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  1. These pages also have a livestream for their events; https://www.facebook.com/MuayThaiSuperChamp/ https://www.facebook.com/MuayHardcoreCH8/ https://www.facebook.com/maxmuaythaithai/
  2. Rajadamnern got some livestreams. https://www.facebook.com/rajadamnern https://www.youtube.com/c/RajadamnernChannel/videos
  3. You can try to add some rubber parts under it or put something heavy on the corners of the mats.
  4. I even think this happend more recently than a few years ago. A few months ago? I hope the gym still keeps existing and in the same setting
  5. I would always suggest people to get good insurance (no one like to pay it) because IF something happens you need to pay it all from your own money and costs can be pretty high (especially as a farang ). Even if you get hit by a car (and it's not your own fault), perforated appendix, some serious injury/illness, ... Quotes for insurance are really different if staying long term vs 3 month travel. But still something to think about. Enough people already needed to start a GoFundMe or other things to collect money to pay their hospital bills. Probably, yes.
  6. I also like the chest strap and it doesn't annoy me while training (and he can handle teeps ). Like Sylvie explained you get put the watch on the side if using a chest strap. The watch on my wrist would annoy me and I would not be able to wrap my hands good, to clinch, ...
  7. I think all gyms in Thailand are/should be closed (obligated by the government).
  8. I hate that part. Some people even act like their fun is gone when you don't drink... hahaha
  9. Great reads, thank you. For the knee support try a pharmacy (Boots or Watson should have it, a normal pharmacy maybe also can help you). Probably no Decathlon in your area? They also have really good ones.
  10. Thanks for all the work and putting everything back. P.s.: The "emoticons" te "like" a post also seems to be deleted.
  11. If you would take one, read the rules very well! A lot of companies exclude martial arts.
  12. True, that's also more what I meant (but didn't wrote ). The lack of control is more a problem with guys that don't want to look bad so go a bit harder and harder to make up for their lack of technique. Ego things because they don't want to loose (their is no winning in training only learning? ).
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