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  1. Hello, my name is Jorge. I would love to go to Sangtiennoi's gym. It's as authentic as it gets and I can really get to improve my clinching. But I have some concerns. First of all, are there any egos at the gym? I ask because although I can say I don't suck at Muay Thai I am nowhere near the level of young Thai fighters my age, so I am worried that will be a target and I will get made fun of. I don't know, I hear that generally Thais are very friendly, but at least here in Mexico there are a lot of egos in the gyms where guys wanna prove themselves as men or whatever by picking on newbies, I don't know if it works that way in Thailand or not (Fortunately, I am passed that stage in Mexico, but again I am nowhere near Thais my age). Second of all, in your very useful review of the gym (https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-thailand/sangtiennoi-gym-tough-traditional-muay-thai-legend) you wrote the bathrooms were "very thai style", what do you mean by that? Are they squat bathrooms? Are the showers filthy or doorless? I know if I am going to a authentic countryside gym I am not having exclusive luxury but I still would like to be in a hygienic place with standard-ish bathrooms. I know that as you wrote I can't have a "prince charming" gym, but I am concerned about this two issues and I would be very pleased if you could orient me. Thank you in advance.
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