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  1. I need a quick money reference to the Thai Baht... it's most commonly used bank notes. I would like to arrive in Thailand with some Thai currency. Here at the World Trade Center in Los Angeles is a foreign currency exchange with no fees or commissions..... sounds great. But need a guide that will give me a visual what a baht is what a 100 satang means..... any links?
  2. Trying to figure out which airport is closest to Pattaya. I see two listed but then I see that you must take a bus from the airport to reach Pattaya which is southeast of Bangkok. There is U-Tapao but only Bangkok Airlines flies into there. Not sure. Any suggestions?
  3. I did by chance yesterday e-mail regarding their booking options. Yes! I will definitely stay in touch with you when the time comes near for me. Cool! Thanks so much for your help! You rock! : )
  4. Thank you so much for the information. I am definitely now decided this is the place to be. Can I pay monthly? It would be easier for me if I paid a month upon arriving there and then just pay as I go along. But yes! The motorbike would definitely be a great choice for me and I love the potential for exploring the surrounding areas!!!!!! Wow! This is so great! Cool! Sylvie! : ) :thanks:
  5. Hi Sylvie! Been watching your Youtube's super awesome! I hope Angie is doing well and getting ready for her next fight! I aspire to be like her since I spar with the boys at my gym....so I totally root for her success!!!!!! On in this matter, since my aspirations to go to Thailand are still pending (but not feeling rushed); I have been casually perusing several gyms. I have been reading some posts here on the forum and really today I came across the Royal Thai Residence and I love---that it is all inclusive! I would assume the food is not included but the living quarters, the training and transportation is all part of it. This seems like a dream come true. I love how they advertise that they will be learning traditional Muay Thai which is really what I am looking for. I definitely want the entire experience of learning the Muay Thai and maybe actually getting to go in the ring, just so I can say, yeah! I got to fight once or twice! That would be a dream come true! What can you say about Royal Thai Residence? It sounds perfect for my budget.
  6. I was recently on the Los Angeles area, Thai Consulate's website regarding visas (down the street from my house) and wow! You can get a tourist's visa but it is best not to put to "Study Muay Thai" as that requires approval. Kind of discouraging to read. Any pointers?
  7. HOW ARE THE FINANCES HANDLED IN THAILAND? CASH ONLY? When you find a gym that you like and they agree to train you and take you on as a member; how do you pay them. Aside from it being in Thai money? Do you have to pay up front for 3 months or 6 months depending on your intended commitment? Are there American banks in Thailand where you can handle your banking without having to open an account at a Thai bank. What are the terms of your gym arrangements and are there clauses. Can you pay month to month? How easy is it to find an apartment? Is it cheaper to share the costs with another individual?
  8. As I have been studying Muay Thai since about May of this year, I have decided that spending some time in Thailand for 3 months or so (maybe more) to get training would be outstanding. I have been reading posts here about particular gyms, the heat acclimation once must undertake and well I haven't found how one pays for their gym subscriptions. It is monthly, do they have American Banks in Thailand where I can withdraw money? How is the deal sealed when deciding on a gym and/or accomodat...

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