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  1. Thank you for clearing that up, then I guess I should continue with what I have been doing, however I have to ask, should I train everyday to better my endurance to the tiredness in my shoulders or should I still give myself 1-2 days of rest ? I know you said that decision is up to me, but I just don't know, what would you all do if you were having my situation ? but I'll definitely give shadowboxing with dumbells a try since you both are confident in the exercise
  2. So one more time I ask this, the tiredness in the shoulders will never go away, I must continue to get better at enduring the tiredness in my shoulders ? Also Leng Leng, I am sorry to hear what happened to your gym and your country, I hope things improve for you. You have my utmost respect for being able to endure all those problems in your life and the body exhaustion of Muay Thai
  3. out of curiosity, do you also get the tired feeling in your shoulders ?
  4. sorry about the confusion, I already saw a doctor, he said my shoulders were fine, so basically I have to get use to the tired feeling and work hard to endure the tired feeling in my shoulders right ? also what shoulder strength exercises would you say I do ? Will these shoulder exercises make sure my shoulders will never be tired from keeping my guard up/hands up when boxing or muay thai ?
  5. so basically I have no choice, but to endure the pain, and as time goes on, get better at enduring the pain, is that what you are saying ? also how often should I train in Muay Thai then ? It can't be everyday because I tried that and my shoulders get tired quicker if I don't give myself at least a day to 2 days of rest.
  6. the pain is more like a tired feeling, that my shoulders and traps are getting tired from holding my guard up/keeping my hands up while punching ? Is there any thing that can be done about this ? I am getting better about enduring the pain, but is this normal ?
  7. Hello, I have 8 months of training in Muay Thai going on 9, but I still can't overcome this problem, and I don't know what to do Every time I'm Boxing or practicing my punches on the heavy bag, after at least 5 minutes on the heavy bag, the muscles in my shoulders and traps get sore, forcing me to lower my hands and give my shoulders a few seconds (at least 5 seconds) of rest before putting my hands up again to protect my head and chin. All these months I've been enduring the pain from the muscle soreness, have been getting better at enduring the pain from the muscle soreness, but I'm getting tired of enduring it, I don't want the muscle soreness to happen at all, I checked with a doctor everything was fine with my body, so why is this muscle soreness happening ? can someone please help me ? Is this even normal ?
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