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  1. I was in the Manop gym for aprox 3 weeks. Amazing experience, there, you can either go training 1 or 2 times a day, if you go 2times, you can have your fight there in Chiang Mai after 3weeks, atleast i did anyways.
  2. Sparring was each day, it's part of the training, also each day you go the bagwork and the pads, so i don't know where you got that idea from. You never go without hiting the pads or having spar in the Thailand, unless you're in a really bad comercial gym, but the spar there is way different than in other countries, you develop technique there and go sparr without power, by either legs, hands or clinch, depending on the day . As for technique, they always correct you and try to teach it the correct way, they made a good amount of adjustments in my kicking techniques, sweeps and clinch while i was there, i didn't go into such small details because it would take a whole book to write about how much small things they see and try to work on that. Also i don't think you fully read what i wrote in the blogs, because i don't really remember now all the things i wrote, it was a long time ago, but i went on and re-read the first day i wrote, and it already said i did a lot of pads and clinch , knees and elbows , so i don't know where you got the idea that i didn't do pad work.
  3. I love Muay Thai and i would love it if that became worldwide known sport, but at the same time i think if it would be known more rules would change 100%. Scoring would prob become same as in Kickboxing, balance wouldn't matter that much and i think overall Muay Thai would change...i mean even when you watch max muay thai, It's Muay Thai, but it's not the same . I wouldn't like Muay Thai to change even more and it def would , but i wouldn't want Muay Thai to disapear either... Plenty of things to think about to be honest.
  4. Yup. Try to read a book: Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear
  5. Flat feet are barefoot shoes are good and healthy for your foot, there are loads of ligaments, tendons and muscles in your foot and if you always use shoes with comfy fat soles the foot doesn't have 2work anymore. In a human biomechanical way you're in disadvantage because you're out of your alignment, you can develop loads of injuries just because your roots are bad, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain can come just from having flat feet, that being said iv'e seen plenty of fighters with flat feet and plenty of Thai's, so it's not as big a deal for a fighter, just overall health. I also have flat feet but seem to be doing ok, have injuries tho. That's my 2cents .
  6. Because Muay Thai scoring is different. Hands are mostly used for adding up damage or finishing the fight with K.O while knees, elbows body kicks and sweeps are main scoring tactics. Depends on the style of the fighter. Punch doesn't score at all unless you clearly outbalance him, same with leg kick, it's a blow for damage, but you don't get points if you don't break their balance. There are styles who use heavy hands and leg kicks, but they don't try to win on points, they want a clear K.O . There are different styles.
  7. I do only bodyweight, i used to do weighted pulls ups and dips for power tho. I mean it's useful, but technique is most important. Iv'e seen guys with insane technique with almost 0 physical training beat really strong guys. But if you have both it's really useful. But first i would go with technique just because seems a better thing to have in a fight, either way is good tho.! Best of luck
  8. Driving bike can replace running, and weights are not that important, you'll have more time focus on developing technique more , reps reps reps.
  9. Well depens on gym. I was in Chiang Mai, we had 2runs each day. One is 7AM for 1hour before training and afternoon is 30min run before training. If you're fighting you're also doing 30min of jump rope, so it's like 1h 30min or 2hours of that each day 6times a week. That being said it's not a must, but you def get more out of training that way, you build cardio as much as mental toughness.
  10. Maybe for a beginner, but i see loads of mistakes and things i need to work on.
  11. I'll def try to go back to Thailand in 2020 for 3months to do more training. The quality of training was amazing, and such hard work in the gym is addictive for sure. I'll try and find Muay Thai gym in my country, but even if i do it's not going to be the same quality. But better than nothing, have to keep practicing the things i learned from Manop and Sagat!
  12. I'll def try to go back to Thailand in 2020 for 3months to do more training. The quality of training was amazing, and such hard work in the gym is addictive for sure.
  13. Short video i made of my private training with Sagat, 5mins out of 2private's. You can see the energy he brings while teaching, amazing.
  14. This is off topic, but this is prob the most beautiful temple i visited in Thailand . really magical place.
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