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  1. i have a standard travel insurance, but i might need to get another one if i plan on fighting...
  2. hahahaha, do it man it sounds like you deserve it! where do you train?
  3. You're right, it would be nice to get a western meal once in a while so i'm gonna factor that in my budget. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Wouldn't my insurance take care of that?
  5. True, i revisited my whole plan. I'm thinking about training at santai in chiang mai for 3 months as it is cheaper, and i think it would make it simpler to just train in one place, and i'm gonna try to save up more, would you say 3000 usd (1000 flight, 1000 training+accomodation, 1000 food+laundry+extra) is enough?
  6. Edit: i realise now that my budget was waaaaayyy too small for my itinerary, so i'm gonna try to save up (3000usd instead of 2000usd), and train at santai in chiang mai for 3 months. Is that reasonable? Hey! I'm planning on going to thailand as soon as the coronavirus clears up to train and hopefully fight a few times (my main goal is to fight and gain experience in the ring, i don't really care about tourism) That's my itinerary/budget, any feedback/tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated: Month 1: chiang mai, spirit of siam, 300 usd training, 150 usd accommodation, 100 usd food Month 2: koh samui, wech pinyo, 200 usd training, 650 usd accommodation, 200 usd food (wech pinyo's website has been down for some time so i used the prices from punch it gym instead, i'm assuming they'd be pretty similar) Month 3: bangkok, no real plan, any help? Is my itinerary any good/what does everyone think of the gyms i chose, and is my budget realistic/is there any way i could bring it down? My main problem is that i have about 2000 usd right now, and can't really get any money during the pandemic. I'm gonna have to spend around 1000 usd for the flight, leaving me with enough money for about a month and a half, do you guys think i could make enough money fighting to survive another month and a half, or would it be better to shorten my trip by a month? Thanks! Nadi Yazbeck.
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