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  1. Woah! I’m inspired to do the same! Looks amazing!
  2. @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu @Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu could you please type Ruup in Thai for me I want to write it on my new gloves
  3. Hey there, if Rubber mats are annoying you, how about some old carpet? Or new carpet. My brother had this in his home gym for years with no problem.
  4. Ning looks amazing.... I might have to steal that one!
  5. Hi SakYants Aren’t just for Muay Thai fighters, lots of people who aren’t fighters have Sak yants. It’s a tradition too that is based on animalism and Magic so it not just Buddhism:) But if Sak Yants don’t resonate how about finding a symbol that represents what Muay Thai means.... Like does training MT bring freedom? Maybe freedom written in Thai? Or something like that. I hope I’ve helped lol
  6. I’ve seen something similar in Goju Ryu (Okinawan karate) I only got to yellow belt but I remember using this tool because how much it would condition my wrists (I’ve got weak wrists and this seemed to have helped.
  7. Thanks for sharing, phew that’s tricky with vegan protein and sticking to keto. Do you think the muscle mass loss was due to not being in a gym? Or have you been lifting etc at home? Also, How did you test you age? I’d be interested to calculate my own
  8. Sure, I contacted them through their website email tsm@thaismai-tsm.com They sent me bank details and price including shipping. I deposited the money no problem straight into their account. The book including shipping to Australia was just under 100 Aussie dollars which is about 2000 Thai baht.
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