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  1. Yeah ActionZone is the place to be! A small store with a lot of stuff and sharp prices and if you buy enough you often get an extra discount. To be sure they have everything you want you can mail them in advance and they will arrange it (King, TopKing, Twins, Fairtex).
  2. You are totally right!! That's how it goes in almost all gym's in Belgium... (not teaching the Way Kru/Ram Muay to their members). The same for me, I never saw it or learnt it here. Almost no one is interested in it and they almost all dislike it if they see it on an event, unfortunately.
  3. Where did you find the free download for this please? I can't find it but I'm really interested in learning Thai also.
  4. I can't speak for all gyms, but it seems to be normal in a lot of Thai gyms. I think they spar not so much to avoid injuries because they fight for money mostly and don't want to get an injury from training and be unable to fight. And they fight very frequently so for them it is not needed that much, I think. Yes in the most western country's there is a lack of clinching in their training (the same for mine).
  5. They are machines :ohmy: Something to add in what I write down earlier: Moslty (in my time being there) they had 2-6 farang training at the gym, and in the afternoons they had a photographer who take pics and video's and post them over here: https://www.facebook.com/f.a.group.muaythai
  6. Thanks for your post. I lost this thread a bit, since I'm back in Belgium already a long time. I'm not a good writer (and for sure not in English) but I will do my best. Gym: In my eyes FA Group is a really good gym. A place where woman are also welcomed to train, also in the ring! They also provide a beginners class (wich mostly are woman I think I've seen). The environment is really good and friendly. Two of the trainers speaks good English and two others can speak a bit basic English but they can make you understand what they mean so that's no problem. The fighters at the gym are very open and friendly but they don't speak English but you can still make fun and have basic communications. The owner speaks English as well and is very friendly." They have a matted floor (upgraded to the whole floor when I was there) and a big ring to train in, 5 bags, a wall mounted uppercut pad, a mirrored wall, pull up bar, weights, sit up benches, a stationary bike, ... Not the most clean gym they say but clean enough for sure!! You can bring your own drinks or share the water cups at the gym. Training: Training hours: Morning training 6h-10h and afternoon training 15h-18h. The training starts of with a run always you can choose to join it or not. I would recommend to just do it. They take the van to go to Chatuchak park wich is a really big park in Bangkok with beautiful nature, and a lot of active people from young to old. The park is opened at 4:30 in the morning and closes at 21h and really worth a visit besides training. They have a shop at the entrance where you can get water for 8 baht or a sportdrink. There are is a sort of security at the park and a lot of workers who keep the park really clean. They run something from 2,5-10 km in the morning and 2,5-8 km in the evening. the good thing is you can rest a bit in the van and can give 100% again when you are back at the gym. After the running they skip ropes for 15 minutes, than they start clinching for I think 20-40minutes in the morning and 30-60 minutes in the evening. After the clinching the pad work starts and if you aren't busy on the pads you can work on the bag the same like after your padwork. The rounds on the pads are 3-5 minutes and mostly you get 3 rounds. After that you are a bit free on your own to do what you like, not like in some other gyms where they order you to do this or that followed by that. So if you want to waste time you can do that or just work on the bag or go for some shadowboxing. The people from the gym will help you with correcting your technique or tell you what to do. Sometimes you can just follow the Thai's and join in with there training. If you want to fight and you train good, they can arrange that for you also. Accommodation: The people from the gym also can help you to get a room at a residence on walking distance from the gym (SL Residence, 1-2 minutes walking) or a hotel room close by since they have no on-camp accommodation. If you go on your own to SL they will say they are full and there are no rooms available anymore that's because we are farang... If someone of the gym goes with you they have rooms left haha I would say go for the residence; it is 6000 baht a month excluded from energy- and water-usage. You get a room with A/C, a balcony, double bed,shower, toilet, desk, one big closet and a small one (TV table thing, without TV). They also can provide you with bed sheets and pillows for like 300 baht, WiFi for 300 baht and a huge fridge for 500 baht all for a month. The hotel room is 950-1000 baht a night!! And is not much better then the residence you only have free water on the hallway, clean towels everyday, clean bed sheets and housekeeping (and WiFi and a TV). Another fun thing is that the gym is located on street away from the studio's of Channel 7, so every Sunday you can go watch the muay thai fights there for free. And another thing is that farang gets the best (reserved) seats right in the view of the camera. Probably because they won't gamble and so that Channel 7 can show that it is crowded with farang on TV, but they are all located in one spot haha I hope someone has had some benefit from this. If someone wants to know more you just let me know.
  7. Bit late comment but If I was in your shoes I would definitely try another gym also for a week than you can still decide to go back or stay at the new one or try another one. And for sure let them know you want to fight. Some gyms will push you to fight or ask you if you want to fight, other won't even ask it. So tell them so they know for sure you want it. I don't know where you stay now but I have been at KC gym for 2-3 weeks the training there was good. they also train woman and arrange fights if you want it. They are mostly western minded but really a good envirment.
  8. An article about it ;-) http://heatrick.com/2015/09/13/muay-thai-ballet-common-ground/?inf_contact_key=14bbd10a10f75467ff1a2312f26fe83623eb4fe47641921770b8db0545565ff2
  9. Good to see a ref. doing a fine job. Unfortunately that it happend like this. Since I also speak Dutch I tried to translate it without Google, but my English is not that well. This is what I made of it: The past two weeks I have been in Thailand. It would be for vacation. But because I actually would fight in America on the 10th of July and was still "fight ready I just kept training. I asked Rosalie and Sakrungroj to arrange a fight. Well last Friday was so far. I would fight against a strong lady from Bangkok. She had already done 50 Fights and she could kick very well and she would also train English boxing ..... When I entered the venue, I saw someone who looked a lot like her picture, but she looked more like a boy. And did have quite sturdy legs. But it was her. I got a real Thai preparation with massage and ritual. Really great to experience. Than the main fight was announced so I go in the ring. Here is the video of the fight ...... Unfortunately, I did not get much satisfaction from it, but it gave me the fight feeling again. On to the next.
  10. I just read your blogpost, nice work. Pleasant to read through! Now gonna watch both fights :)
  11. Cramps can have various causes, such as heavy load on the muscles during exercise, incorrect posture, lack of salt or glucose, dehydration, excessive cooling of the muscles (eg swimmers), illness or poisoning. This cramping is caused by a shortage of potassium, calcium or magnesium is also a theory. So having some extra magnesium and calcium, drink some more water and eat a banana so now and than (potassium, calcium, phosphorus) wouldn't do anything bad.
  12. Very good video. Really good insights in her way of thinking. Some good lessons for everyone! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Yes also a good question how do you dry your gloves? (And especially for the people who live in country's that are not so hot to dry them outside always). I used 16oz gloves for everything before, sometimes 8oz gloves for bag work or pad work but not that much (gloves where not that good), now I got a piar of 12oz gloves with me for pad work and bag work. My first pair was from Booster I think, after that always (Top) King, only changed them for the really nasty smell. Got a pair of Twins Special with me to try as next ones.
  14. A bit a late comment, but it's a nice piece to read. Thank you!!
  15. I can only answer for myself but yeah, it will not make me cry but makes me more upset and angry at my own. "WHY I'M I NOT DOING BETTER??" I know that feeling.. A bit more "aggression" in fights would be nice, instead of being to friendly. :rolleyes: The only thing that is good about it is that I can hear my corner because I keep calm, but I think I'm to calm. Not really nervous or a bit aggression or so.
  16. I would not call myself a fighter, but I can tell how I eat. I try to keep it clean, wich not always work out so good haha, eat enough vegetables and meat. I should add some more carbs yeah. As extra I take sometimes a protein shake but not really much. And some multi vitamin, vitamin C, omega 3-6-9 and a calcium/magnesium pill. Sometimes I take some esxtra fibers also. Is it all really needed? No I don't think so. I did a time without it and didn't feel any difference but I also think it won't do any harm so yeah why not try it. I tried some creatine also but don't see/feel any difference in it, maybe I need to believe more in it to recieve a nice placebo effect :D
  17. Besides resting and maybe some ice treatment after moving (and after that keep it warm) no idea how to fix it. I had it also before, a few times, it takes time to go away. I tried to keep training a bit and do the things that didn't hurt (much) but if just walking already hurt please listen to your body and take it calm! Don't let it become a bigger injury. And a TRX is so much fun :)
  18. Sounds like a fun thing to do! But I haven't seen any promotion or trainingscamp thing around here that provides accomodation and training. Maybe you can just rent a place to stay and choose a gym that seems good for you and just join all their trainingsessions and besides that explore a new country. Holland has a lot of good gym's yeah! (I'm from the small country just next to it)
  19. Yeah now the heat got me good also, previous year it was all fine except some little skin irritation from sweating on my elbows (the inside, no idea how to call that) probably from keeping my guard up, running, ... and a really sensitive skin. Nothing a cream from the pharmacy couldn't help. Now I got that again this year, applied some creams, it kept the same and slightly I got it on my back also with some kind of (light?) inflammation on it so I went to the skinhospital and got some pills and a cream. The skin on my back is really damaged now like it's been scratched open or something so those "scratches" are holding me back to train again, I fear to get an infection again if to much sweat comes on/in (and since I'm in Bangkok and I just sweat fast is it difficult to keep the sweat away) anyway I hope to be training soon again!! Not running immediately with a soaked wet (sweat) shirt on me or not clinching, but some skipping, padwork, bagwork, ... would be fine because I start to feel so useless and eat more crap foods, even after 4 days no training. I'm here to train to the max! I can rest at home also... So yeah watch out for the heat but don't ever let that hold you back to have some amazing experiences here in Thailand! :)
  20. Thanks for your answer now you posted it I searched it and remind i read it once before (long time ago) yes! For who's interested here's the link to it: http://www.siamfightmag.com/en/muaythai-en/reports-en/camps-muaythai-en/bangkok-region-en/722-the-camp-f-a-group-gym Maybe also fine to read; An interview with Petchboonchu Benz. A piece about Panom, I'm not sure that he still fights or only is a trainer at FA Group Muay Thai Gym now. I hope to write more about my training at this camp when I can go back to training.
  21. I think a combination of all those runs is the best. Some longer runs, some sprints, ...
  22. Yes, I can't find much about it. But heard that they are good clinchers also (they put time in it!). I will update this topic with my expierences there to inform others. They gave me some link to an apartment that is close to them. But maybe it's better to do live-research when I arrive. To see what I can find, unfortunalty I don't speak Thai but I will try to find the best one. Opinions on their link are also welcome; https://www.facebook.com/slresidence54 http://www.slresidence.com/contactus-1.html Yes I read (and heard) this before and will follow these rule to not bond me to a gym to soon. Thank you!
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