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  1. Hey dude, It's good, for sure. Wasn't there for long, only 2 months. Basically my main gym closed because of Corona, so Sangtiennoi was the only gym in my research that stayed open and were willing to accept me. Training very very good. Like... Not just good, but it's actually impressive how good it is. And they have a speed bag, which not enough gyms have in my opinion. Owner is a cool dude and so is his son, who also has great Hip Hop playlists for the stereo during training. But here's the thing bro, it's expensive. 30,000 baht a month - but he gave me 5,000 discount after my asking politely. You basically *have to* live in the gym for practical reasons and pay their full package - it's in middle of nowhere, so not practical to rent a room somewhere else and travel in twice a day every day. Unless you have a car or motorbike maybe. So had to leave to save money unfortunately The Thai dudes in Sangtiennois are very very nice, don't worry. Nobody will 'target' you, try to deliberately fuck you up in sparring, or make fun of you. They know we suck compared to them so they are very understanding and patient with our low ability level, they want to help. But...if that does happen, it will be another foreigner that does it to you, not a Thai. But that's not the gyms fault, can happen anywhere.
  2. Love how you guys all build home gyms. Am super jel. Is it true that the mats are the most expensive part?
  3. Love Karl Pilkington, legend! That's hilarious...brazen enough to use a famous person's photo! It's true, way more likely to get busted these days. The last guys to really get away with it probably came up in the 90s or something
  4. First ever trip to Thailand and there was this American steroid junkie at the same gym who did something kinda similar. Gonna have to be vague on specific names as it's a true story. Basically he was a gym owner in the US teaching a different but also very popular martial art. Told us all this story at dinner (or more like ear-raped us and wouldn't shut up). He basically called his gym the same name as the surname of a very famous martial arts family from Latin America, even registered the website. Their family name plus a number, dot com. Which he somehow thought was legit. Head of this family then calls him up and threatens to sue the pants off him if he doesn't take it down. And the American still refused. In fact, he bitches to us like he was a victim, that this big successful family was going after the little guy, and how unfair it was, them trying to stop him making a living. Totally clueless and lacking in self awareness. Guy is basically a thief, pure and simple. Dunno if that's cultural appropriation or not, probably is by the accepted metric, but here's the thing - we already have morality social guidelines and laws in place to cover things like theft and fraud... So what's the upside in introducing complex new theoretical terminology like CA? What does it give us that we didn't have before.
  5. Seems like they've just been allowed to recently reopen. Starting to look homeless right now, so anybody know of a nice one in Bangkok? Don't mind paying a bit more, not just the places that do 1 grade all over. Thaaaaaanks
  6. Indeed. Basically what I said. Or would have said if I had a conscience
  7. OK so first time ever, just went and googled Cultural Appropriation. Not convinced this is a bad thing, or that it's even real. Actually wanted to vomit all over my keyboard - there's a lot very masochistic people out there feeling guilty as fuck for being rich and white, so to alleviate this burden they attack other rich white people, and now they feel safer and less evil afterwards, because their penance is done. This 'CA' thing is totally an individual psychology issue, not a society issue. Basically yeah, they probably are. And yeah it's a terrible thing, we should all feel like prejudiced, bigoted thieves and colonialists. Maybe it's time to "check my privilege" too. Go and write a Tumblr, gorge on Hagen Daz and masturbate to my tears of remorse
  8. That's the general public, LengLeng But what you said, right there, that's it - we almost forget about the 'appropriator' if the people he defrauds are dumb enough, or if he's from the culture of the thing he's 'appropriating'. Which really leaves you wondering if there even is such a thing as cultural appropriation. Not to piss people off or anything, but it's kind of similar with the whole Bruce Lee thing.
  9. ...but...doesn't that make it worse, not better??
  10. ....bet any money they're gonna bring out a 'Taking a Knee' emoji soon
  11. Yeah it's definitely tough, like when you cant fall asleep at night, the body is destroyed and wants to pass out but the head won't let you
  12. You can do it for sure, 2 a days for 6 days, and it's not over-training - *but* you gotta sleep tonnes. Like...sleep a ridiculous amount compared to a regular person. Obvs at night, gotta be in bed super early, no artificial light sources keeping you up. But middle of the day, gotta also grab a good 4 hours there, before afternoon training. And that 4 hour siesta will feel like not enough sometimes. All people talk about is their training/hard work and their food/diet. Like... as if that's the end of the story. Hell no, our sleep is number 3 on that list, and maybe just as important as the first 2. My 2 cents.
  13. Or we needn't even go that far - how about the 'appropriation' that comes from people of the same culture? Bikram Yoga might be the most gross example, guy becomes a cult leader gazillionaire with 10 Bentley by trademarking and franchising yoga poses that he in no way created. In fact, he probably suckered in way more customers than he otherwise would have precisely *because* he was from that culture, so bored white people with wooden beaded necklaces and Venti Skinny Cappuccinos were happy to become acolytes of somebody 'authentic', and even boast about how great their new charlatan master was. Because the unspoken translation of 'how great my teacher is' actually communicates a subtle 'how great I am' for being his student. Total humblebrag. And then the lawsuits started to pile up. And all these idiots respond with "Oh my god, I can't believe he could be such a monster". Like the news talking to the bewildered next door neighbour of a suicide bomber. Watching just one interview with Bikram gives any sane, reasonably minded individual the chills. Vacant eyeballs, manipulative speech, glaring NPD. The problem isn't 'Cultural Appropriation' - nothing wrong with an Italian restaurant with Mexicans in the kitchen. The problem is with kind of people comprise the general public. The army that self-form and follow the appropriation, even when it's done by bad people with a weak disguise. That's the truly terrifying thing.
  14. Double vision after a knock down was the weirdest / scariest experience of mine during afternoon sparring. The Ajarn immediately made me sit out for the rest of the rounds. For sure, it's embarrassing and you don't want to look shit in front of everyone. Feel better.
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