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  1. Well if that's a picture of you RB on your profile I think you may be fibbing about the weights!
  2. I haven't logged on for a few days but it's great to come back and see some replies, thanks all. It looks like you all do a mixture of extra exercises ranging between cardio and strength. I'm not too sure how much lifting weights actually helps with Muay Thai but (albeit a bit vain) I like having a strong body. My teacher certainly focuses on technique. She is far smaller than some of the big chaps that go but she has such speed and moves so naturally and instinctively. I was surprised at the replies mentioning yoga, in what ways does this help with Muay Thai? I'm guessing flexibility and perhaps helping to relax?
  3. Many thanks Stefan, I hadn't considered swimming and will now do so
  4. Hello all. I have just joined so thought I would say hello and also post a question. I have been doing Muay Thai for 2 months and love it. I go 3 times a week, however, I can no longer continue running and lifting weights as I did before as it would just be too much. I'm really posting to try and find out what other forms of exercise you guys do as well as the work out you get when doing your Muay Thai class and also how you fit it in? If I do Muay Thai 3 times week then I can still run on one day of the week (and then lift weights in the evening) and also a short jog or weights on one other day. That gives me 2 rest days during the week. Does this seem adequate? I am 47, fit with no health problems. I kind of miss the running and weights but cant do it all!
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