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  1. Yeah, the most important thing for me at the moment is not being demotivated for the future, which I certainly am not, so the outcome doesn't really matter. There are weigh-ins 99% of the time, the match yesterday was just a part of a small boxing event, and there were only 3 muay thai/K1 fights, just to give people an idea of what those look like. I could have said that I don't want to fight unless we have a weigh-in, but I didn't care that much I guess.
  2. Thanks everybody! I lost the fight (which was yesterday), but really not because any weight advantages (even though there was no weight-in, so I guess the girl was ca 5 kgs heavier than me), but because I was a lot less active than her. At least now I know that heavier opponents are not so frightening!
  3. Hi everyone! So, I have got a fight coming up and if everything works out well, I´ll have my 4th fight at the end of August. The thing that worries me is that I will be fighting an opponent probably heavier than me - it should be a fight in the 60kgs cathegory, and I have been fighting at 56-57kgs (my regular weight without basically any weight cuts; I was actually hoping to lose some weight to get to 55, but well). It should be my opponent´s first fight. Do you have any advice on fighting larger fighters? (I know 3kgs is not such a difference, nevertheless that is the thing that worries me the most about the fight). Thanks!
  4. We are advised to buy 14-16 oz gloves in order not to get hurt in sparring but some people at my gym wear smaller ones. We have a girl who sparrs in 10oz gloves regularly and I don't really like it because she goes really hard (in fights I absolutely don't mind small gloves but what's the point in having small gloves if you just sparr?). I personally use Everlast gloves for muay thai and they are so good!
  5. This is my biggest problem too!! I guess I got quite a good lowkick and I don´t use it as much as I should/could/want to because of this. My absolutely favorite part of sparring with guys though is when I kick a roundkick and they, like, turn their crotch towards the kick or something. In general, I like working with people at the "same" experience level as I am. Like, I am "comfortable" sparring with people from the more experienced group (not exactly comfortable, but at least I´m don´t have to be afraid of beeing kneed full-force in the face in the middle of a technical sparring), but I try to avoid sparring with the new guys, since they really tend to assert their dominance by going too hard and stuff.
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