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  1. I'm sorry to hear this, but also happy that you found an active passion now and set a very cool goal! What did your physical therapist said about it? Maybe it's a good idea to consult another physical therapist or a doctor who is specialised in those things to get a second opinion? Maybe it's because some hypermobility in your hipregion? It's difficult to give advice on distance (and maybe even dangerous to get hurt).
  2. Hi everyone! Does anyone on here have experiences with the FA group muay thai camp? All are welcome; own expierinces, heard something, read something, ... I planned to train there during my second stay in Thailand (30 May - 5 July). The things I could find on the internet are the following; https://www.facebook.com/muaythaifagroup (a FB page to contact them, wich I already did) https://www.facebook.com/f.a.group.muaythai http://www.muaythaischolar.com/f-a-group-muay-thai-camp-review (a review from Muay Thai Scholar who rates FA group as the number one gym in BKK for what it matters) Info that I got from chatting with them: (click on the image) Morning workout starts with a ±9km run at 6am the evening workout starts with a ±6km run at 3pm. The camp don't provide on-camp-housing for their guests. Thanks for the answers and sorry for the ba English :)
  3. Ow that's bad news man! I hope you can go soon!! Any idea how you will try to heal you ribs now expect from resting?
  4. Nice video!! She's not passed away but she recently retired from fighting
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