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  1. Thanks mate. And, what would be the best way to get to 13 coins from Asok? Cheers.
  2. Nice review. Thanks for sharing. I first heard of Sinbi Muay Thai through Steven from Muay Thai Pros. And, now couple of the people I know who travels to Phuket frequently trains there.
  3. Thanks @Snack Payback Here is the reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/MuayThai/comments/deblv6/best_private_sessions_in_bangkok/ Ah I figured I might not be able to get a private session that early : ( was trying to sneeze it in, so I can explore the city during the rest of the day. On second thought, I think Attachai might be open Sundays. I will message them Hippy or Kasemlek sounds awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. I don't really know much about Kasemlek though. Where is his gym located? Accessible by public transport? Thanks @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu you just reminded me I have to follow up with Sylvie on a session with Karuhat. Sagat sounds great too! Not sure if this helps or makes any difference training with someone closer to my built, but I'm orthodox 5'8" walk around 140lb? Fought at 125-127lb.
  4. I have posted this question on Reddit Muay Thai, but thought I'll ask here as well. If you have taken a private session with a trainer in Bangkok, please share your experience. I will be in BKK for two and a half day at the end of November before heading to Chiang Mai to train. Probably Hongthong for a week and Santai for a week. Might stop by Lanna for a day/private. I'm staying near Asok BTS, so if anyone can recommend a good place/trainer to take a private lesson that would be awesome. Thinking of Attachai Muay Thai but its a bit out of the way from where I'm staying (probably have to take Taxi?) - Mixed reviews from reddit. Background - Amateur fighter 7-8 years experience. And, I like the Muay femur, khao, tae style. I prefer to train sometime in the early morning around 7-10 am or earlier. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Kevin, I have read that article and seen the video . Has it reoccur since then? I saw the interview with Namsaknoi and noticed how disfigured his ears looked
  6. My ear blew up into a big bubble either from clinching with gloves on or from getting hit from sparring (could be a combination of the two). I've been training for a while and this is the first time it happened lol. It actually started off as a small bubble and just kept getting bigger. I didn't get it drained right away so it became bulbous. Anyway I had to go to the ENT 6 times to get it drained completely.... First couple times they gave me a nurse to see and it would just keep refilling. They finally switched me to a doctor. Numbed it, got couple small incisions, and sutured it with gauze, so it would finally drain. Yeah I know.... sounds like a horror story Its been a week since taking the gauze off and making sure there is no more remaining fluid in the ear to drain, Being a dumb ass I went back to sparring and the ear filled up into a big bubble. Frustrating. Has anyone deal with cauliflower ear? If so, how did you get it treated and let it heal (length of process)? Would I be stuck wearing a ear guard forever?
  7. Sup Keith, it Simon. I'm sure the trainer(s) at Khongsittha will know whats best for you. Good luck brother.
  8. Thanks for the video Sylvie. Alla, I been working on my Teeps a lot too. Its one of my favorite muay thai technique that I don't really do often myself :sad: What I'm do daily is 50 front teeps, 50 rear teeps, 100 alternating teeps on the bags. I don't move my standing leg at all. I keep it flat on the ground and transfer my weight to it, swinging my teep side arm down in front my face or to my hips, making sure I'm not leaning back and my body is upright. When I first started I had a hard time keeping the bag from twirling haha, but now I am able to repeatedly teep at the same spot which prevents that from happening. Keep practicing until you kill it then practice some more! You got this!
  9. Hi Lucy, I've spent two weeks training at Khongsittha. It is a fairly new gym that started in 2013, so the facility is modern, spacious and very well kept. They also have staffs that are fluent in English, such as Keith (above). Don't worry if you have little experience or as much as five years such as myself, the trainers are very friendly and provide equal amount of attention to everyone. The skill level varied between campers from beginners to experienced fighters, so no need to be intimidated! "Rajardam cover a lot of great detail already, but I'll add on. Training: *Keep in mind that training is Tuesday-Sunday. Monday is the rest day as opposed to back home where it usually occurs on Sundays. Running: If you do choose to run with the group the distance varies between 3-5k or 8k+. However, when I was there we were running 8k's in the morning almost everyday as the Thai guys were fighting. There is a white board that have two-days of scheduling on it. If running starts at 6:30am expected it to be a 8k. Morning session: 8-10am An example of a session may consist of shadow boxing, pad & bag work , heavy bag drills/burnouts, ab/body weight exercises, stretch & cool down. Afternoon session: 3-5pm similar to morning sessions but starts with skipping rope or tire hop (15mins) in addition to sparring/clinching/technique emphasis Intensity of the sessions varies usually Sunday morning and the middle day of the week is light. Exception/Saturday Mornings: 9-11am = Sprint + agility drills & strength/conditioning, follow up with a ice bath :woot: *The jump ropes are heavy. I'll advise using the colored PVC cable one as opposed to the one with a wooden handle. In terms of pad holding you'll get to work with a variety of trainer, whom are all top-notch with decades of experience. How much you learn is what you take out of it and finding out what works for you. The benefit though is that you get to experience different style of pads. In the beginning it may be a awkward slow feeling out phase, but you'll adapt your style to their pad holding. Two of the trainers that stood out for me was Ruey and Rong. Ask to work with them! Constructive criticism: I did wish we got to spar/clinch with the Thais. However, there aren't that many active fighters here compared to a traditional Muay Thai camp that raises kids to be fighters. Accommodation/Misc: Kiatthada resort is right next to the gym between a small parking lot. Cleaning service is available but not provided. I believe it cost 250baht? Laundry machines are 40-50baht and they fit a lot of clothes! I did laundry twice, but I think I brought too much clothes. There is a 10,000 baht deposit which I was not aware of until I arrived in Thailand. Luckily I brought enough cash. You get majority of it back at the end of the trip. Around $8-9k. I used about $400-500 USD in my two week stay. Food: There a few restaurants nearby. The famous noodle spot, "Ko Bu Rot Sing" and clay pot/porridge "Chok Poet Mo" (both right outside the gym) is to die for. I also discovered a famous Pad Thai nearby at the end of my trip. Its called "Phat Thai Sawoei restaurant" Prices is very inexpensive, I'll 2-4 dollars per dish/meal. You can get street food early in the morning at the market just a couple blocks away. I look getting fresh fruits there (guava, pineapple, green mango) There is also a bigger night market (highly recommended) if you ask around. If you want cleaner dining options (meaning healthier/organic), previously Cafe Reverie (owned by the same management as the gym) is the spot! It caters to a western appetite, but the cost per dish is higher and comparable to back home. $6-$7. There are also malls such as Central Festival Eastville and Crystal Park, which are both about 10mins taxi ride away. *Drink lots of water. Buy a pack of 6 at Mini Big C. Instead of electrolyte packages + water. I like to drink "Sponsor" or "M-sport" which already has electrolytes in them. Okay I'm getting tired and sleepy now, so I had to rush a lot of the last bits. :sleep: But I highly recommend you go on the trip. Training alone while scary at times can be pretty fucking awesome. Best of luck
  10. This video from sylvie might help :D I dislocated my shoulder a few weeks ago, funny thing is I'll be going to Thailand in a month as well... See you there Sylvie! Haven't trained in three weeks..im worried about clinching again as well...oh well Yodmati works on your kicks? Orthodox? Jab jab teep XD Best of luck
  11. My fairtex M fits me baggy, my waist is so small now that they fall off ha. I need a small now. I like their designs
  12. ^ thinking about doing the same. My contacts kept popping out in sparring. Not sure if I should wait until im older and my prescription just changed
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