and if it helps better my recovery as well that'll ve awesome. Fingers crossed. :)
  12. I'm aiming to move down a weight class and to fight every 6-8 weeks instead of every 3-4 months. I may be aiming high on the fight frequency as a US nak muay, but I have two fights lined up already so hopefully we can keep the momentum.
  13. I keep one arm tight in guard and swing the other out in front much like Sam-A in this clip (though he's cocking the guard arm here to sort of load up the kicks while I try to keep that arm tight):
  14. I spar our southpaws in orthodox as I spar everyone else. I may switch stance for certain moves, but that is dependent on the opening and not solely their stance.
  15. I am nearsighted with astigmatism and I train without lenses. Mine isn't too extreme so I manage all right. Lenses bother me too much to wear so it's glasses when I need them (like to drive) and Macgoo Crew the rest of the time.
  16. Continuing on those thoughts a bit: I find when I'm having a bad day at work, feeling tired, whatever, and I have the thought, "training is going to suck tonight," that it always does. ALWAYS. If I can instead focus on what I enjoy about training, pick something to focus on that night that's achievable, and look forward to training as a way to turn the day around, I nearly always enjoy the session and perform at least moderately well. I very rarely enter the gym thinking positive and leaving with only negative energy. If I'm tired or stressed, I may not smash 1,000 combos during each round like I might on a good night, but I take my time and do the ones I can manage with precision and focus while keeping my gaurs strong. Mental energy can totally affect how you train.
  17. EDIT: I just received my custom guard from Gladiator Guards. It cost about $100 all together with shipping and custom logo. It fits so much nicer than the boil-and-bite. If you are in the US and can't afford to purchase from a dental office (mine wanted $450), do check them out.
  18. I have a boil-and-bite guard from Shock Doctor: https://www.shockdoctor.com/gel-max-mouthguard There are detailed insteuctions in the package, but you boil water and drop it in briefly, remove and bite/suck to mold to your mouth, then run under cold water to set the shape. I usually do it two or three times to get it just right. They also have a youth size, so perhaps one might fit without being trimmed?
  19. I try to nose breathe while I'm running, but when I'm hitting the bag or pads I make noises, kind of growly?
  20. @Kevin: Yeah, it's similar enough I thought the video would be helpful. Always love Sylvie's content though, and if she does film about this I will be very interested to see/hear her thoughts about such a combo. Really enjoying this entire thread btw.
  21. Evolve put out a video that demonstrates the fake to reverse elbow (among other combos):
  22. I only saw the Sittichai fight and am VERY curious about Glory rules and scoring afterwards. I look forward to seeing him take on Yodsanklai in December for Kunlun (I keep seeing that it's kickboxing, but is it? Or full rules muay thai?).
  23. I find watching video of myself the worst thing haha. I always focus on the mistakes, which I suppose is important for growth, but I feel your frustration at the playback. It really isn't as bad as you might think. For me watching, the biggest thing is improving your strength and cardio. In the second and third you seemed more tired than anything - letting openings pass without striking and not causing as much damage with what you did land compared to the first. It'll also help with a tighter guard (being less tired). Take notes from the experience and carry that focus into your training. I think you will do well. Beautiful first fight!
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