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  1. Wanted to drop in and say I'm still training I just stopped logging as the forum is a bit inactive. Thinking of taking an amateur boxing match next year as my coach suggested it. All the best everyone.
  2. Wanted to drop in and say I'm still training I just stopped logging as the forum is a bit inactive. Thinking of taking an amateur boxing match next year as my coach suggested it. All the best everyone.
  3. It's been harder than expected getting back into training after the break. After the funeral all I did for a week was work and sleep, and that stretched into two weeks. Anyway, I got three sessions in this week. One of the senior boxers has invited me to the advanced class, so I'll probably start doing that in a week or so, once I have some conditioning back. I had to take the 10 oz gloves back as they didn't fit properly with wraps. I swapped them for 12 oz, even so they are quite tight. I can actually feel when I hit with my knuckles now. The feedback is good. Although my hands are taking a beating... I will switch between my 16s and 12s until my hands adjust. Hope everyone's training is going well. 74.5 hours (I've added a bunch of hours at once from when I wasn't posting).
  4. I've only done 3 hours of training over the last 2-3 weeks. Someone close to me passed away and the emotional stress and grief has been insane! Anyway, back to boxing Monday night. I bought a pair of 10 oz hayabusa gloves. Might post some pics in the glove thread.
  5. Yeah, it was actually like 2 less reps on the same weight, so I think you could be right. Keep it up Tyler! How many sessions do you get in generally in a week?
  6. Hey Micc I didn't at the time, but I feel like I've paid the price this week. Tuesday 1 hr MT, 30 mins running, 30 mins bench pressing. Was actually weaker than the week before :( Tonight 1 hr MT. This week has not been good for training. I picked up a freelance gig which I've had to work on after work hours and I had a date on monday :wub: 66.5hrs
  7. John sounds like an acute injury, not a chronic case of over training. I am slowly titrating up my training load. I think this is important, because you can't just walk off the street and expect to be putting in 10,15,20 hours of training in, otherwise you'll have an injury, like John. It's been a lot slower than what I hoped and at times I've taken days off when in theory I would have rather trained. In retrospect I feel like my body was autoregulating me. Could be nonsense? But I feel like I am slowly adapting to more and more work now, and in a way that has worked much better than what I had even planned. This is really fascinating to me. I just keep trying to turn up as much as I can, and while I often disappoint myself, I just get back in and slowly my threshold is rising, like my body is making slight but regular adjustments sub-autonomously (this isn't really a word haha).
  8. 45 mins boxing class. Then I did some bag rounds and did the third day of c25k. Combo today was - double jab, right, left uppercut, left hook, right straight, weave, right, left, right, left hook, slip, left uppercut, right, left hook, right. 63.5 hours. This was my biggest training week, maybe ever, with 8.5 hours of training time. Only 4hr45min of actual class though.
  9. Yesterday did 1 hour of MT, which was mostly clinch work. Today, I did 8 rounds on the bag, 3 rounds of shadow. A combination I have been working lately is jab, right straight to the body, left hook, right straight. I am trying to integrate changing the levels so to be unpredictable. I then went and did standing shoulder press 60kg x 5 x 3 (5 reps for 3 sets). 62 hours
  10. Will keep you posted Tyler! 1 hr boxing Squatted 105kg x 5 x 3 Benched 95kg x 4 First time benching in ages, was a bit of a struggle but only 10kg off my old pb, so not too bad 59 hours
  11. 1 hour of boxing, deadlifted 130kg x 5 and did 2nd day of c25k. 57 hours
  12. 1 hour of bag work and shoulder press last night 55kg x 5. Today I did more bag rounds, squatted 100kg x 5 and then did the first day of couch to 5k. 55 hours
  13. Yeah the fight was great, incredible spirit from both guys. I thought Rory's jab split the lip, but to be honest I'm not sure exactly when it occurred.
  14. I will second the C25K suggestions. I have used an app before and it is a very gradual build up.
  15. Wondering if anyone saw this fight and could comment on Rory's elbow? He landed some elbows, but they didn't really seem to hurt Robbie or cut him. Also, he was attempting to counter jabs and straight crosses with elbows and was often missing. If you didn't see the fight, I was wondering if any of the pros on here could comment on range and elbows, and where you find elbows most effective. Thanks!
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