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  1. These pages also have a livestream for their events; https://www.facebook.com/MuayThaiSuperChamp/ https://www.facebook.com/MuayHardcoreCH8/ https://www.facebook.com/maxmuaythaithai/
  2. Rajadamnern got some livestreams. https://www.facebook.com/rajadamnern https://www.youtube.com/c/RajadamnernChannel/videos
  3. You can try to add some rubber parts under it or put something heavy on the corners of the mats.
  4. I even think this happend more recently than a few years ago. A few months ago? I hope the gym still keeps existing and in the same setting
  5. I would always suggest people to get good insurance (no one like to pay it) because IF something happens you need to pay it all from your own money and costs can be pretty high (especially as a farang ). Even if you get hit by a car (and it's not your own fault), perforated appendix, some serious injury/illness, ... Quotes for insurance are really different if staying long term vs 3 month travel. But still something to think about. Enough people already needed to start a GoFundMe or other things to collect money to pay their hospital bills. Probably, yes.
  6. I also like the chest strap and it doesn't annoy me while training (and he can handle teeps ). Like Sylvie explained you get put the watch on the side if using a chest strap. The watch on my wrist would annoy me and I would not be able to wrap my hands good, to clinch, ...
  7. I think all gyms in Thailand are/should be closed (obligated by the government).
  8. I hate that part. Some people even act like their fun is gone when you don't drink... hahaha
  9. Great reads, thank you. For the knee support try a pharmacy (Boots or Watson should have it, a normal pharmacy maybe also can help you). Probably no Decathlon in your area? They also have really good ones.
  10. Thanks for all the work and putting everything back. P.s.: The "emoticons" te "like" a post also seems to be deleted.
  11. If you would take one, read the rules very well! A lot of companies exclude martial arts.
  12. True, that's also more what I meant (but didn't wrote ). The lack of control is more a problem with guys that don't want to look bad so go a bit harder and harder to make up for their lack of technique. Ego things because they don't want to loose (their is no winning in training only learning? ).
  13. The gym is locked at night I think BUT there are people sleeping at the gym so there will be someone to help you out IF the 2 phone numbers can't help (but since your communication with that gym person was in English the people at the phone will also be able to speak English I think. Don't worry. Like Snack Payback said a lot of options if it don't workout well. As example G9 hotel is close by. https://www.tripadvisor.be/Hotel_Review-g293916-d4834436-Reviews-G9_Bangkok_Hotel-Bangkok.html SL residence is not really a hotel/guesthouse there mostly rent their condo's for 1-12 months. (3 years ago they had someone at the "reception" between specific hours, in the day time).
  14. Yes some amount will be for calling, or just use your internet with Line (most used application for communication in Thailand) to call. You will see it, or can aks it, when you get your SIM card package. There are a lot of branches of Super Rich so no need to go back to the airport for it. As example Central LadPrao also has a branch of SR inside and is a lot closer to SL residence. I would take a bit from an ATM or exchange at one of the exchange office that are still open at the airport when you arrive for the first days and taxi to SL. No idea about their website but I also can not reach it. I will ask them. Yes it is super easy, especially with your location (and relatively cheap compared to a taxi) only the operating hours... I think it will be closed when you get out of the airport? And they have a (too?) strong AC inside also. http://www.bangkok-maps.com/bts.htm
  15. I read that their IG account got hacked so that is why they started a new one.
  16. Haha But a lot of girls go (too) hard also in my experience (non intentionally I guess, but by lack of control?). Giving front kicks to woman is also a bit hard for me, I don't want to kick them too high or too low... But mostly I got no problems training with other males or females, unless they go too hard because they can't control themselves (or when you hold back because you would hit them hard on a good spot and they do counter super hard because you hold back ) or people that don't want to "loose" in training haha or if they are lazy/skip warm up/being late on purpose. If you don't bring too much ego to the gym all is fine, I think.
  17. No problem. Happy to help. From what I found inline now the SIM would be no problem https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293916-i3687-k12224379-Buying_a_Sim_Card_late_at_night_at_BKK-Bangkok.html Super Rich will be closed (5am - 11pm), but I am sure that the ones on the floor that you arrive will be open (rating is less good/bad) and they have ATM's, make sure that your card is opened to work in Asia (if that is needed for American cards, no idea). Change a bit for some food, taxi, ... and ask the contact person about the payment for SL There are a lot of places to exchange money (this is just one company https://www.superrich1965.com/location.php ) and there are a lot of ATM's also. They also provided you the adres in Thai probably to show your taxi driver? Works great If he still don't get it let him drive to the "Channel 7 TV studio's" and from there on use your Google Maps, it's the next street. I see that they have a new IG account recently now (2nd link): https://www.facebook.com/muaythaifagroup https://www.instagram.com/fagroup_muaythai https://www.instagram.com/fafightgear.th https://www.instagram.com/muay.fitness Pressing the "+" on the left side under a post, next to the "quote" button from all the posts you would like to quote, than on the right bottom on your screen there is a new button which says "Quote x posts", press that one and you get the quotes.
  18. Exciting 1) The AirportRailLink/BTS (SkyTrain) is very convenient especially with your location but will probably be closed when you get out of the Airport (ignore anyone inside the airport that is offering you a taxi), so like told above follow the taxi sign to the correct floor get outside and get a ticket from the machine and go to the corresponding number, these taxi will use his meter + a 50 baht fee. The expressway fee is also for you to pay (if you use it). The cost will be around 300-500 baht so make sure to have some money changed or to withdraw it from and ATM at the airport (also a fee will be paid normally each time you withdraw from an ATM, no matter how much money always the same fee). 2) The best rate you will get if you exchange your cash money at one of the exchange offices, like Super Rich they have a good rate, in Thailand (don't exchanges much money at the airport! They give a bad rating. At the lowest level of the airport the exchange rate is better (but I'm not sure that they will still be open at midnight). Exchange rate: https://daytodaydata.net 3) A lot of options in your area!! The street of and next to SL haves a lot of streetfood options where all the people that work in the neighborhood eat at noon. If you walk to the big road and get a taxi (or one station with MRT, or a bit of a walk) you are in Central LadPrao/Union mall quickly. http://www.bangkok.com/magazine/central-plaza-ladprao.htm http://www.centralplaza.co.th/lardprao/directory.asp 4) Do your best! But don't go ALL OUT at your first session. For the running, sometimes they went to the park with their car some people run together, some don't, just do your thing, try your best. Some people did 2 laps some people did 4 laps. And if you are to exhausted think about the rest you can get after 2 weeks, or skip one training to be able to train twice again the day after. 5) Being a ghost myself, I would advise long sleeves to run in (especially in the afternoon) and a cap maybe. The sunscreen gets of easier when you sweat and believe me, you will sweat Also cheap to get at Decathlon normally. 6) Make sure you have some contact from the gym to help you when you arrive at SL, because maybe their is no one to help you out that late (and they only spoke Thai at SL 3 years ago ). Most of all enjoy your time!! And keep us posted. SIM you figured out already and yep it is easy and cheap. Grab is really easy like explained above, sometimes it is a bit hard to explain to a regular taxi driver where you want to go (sometimes they don't understand, sometimes they act like they don't understand you ). If you use a regular taxi in Bangkok be sure that they use the taxi-meter, if they tell you that their fixed price is cheaper because of whatever kinda reason, why would they offer you a price that make them earn less? If they don't want to use the meter you just get out and take the next one. You will mostly clinch with a Thai and switch up so you get different clinchpartners. Works fine here.
  19. If Mochit BTS station is in your range you could give FA Group a try, especially because you want to improve your clinching game.
  20. Maybe you can record a video of your next class, for yourself, and do it again in 3 months, must be great if you can see their progress again, on video.
  21. Also been in front of the door on a weekday , but you can just call them to be sure before going there. That's very true! Super friendly and helpful.
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