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  1. Hello everyone, Its been awhile since I've updated my experience with Sagat, and a lot has happened the past few months A basic recap: I contacted Sylvie in May, who put in touch with Sagat -Since then, I've trained with Sagat since mid may. During that time my stamina, technique, and overall fighting IQ have increased in ways I cannot begin describe. The amount of learning and mindset shift has been immense. Approaching Muay Thai with a scientific and academic and intensive perspective is how I'd describe my mindset In that time, I've trained with 5-6 days a week fo
  2. It appears so. Its hard to get exact details from Sagat, but the clearest facts I've been able to establish 1. 13 Coins and the 13 Coins hotel resort are the same piece of property 2. The owner (Mr Coke) since passing, his widow did not pay utilities to keep either the hotel or gym running 3. The entire hotel itself has been gutted and is in a state of disrepair 4. While the property is not openly advertised as being for sale, Sagat has relayed the Widow has no interest in it and if someone made an offer it could be purchased (its quite a large piece of land, at least 3-4
  3. Its largely a question of finances As I found out this week, there ARE in fact boys still training at the gym (about 8 of them, ages 10-19) The property the gym sits on is essentially abandoned, apparently the gym property is open for sale as well
  4. Hello everyone, Its been 30 days now, this coming week will be the start of another 60 days I had to take a week off in the middle of last month after I got really really bad food poisoning (could not eat anything for 7 days without getting ill), but overall the past 6 weeks have been fantastic. I started from 0, and the improvements have been linear every lesson. Sagat is a master of teaching fundamentals. Ive watched as many of his pasts fights as possible, and his effectiveness I've realized comes from how skilled he was in the basics; punching and kicking technique,
  5. I dont think he is. Sagat and a few of the younger boys seem to be the only ones there right now According to Sagat the gym might be changing locations soon as well...Im not certain on the story, but he relayed that the owner (Mr. Coke), since he died a few years ago, his widow has wanted to close the gym, and no one has been paying rent on the gym to the landowner for a year, and the gym might move soon
  6. Thank you Sylvie! That was super helpful. I was making the mistake of not moisturizing thinking it would toughen the skin faster, the coconut oil made a big difference this past week
  7. Does anyone have anyone quick healing tips for treating blisters? I had some 1on1s about 10 days ago on a very rough turf floor, and both big toes and balls of the feet blood blistered extensively They've been healing but keep retearing each day, I figure in a month they'll fully callous over, but if theres any way to speed up the process, Im all ears
  8. Sagat has said he has an arrangement with the hotel for 500 baht a night, which would be 45,000 baht for a full month of 1on1s + accommodation
  9. Its still officially closed, although I THINK the few younger fighters that live there are training By the looks of it I dont think any farang train out of there, Thais only. Ive only been doing privates, and cannot attest to what the normal training is like. The gym itself has a lot of charm, but its definitely NOT catering to foreigners. Shower facility is a faucet on a wall, lots of broken equipment everywhere, and no changing rooms other than a toilet inside a shed next to the shower
  10. Hi everyone, Hopefully this is alright for a first post, wanted to share my experiences training with Sagat over the next few weeks. I arrived in Thailand in Mid-march coming from Egypt, I was in a mad dash to make it somewhere calm before the lockdowns took full effect. Over 10 years ago I trained Muay Thai while in college, and had always wanted to go to Thailand (the usual Muay Thai dream), although I didnt expect to arrive under the circumstances. I got an apartment and I spent the past month trying to condition myself as best I could (lots and lots and lots
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