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  1. Hi everyone, I'm brazilian, and have been training for about 4-5 years in a gym in Rio. My "style" of fighting is something I struggled a lot with on the start, appreciating all kinds of fighters, loving a knockout as much as a technical masterpiece. With time, I started gravitating towards a more technical, well rounded style, by influence of watching so much Namsaknoi, Saenchai and Samart. It's been about a year since I finally started identifying myself as a Muay Femeu, and the improvements came quick after finally figuring out what I was naturally designed to do, and ignoring most of the instructions to fight on a classical brazilian style of muay thai, that resembles Muay Mat a lot. Finally going to the point, I'd like to ask what you guys think about training for Muay Femeu, which specific skills I should work on, some drills or techniques in which I need to specifically focus in order to improve inside my own style, and anything else you think could possibly come in handy. I'm 5 foot 10 and pro level, if that helps you with the answer. Thanks so much for reading! Any help is highly appreciated!
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