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  1. People have to watch ‘man on wire’ one of my favourite docs. Such a great example of how far having a deep passion for something can take you. Don’t bother with the film and the doc has loads of real footage and tells the story amazingly
  2. Hey everyone. hope all are well during covid. ive started running a lot more due to gym closers, and for the first time thought I might get a heart rate monitor. I’ve never really been that fussed before but I thought it would be cool to track distance properly and also see what my heart rate was doing. does anyone use heart rate monitor whist training on bags or pads? And do they find it useful or annoying? Wondering whether to get a watch just for running or a chest strap that I can use for both. I have a suspicion I would use it once and get annoyed so just wanna see other people’s thoughts. thanks
  3. I found it very easy to eat veggie in Thailand. They just cooked the same dishes without meat as most stuff is cooked fresh. I imagine vegan will be a little harder I know they use a lot of fish sauce, which although not veggie I’m pretty sure the still used in my food. But again I’m sure people will be happy to accommodate and remove any animal products for you.
  4. I feel like my gloves atm (cheap ones from decathlon) make it well hard to strike with the knuckle. It feels like they open my fist to much. Has anyone else had this with gloves before?
  5. So do you think that being barefooted a lot can help to reduce flat feet by strengthening the muscles? Or do you think it increases flat footedness. I no knee valgus can be caused by flat feet. I’ve heard mixed things on whether or not being barefoot helps strengthen your arches. It seems a high % of people at the gym have flat feet.
  6. What does everyone think of bearfoot shoes? Has anyone tried them? What are people’s experiences? Also do people think that being barefoot a lot during training causes flat feet or fights it? Is having flat feet a bad or good thing? thoughts?
  7. Yeah I am referring to other students holding for me. I guess this is a big part of it. I never have issues when the instructors hold, especially our Thai trainer who is half my size.
  8. Thanks Kevin. I guess it comes dow to who’s holding for me at the gym. I’m one of the taller heavier people at the gym so I can just dial it down power wise and focus on speed and technique if partnered with someone smaller. Good too know that it is the right thing to go hard when I can. Thanks again
  9. Hi everyone first post so sorry if it’s a dumb question. What sort of power should I be using in pad work? I understand that I don’t want to sacrifice technique for power in most circumstances. But I feel like people at the gym tend to go a little lighter on the power on pads. I sometimes get the impression that people think I might go too hard but no one says anything so I’m unsure. Any help/advice/thoughts. thanks sonny
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