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  1. That’s great you have a Thai trainer.. I’ve recently found one too.. I have no idea what we talk about, but I definitely know when I’ve done something wrong hahahah
  2. I think traditional Muay Thai is suffering everywhere, but I understand what you’re saying. I’m from Australia and some fighters here have beautiful Muay but they have lived in Thailand for quite some time. I think western mentality can be the issue, and watching too much crappy entertainment Muay Thai.. also not having gambling. but some “farang” are really inspiring too. But it’s true, some Muay Thai events here in Australia can be difficult to watch, thank the gods for The internet
  3. Karuhat is the ultimate technical fighter! A martial artist genius in his flow of Muay. He is seamless and ferocious. It looks as though he can manipulate time and energy… a superhero He also has a positive friendly energy and a glint in his eyes that makes me smile. He is also very handsome Karuhat is the king of Muay thai. the best!
  4. Heads up! Be careful with taking Maleria pills and your mental health.. It can increase depression for a little while. Just be mindful and know it will pass
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  6. We had to move house so my little gym had to move too. I think it’s a blessing in disguise We live in subtropics so during summer this will definitely have a Thai vibe with the humidity
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