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  1. Thank you to everyone who replied to this post, it has been hugely helpful and i appreciate you taking time out of your day to do so. I'm going to try those gyms listed and just 'gym hop' for a week or so, book somewhere for a week for 10k baht or so to find my bearing in BKK for 3 months i'd like to keep it under around 5k USD. The pound is awful at the moment (thanks to impending brexit) and shows no sign of a changing any time soon. I looked at Samarts place which is something like 49K baht for a month or training/accommodation and food, attatchi is around 18k for training (I can live with that providing it's good training and i can find somewhere nearby for 10k or so). Having only passed through BKK on my way to pattaya (to fight) i guess i need to become accustom to the area, it looks like theres an abundance of muay thai gyms there, kiatphontip has been recommended. If i can't deal with BKK, SKP in chiang mai has been excellent training thus far so i'm only an hour flight away from a familiar and good gym/area. Thanks again, Jonny
  2. Hi, I'm looking for advice regarding a gym to train in, i've trained 6 months in phuket (back in 2010) and about 3 months in chiang mai (san kaempheng, specifically,) i'm 105kg 6'4 and have had 4 fights in thailand (i've been very inactive and have around 11 years experience), from looking online gyms in BKK seem to be very expensive? often near 40,000 for training and accommodation, firstly, can anyone recommend a good gym in bkk, for western fighters. as i don't know bkk at all how easy is it to get accommodation? (as with everywhere in thailand i found you might pay 12,000 through the gym or 5k for somewhere you found of your own merit) looking to go for around 90 days and ideally fight, any help would much much appreciated, thank you kap
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