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  1. Any idea when you’ll be able to fight again Sylvie?
  2. I just started training Muay Thai again for the past 2 weeks or so after 4 months off due to covid restrictions. it makes me sooo happy and I leave class feeling alive
  3. Ok you said Patterson nj not Clifton but it’s about the same distance
  4. How far would you be from AMA fight club in whippany nj? that is where Kaensak ( did I spell his name correctly??) teaches. ( he is a legend and a 3 x fighter of the year. Sylvia has trained with him) I goodled/wazed ‘ Clifton to whippany nj ‘ it’s like 17 miles/24 minutes of course rush hour traffic will play a part. take a trial class there!!!
  5. Sorry that no one seems to have any tips or advise! i know how to lose weight in general. ( not necessarily to cut weight for a sport or fight) ( I don’t want to post numbers bc I hate it.... ) but I had gained weight after multiple close, immediate family members passed away only months apart. And I lost it all plus some. ( I just counted calories and protein on the free app called lose it plus worked out) good luck!!!!
  6. Most weeks I work out 6 x a week. I do muay this 4 x a week and weight training 2 x a week sometimes also cardio ( such as a jog or stationary bike, or group fitness class ) and yoga
  7. And lol now I’m fb famous Bc you posted my question and photo on fb ( Lol. I’m quiet and reserved til I know someone and non attention seeking) thank God my gloves are in front of my face in my pic! Or id be embarrassed ! ( note- clarifying Bc one can’t read tone in type- it’s totally fine! I don’t mind at all ! I’m thankful for my gloves though )
  8. Helpful. thanks It was very useful to have these questions answered just now while I watched the live stream of fight 261! ( congrats Sylvie) especially how the backwards or forward fighting works. I totally saw that played out in the last round!
  9. These are questions I have when I watch the live streaming of Sylvie’s fights and listen to Kevin’s commentary what is Derning? ( durning?) if clinching is part of MT, what is the rationale for it to be broken up so quickly? Also why would someone be a backwards fighter .... I feel like it makes the person look like the weaker fighter whose struggling and always running away from the forward walking fighter I had a few other questions but I forget now. I’ll add to it as I remember. ( Started MT about 10 months ago. So I’m just curious about many things. Obviously there’s a lot to learn. More than I ever will be able to )
  10. Since I started working out six times a week sometimes twice a day I gave up my moderate ( at most ) alcohol consumption and now I just drink on a very infrequent basis. I can’t afford to not feel my best at my workouts. (If I was still young and single I’d probably drink a little more) but now I focus on adequate sleep, fuel, hydration and very limited/infrequent alcohol i want to feel my best. Sometimes I get ’ tired’ during the work outs or class but don’t give up. ( plus there is no option to give up during my Muay Thai class. You do what he says. Period. Only exception is an injury ) If I drank I’d think i’d just suck wind and not be at my best. Not worth it to me.
  11. I was just going to say that in class this past Wednesday we learned that elbows are not about power but rather to cut.
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