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  1. Thank you Sylvie! That's super enlightening. I appreciate it very much!
  2. Hi guys, Is the best way to train elbow strikes through shadow boxing, or by hitting the heavybag? Of course sparring and competition are better ways for honing any skills,but I mean by training on ourselves. I'd appreciate anyone's opinion on that. Thank you very much.
  3. I'm just wondering, could Yodkhunpon's elbow style work with elbow pads? I love his elbow style, but right now I'm training and competing in Europe. We're allowed to use elbows in fights, but must wear elbow pads to protect the fighters. I know that Yodkhunpon's known for his cutting elbows, but could his way of throwing elbows also be used to KO opponents, instead of just cutting them open (which is unrealistic with elbow pads)? If anyone could answer this question, I'd appreciate it very much. :)
  4. Hi, I wonder if there is any supplemental strength training or conditioning methods that are specific for improving knee striking power, except for the high repetitions on hitting pads and the heavy bag. For example, could kettlebell swings help knee strikes? Since they both involve using hip hinges to throw your hips forward?
  5. Thanks Kevin, that answers a lot of my questions about Yodkhunpon's unique fighting style. I once saw a video showing Yodkhunpon fight a western kickboxer, and in that fight elbows weren't allowed. He then fought just like Dieselnoi, which is to just double lock the opponent's head and knees, like a classic muay Khao fighter. It's very interesting and rare to see him fight without elbows.
  6. I'm always wondering about Yodkhunpon's unique elbow fighting style. In muay Thai I never seen anyone who fights like him. In some videos he's catagorized as a muay khao or clinch fighter. But to me he doesn't seem to be like the traditional clinch fighters in that he actually didn't clinch too much. So could anyone please help me catagorize Yodkhunpon's style into a type of fight in Thailand?
  7. Hi Sylvie, I've been following your videos and muay thai library for a long time. My favorite fighter of all time is Yodkhunpon Sittrapium. I love his relentless elbow style and have tried to learn his fighting skills. Could you suggest me some strength training methods that are specific to increasing elbow strikes power, and if possible, specific to Yodkhunpon's elbow style? I'd appreciate it very much.
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