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  1. $149/mos. in Denver, CO area. BJJ is additional but we're primarily a MT school with Duane Ludwig.
  2. +1 on box jumps. Try googling Bikram (hot) Yoga near your town. You could do it with a broken finger and it would absolutely be a whole body workout (90min).
  3. https://youtu.be/5Y3K84cCoIU?t=312 first few seconds, insane headbutts
  4. This came to mind... (from Wiki) In evolutionary biology, people often speak of the four F's ( psychologist Karl H. Pribram) are said to be the four basic drives (motivations or instincts) that animals (including humans) are evolutionarilyadapted to have, follow, and achieve fighting, fleeing, feeding, and fucking (alternatively fornicating). In the case of vertebrates, this list corresponds to the motivational behaviors that drive the activity in the hypothalamus, which responds to these motivations by regulating activity in the endocrine system and releasing hormones to alter the behavior of the animal.
  5. Victoria, The two clear mouthpieces are from a dentist. One for bjj, one for striking (difference in thickness). The red and white one is the newer JAWZZ (there are other companies that also do this) one that a dentist makes for you but you mold yourself with the kit. The difference is that the red one you cannot take out using your tongue, you have to get you fingers in your mouth and get that sucker out. Although it's thicker than the other two, you forget that it's there. The white part is also like a tougher plastic than the red. It is by far the best mouth piece that I have ever tried and I find myself forgetting to take it out after practice when I'm talking to people. I know I sound like a rep for this mouthpiece but it is the best piece of equipment that I have ever tried (others at my gym agree). The con? A week to get the kit and then maybe 1-2 months to get the sucker back. PITA. Essentially, it will arrive when you finally forget that you actually ordered the thing. Decent cost for what you get.
  6. Awesome. I'm jealous. You should check out some of her highlights on youtube just to get an idea for the type of technique and violence that she can impose onto another trained individual. @1:35
  7. Thanks for sharing! We have so many different skill levels on the forum and crazy different geographic locations...makes it extra cool.
  8. What are your MT Goals for 2016? Big or small, simple or complex, pro or novice. Maybe you want that first fight, shins of steel, to be healthier or to get that first KO... As a middle aged novice (40) with 14 mos. of training, I look at MT as kind of a fountain of youth and a place to further develop self defense skills. GOALS: 1)train minimum 4x/week 2)one heavy bag intensive day/week 3)poker face when sucking 4)proper warm up every session to minimize injuries
  9. I realize that this doesn't apply to when you're in an exchange or getting mobbed on. I do, however, see it routinely apply in latter rounds when things have gone to hell in a hand-basket and fighters are pushing the limits of human performance. Anyways, always loved this quote... To quote the legendary New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard, when asked how runners should breathe, “Breathe through your mouth. Breathe through your nose. Suck the air in through your ears, if you can.”
  10. Just wanted to chime in...I use a JAWZZ custom mouthguard. It is by far the most impressive mouthguard that I have ever had. I have to actually pull this thing out of my mouth when I need to remove it. The basic, no graphics mouthguard is the same as the more expensive ones, they just have more custom design options. $65 for their basic one and you can pick multi colors. Several guys in the gym have them everyone raves about them. The process is how Emma describes it above. The cons are the cost and that you have to send for the package, do your imprints, send them back then wait about 45 days to get it returned. You end up getting it back after you forget that you ordered the thing in the first place- but then- WOW, EUREKA! Anyways, just my 2 cents.
  11. Thanks Emma. I ordered some up on amazon. Seems affordable. Winter is coming and I don't need any more pulls or tears.
  12. JRE @2:08. Thanks guys. I think I'm just going to jump in and get some of the liquid. Hopefully this goes better than the time I bought gold bond "body" powder and didn't read it was the extra strength "foot" powder.
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