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  1. Karuhat is the ultimate technical fighter! A martial artist genius in his flow of Muay. He is seamless and ferocious. It looks as though he can manipulate time and energy… a superhero He also has a positive friendly energy and a glint in his eyes that makes me smile. He is also very handsome Karuhat is the king of Muay thai. the best!
  2. Heads up! Be careful with taking Maleria pills and your mental health.. It can increase depression for a little while. Just be mindful and know it will pass
  3. I once had a naturopath tell me when I was a smoker that he’d rather see me give up artificial sweetener before cigarettes. That the chemicals in those drinks will make me sick! I found that quite scary and something I’ll never forget. apparently it’s something to do with the link to MS and other problems.
  4. We had to move house so my little gym had to move too. I think it’s a blessing in disguise We live in subtropics so during summer this will definitely have a Thai vibe with the humidity
  5. Thailand is pretty big... Maybe check out Phuket, Koi Sumi or Pattaya Ive trained at a few in Phuket but really only as a tourist and I didn’t know what I know now. It’s still fun to jump in the ocean afterwards
  6. @Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu has a really good video on bag work and how the Thais do it. Maybe check out her YouTube
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