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  1. If you ever would go training there again, please give us an update It is close to the place I stay normally. I follow their IG and FB (since I liked my training with them very much. And they improved their social media appearance A LOT) it looks kinda busy to what I see them posting these days (and you always have the fighters). But yes, a gym keeps changing all the time.
  2. If you go to the Top King store, please check that they are not closed before heading there. Been in front of the closed door twice already.
  3. Not paying ahead for the full period will be the best. Because if you dislike the gym/area but already paid it you can't do anything about it (or loose money). So I would recommend starting with 2 days or something like that.
  4. Maybe this can help you a bit; http://8limbs.us/muay-thai-forum/topic/236-on-changing-gyms Maybe you just can talk about it with your current gym I think they will understand, since £250/month is not nothing :wink: and timewise also... And you pay for the training, so you should do what is the best for your progression, wallet, time, ...you aren't betraying them by choosing for yourself. Or maybe first try the new for a short time, before making the change.
  5. I am a fan of Action Zone and their sharp prices! :D But if you want something specific it is better to email them as soon as you know what you would like and mostly they can fix it. Also a big fan of the Boon retro style shorts. :woot: :wub:
  6. Good luck with the recovery! But good to hear that you can start moving again. For the push ups, maybe you can try them on your left foot and put the right one over the left one and let it just hang/rest.
  7. I also got them (16oz in light blue) maybe because of the bigger size but the 2nd loop is so long, always leave so "velcro" open, not great for clinching. But it secures the wrist good, yes. (the color came off quite fast, but they are still the same, just with some white mixed with the blue) I also got Twins 10oz with their special wrist protection closure (see picture below) and they fit also good around the wrist.
  8. Let's add something to it: This fit with the sparring partner that keeps going hard but just started training. Catching a kick is okay (you can catch the kick because we are sparring technical, otherwise your ribs wouldn't like it that much) than holding it like some kind of heel lock is not needed and when you are falling down, please let go of my heel instead of pulling me also down. Not that comfy for my heel. :sleep:
  9. The same skin problems over here for me! You can find enough sunscreen at the pharmacies in Thailand and if you search good, you can even find factor 110. :ohmy: :smile:
  10. People who stopped training for 1 year or so than come back skip half the warm up because a lack of condition and go all out in sparring but tell you before the round starts "Please go light I didn't train for long", than they need to sit down after 2 rounds because it is too tiring... When you are able to land something good but you hold back because it is sparring and not fighting and they take advantage of it (like a shin placed in their neck => They try to throw or sweep you as hard as they can. Like being able to knee them on the head => get a killer hook on the face for being a bit sloppy because you don't go 100% and hold back. People who wanna go hard on you but don't like it if you return it (sparring).
  11. Being able to land some new things on my partner, have some good timing and having some technical fun instead of just trying to kill each other.
  12. Yes I also experienced it once, actually last minute they changed the matchmaking so everyone that was at the event could fight, so that's great. Than I was matched to a friend (from a club I train at every Wednesday) we even sat down in the same locker room haha. I got the advantage of experience, he got the advantage of having a trainer in his corner who knows me and my style for years already. I still go there and we still train together. So I would say just do it, don't overthink it all and fight respectful just like you always would do and don't be too friendly because your friend will not be too friendly for you probably. Be friends, fight and score points and be friends again. :smile:
  13. I really like the Boon Retro ones, not completely "plain", but enough space to put things on it. And the fabric feels great. :) I ordered some of them with our club logo and name on it when I was in Thailand, they had a good price.
  14. I am happy to hear that it was a lot better this time, let's hope for some more good classes to come.
  15. My sport goals for 2017: 1. Keep injury free, 2. Run a marathon, 3. Train more thaiboxing 4. Add some weighttraining/exercises to my regimen 5. Get back to my competition weight 6. And after all fight again. 1. Most important thing is to keep injury free so I can keep training and working. 2. Run my first marathon ever (longest distance till today 20km, last year in May) and also just up my running in general: longer distances, up the frequency, up the pace, add interval/sprint training, ... 3. My work regimen; working one week from 6h till 14h and the other week from 14h till 22h (which meant I could not train at our club that week) changed now to a continue night shift (22h-6h) so I can train almost everyday now (which mean 7-8 trainings/week and got Tuesday and Sunday "free" to add some more training like heavy bag workout, extra padtraining, extra sparring, ... :D ). 4. I got a background in powerlifting but now would like to add some useful exercises to my training, I teach some circuittraining at our gym so just have to make time to do some of these for myself. 5. Loose some fat that I gained while not exercising much and eating all crapy foods. So mostly eat clean foods now and give my body the nutrition it needs, and the exercising will be fixed, see 3.. 6. Doing my first C-class fight.
  16. This one can help you? http://thailandforvisitors.com/general/money/index.php
  17. Is there a specific reason to not go to a Muay Thai gym? I'm also with the advice of NewThai; if you learn it on your own you have a lot of chance to learn wrong things. A coach/trainer can watch you and guide you when needed, also training partners often redirect you and help you to learn or adjust technique. And keep in mind that everyone is at the gym to learn and everyone was a beginner one time. Your learning curve will be much steeper if you go to a gym, I think.
  18. How it looks to me, the app itselves is free but you got in-app costs to see all content.
  19. You got some extra experience under your belt now :) so you still won a bit! On to the next one! Does it happen often in your place (and in other places from people on the forum?) to have no weigh-ins?
  20. I'm also thinking about an operation, but also should make an appointment with a doctor first. I got something wrong with an axis also in my eye so maybe they can't do it (and probably it will raise the price a lot!).
  21. It works under the words "download the application form here". But here you also have it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4psYeFcHc5qVXowdmMya0I1NDA/view?pref=2&pli=1
  22. You can find really good food on walking distance (or go anywhere by BTS or taxi, also close by). The classic street eating stalls, a street full. So enough variety and the price over there is 40-65 baht for a dish. You also have some restaurants in the area which mean better seats (or A/C) but they are also a bit more expensive and I like the street vendors' food more. Tapas cafe, at BTS stop Nana got delicious paella :D
  23. Just show up will be fine probably, because you need Thai help to get a place at SL Residence (or you can search another place if you want). I took the railway (from the airport) to BTS Mo Chit and than got to the gym by taxi and then they showed me the way to a hotel close by so I stayed there for 3 nights to be sure that the gym was what I was looking for before renting a room almost next to it for a month and than change to another gym... If I decided to stay they showed me the way to SL an helped me to arrange the room.
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