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  1. Only did 3 days at Sitjaopho so too short to know how good it is, but remember quite a few girls were training there. But owner and trainers were cool and patient. Very friendly pet dog running around the mat too
  2. Funny, Teddy Atlas just mentioned this too From time 33.10
  3. Given how much gyms are suffering financially now, it seems many can't afford to pay salaries so there's no trainer - does the one you mentioned have trainers to hold pads for us?
  4. Oh and Firas? Guy has never fought. MMA, that is. Apparently he has BJJ and Thai experience, am not 100%. But all his shit sounds like the bro science guys who learn their stuff on YouTube, then slut it up with classy words and sciencey language. You can tell because it's so obvious from the way some coaches speak that their concrete beliefs about fighting and training aren't rooted in any real fight experience. I'd rather suck a dick than take fight advice from somebody who never fought.
  5. It's like clinching, some gyms you do it at the start of training but most of them do it at the end, right? My gym we do it at the start, which is cool and everything. The upsides are evident. But kinda prefer doing it at the end, after pads, after bag work etc, when you're damn well exhausted. Because that's how it will be in the fight, clinching when you already tired. Which one helps you learn more, when fresh or when tired? Honestly don't know. Feels pretty much same same personally. Just prefer clinching when tired - also the body feels more loose and supple.
  6. Yeah not sure dude, never did any cycling or swimming and stuff ever, but yeah ppl say that's all very good too. Am no expert or anything, just tend do what the trainer says and don't think about it. But yeah in recent years there's been loads of sciencey people and various athletes coming out saying running doesn't work, running is bad for you, overtraining etc etc. But... cannot reconcile that with personal training experience. When running a lot and regularly, everything else feels easier and smoother in training. 10k every morning, and another 4k later in afternoon. When first st
  7. First ever lightbulb moment? That running is everything. Everything.
  8. When you meet another Westerner in the gym who asks to borrow money from you, say no It's almost a definite when, not an if
  9. Hey dude, It's good, for sure. Wasn't there for long, only 2 months. Basically my main gym closed because of Corona, so Sangtiennoi was the only gym in my research that stayed open and were willing to accept me. Training very very good. Like... Not just good, but it's actually impressive how good it is. And they have a speed bag, which not enough gyms have in my opinion. Owner is a cool dude and so is his son, who also has great Hip Hop playlists for the stereo during training. But here's the thing bro, it's expensive. 30,000 baht a month - but he gave me 5,000 discount after
  10. Love how you guys all build home gyms. Am super jel. Is it true that the mats are the most expensive part?
  11. Love Karl Pilkington, legend! That's hilarious...brazen enough to use a famous person's photo! It's true, way more likely to get busted these days. The last guys to really get away with it probably came up in the 90s or something
  12. First ever trip to Thailand and there was this American steroid junkie at the same gym who did something kinda similar. Gonna have to be vague on specific names as it's a true story. Basically he was a gym owner in the US teaching a different but also very popular martial art. Told us all this story at dinner (or more like ear-raped us and wouldn't shut up). He basically called his gym the same name as the surname of a very famous martial arts family from Latin America, even registered the website. Their family name plus a number, dot com. Which he somehow thought was legit. Head of this
  13. Seems like they've just been allowed to recently reopen. Starting to look homeless right now, so anybody know of a nice one in Bangkok? Don't mind paying a bit more, not just the places that do 1 grade all over. Thaaaaaanks
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