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  1. Dear Forum hello, Planning to take the teen group from my club to Thailand for 10 days training. Ages: 14 to 17 ; between 5 and 8 people; Levels: beginner to intermediate (no yet advanced / regional competition level). Purpose: Technique improvement as well as general experience (cultural enrichment). Less important are the beaches and vacation atmosphere. Preferably renting a house nearby rather than hotels. At first thought South Phuket ''AKA-SIMBI'' axis or Revolution X. Season July-Aug to suit to the school schedule. Any recommendations for camps suitable this project? Any areas welcomed. Looking forward to read similar positive experiences feedbacks and recommendations. Thxs in advance, Ced
  2. Indeed, DaZn just sent me a reminder https://www.dazn.com/en-IL/home/acs6yb3nyw43co7lkphaok25s Thailand ranks 16 at the Olympic games boxing medalists....that's more than China, Mexico and Canada... just to give proportions.
  3. If you are in the USA: EVA larger puzzles Or "Dollamur" style foam + tarp + Velcro rolls If you are in Europe XLPE large 1X1 m mats / 20 mm thickness or EVA equivalent
  4. Hello Kevin, Thanks for relating At first I pragmatically thought that the fact that the bouts lasted for 5 rounds meant that investing in middle kicks at the beginning was helping to build up opponent tiredness and set up cleaner points/KO's at latter rounds. Finding the center and controlling the center of the body to show dominance is an interesting perspective. Although the risks of getting the leg caught are so high. Which may also be a factor that helps in maintaining the rounds and stakes interesting? Is it the sport that shapes the reward system or the judging system that shape the sports ? Egg or Kitchen question... Mix to that the culture, the audience, the gamblers, the foreigners ... Cheers, Ced
  5. There seems to be a high regard and focus given to the middle kick in Muay Thai. Both in training and scoring. Besides the tactical tool of emptying the opponent's energy as an investment for the latter rounds; KO's from middles seem rather rare ? Other styles of Kick Boxing could be perceived as investing much more in low kicks and "spectacular" high kicks. What are the explanations and backgrounds for such high focus and regard of middle kicks in Muay Thai ? Cheers, Cédric
  6. Thanks Kevin,That's great material. I have started to upload these pics on the respective google map page of them gyms. Some don't even have a google maps page. I'll send the list later. It'd be great if then we could contact them to help them upload the location on gmaps Cheers
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