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Found 1 result

  1. Edit: I changed the topics name to not confuse readers looking for solutions. TL;DR - my shin splints were fortunately just a tight muscle in my calf. --- So it seems, I have severe shin splints. This is just my google-based diagnosis, I will verify it during this week, but all symptoms say it's that. The pain is awful, I can't even squat, coz my leg starts to hurt. And the pain starts the moment I start working out.... So I know I have to rest. But I can't rest! I feel it's such a waste of time! I'm thinking about training around this injury, but all options are out of question: no running, no kicking, no rope-skipping (which is probably the cause of my injury!!!), no shadow-boxing. So what can I do? Do you have any idea? I came up with: - yoga - training the upper body on the machines at the gym (booooring!) - rowing machine (I have to try if it doesn't flare up the pain, legs are strongly involved here too, but I never used this machine) Is there any way I can do some muay thai technique during this time? Any idea is welcome! I had to give up tomorrows' sparring session at my gym because of this and I'm so angry, but I know anger won't help me fix it. Just for the record, I already tried deep stretches of the calf muscles, anti-inflammatory medicine, kinesio taping and a self-massage. Oh and an excercise that strenghtens shin muscles. I will go to see a physiotherapeut this week hopefully and consult with a shoe specialist if I need some special shoe sole made maybe. I want to go to my doctor and get a MRI, but this might be mission impossible, coz it's so hard to get to the doctor :/ and I can't do a MRI without perscription :/ It's so hard to get in to the doctor when you work during the day like I do...I need to skip work to go to the doctor, I don't like to do it, it sucks!!!
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