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  1. Awesome thank you. If only i could figure out how to search patreon by other tags as i pleased. Scrolling to search is tedious
  2. This is something that keeps popping up for me. Why do you do muay thai? Whether you are just training for fun or fitness or if you are career fighter, i wanna understand why muay thai? I find myself asking if its "right" or of "net benefit" training and fighting, I'm coaching and i see loads of positives. Fitness, friendships, motivation to eat well and take care of your body. Challenging mental and physical to another level. I also see negatives from severe weight cutting, to deaths in the sport, head trauma, long term injuries. I wonder if influencing kids in the west to train or compete in muay thai is a net benefit, as well as adults. Hearing your experiences is what I'm hoping for. Good or bad. This is what i do for a living, and Ive been doing some soul searching lately.
  3. This is a good topic. Frustrating when there is so much "grey area" as a coach - should i be teaching my students defences to illegal moves that aren't enforced? I've seen people catch kicks and do full judo leg reaps with back of calf - both from the outside stepping across and from the inside - not pulled up or warned. See a similar thing with spine pressure techniques in the clinch. I get it - sometimes the ref won't notice and can't make the perfect call all the time, i don't envy their role and i can't blame them for that. Some of the stuff i've seen is very obvious and blatant. I'm talking more about regional scene in my experience in australia rather than top level competitions.
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