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  1. Yeah agreed. A lot of misconception on out sport by the casual fan. Btw, funny meme. Gonna steal and post. Can I have your ig to tag? No worries if not.
  2. Theres different apps that you can use to make memes with. I use one called meme generator.
  3. So a friend who's the head coach at Level Up Boxing in Maryland was recently challenged about how muay Thai memes in general fall behind bjj memes in humor as well as amount. Theres a few of us who make them but the amount is definitely less than the bjj community. Call this a call to arms if you will. Lets show them we have a good sense of humor too. Heres a couple Ive done, with one being shared by multiple muay Thai fan accounts. Add your instagram handle and if it makes me or a bunch of others laugh, Ill gladly repost and tag you in it. Btw my ig is poidog1 and most of my memes have the @pdmt on them. VID_20270907_170458_835.mp4
  4. This is big to me. You have to teach them the how and why though, like Tyler said. Once you do, its not long before they get good at it and only a little longer than that til the benefits of it manifests in their drilling and sparring. I usually start by pairing an experienced person with a beginner. The experienced one holds first and gives reasons for why they do what they do, then the beginner gets to hold for the experienced. Can be a lesson in patience for the experienced student.
  5. I cant speak to other coaches (except the ones I know well) but for me its an essential part of the art. Disrupting balance is huge not just for the scoring in competition but for generally taking control of the fight. Being able to see it is a skill that can be taught. I have a fighter whos become scary with it. Lets just say, sparring with him has become a pain in the ass. He doesnt even need to hit hard, he just times your weight shifts and tags you as you do. The time spent trying to recover the balance is time away from countering and attacking. It just gives him so much momentum to keep steamrolling who ever hes playing with. He used it his last fight against an opponent who had a size advantage. The coaches I know, who belong to a group we are all affiliated with do a lot of this work too.
  6. Thanks, brother. Its a good system in that it works really well in fights for my guys. I number code a short punch to kick combo and have them drill it repeatedly til they can do it without thinking either from hearing me call it out or from visual cues from their opponent. Example is the lead hook to low kick to the front leg is a 3k. We even do variations on the low kick to front leg, like a probe vs heavy to test their balance and responses (do they check or just eat and try and fire). It gives a better understanding on their opponent to work from. Theres ones for far leg attack as well.
  7. One of my favorite low kick set ups as well. If done with perfect timing, its hard to stop. I also like a long lead arm uppercut to low kick as well. Either you tip their chin up so they dont see the low kick or they try and block by shelling and going heavy on their lead leg. I actually teach a system of punch set ups to low kicks each with the idea that the punches move the weight of the person firmly onto the leg you want to kick. The punches can even be more like hard slaps just for that effect.
  8. Yeah they are definitely known for it and some of the best in the business. I also feel you about the scar tissue in the leg from low kicks. The worst.
  9. Kru Dam from Sitmonchai also has a similar way of throwing and teaching his low kick. I could be wrong but I thought he was in the library too, showing this very thing. If not, you can find him on social media demonstrating it.
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