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  1. Hello: I am thinking about getting a 50" Fitness trampoline to use in place of the traditional Tires. Is this a good Idea and any tips on movements to do on it ?
  2. Hello: I wonder if anyone has some good tips on how to make your kicks faster ? I videoed myself kicking yesterday and all I saw was an old monkey trying to kick the bag. I looked like I was trying to do a slow motion kick. Any help would be very helpful. Thank you.
  3. Check out my new pictures in my training room.
  4. There are heavy rubber mats that are used for horse stalls that you can get at a place like tractor supply that would work.
  5. Thank you. I used to be one heck of a good two stepper.
  6. Hello. I am trying to incorporate Muay thai rhythm into my movements while training on the heavy bag. I listen to the traditional music and try to move properly. Is there any training video footage of this kind of study ? Thank you.
  7. My new door mat going into my workout room. actually this is a photo the company sent me showing what it will look like when I get it.
  8. I was going to ask Sylvie about exercises to strengthen legs and balance in the morning but this is what I needed. Thank you.
  9. I started to train Muay thai because I have been weight lifting all my life. I am pretty strong but a year ago I got into a fight with some one who had skills and got me into a gillotene choke. In the process of getting out of it using my strength I managed to flip him off me but broke my ankle, all three bones. he them stood me up and choked me out. I realized after that, I was fooling myself. I needed a better way to defend myself. I saw one of Sylvies youtube post and said this is what I need. at 57 years old I would never be able to kick really high like a lot of martial arts do. Muay Thai
  10. Hello. I am interested in buying shirts from the various gyms in Thailand. how do I go about that ? I noticed that Kyn Muay Thai school doesen't sell online.
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