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  1. Ya my shins guards take up room, but i supposed they will have to come along. Sounds great! im defs going to pop into ringside ill hit you up when im in town.
  2. hm, ive been training for about a year and a half now i think because of my work schedule usually i get in once a week occasionally ill manage 2-3 on a good month. Ive done clinching once unfortunately haven't made a proper clinch class... ive noticed that alot of the gyms in Berlin do sparing which i haven't had a chance at. Im wondering if i should pack my shinguards do they use them in class often?
  3. Well seems like i must pop in at Ringside! Ill be staying on the east side of Neukolin.
  4. i shot her a message :D
  5. Hello, I was hoping for some recommendations for a gym in Berlin? I'm going to be in town for a whole month, not sure how to go about it i dont want to show up somewhere and presume they are able to instruct in english :D Cheers
  6. Thats not bad, im not too sure if my gym has a contract i pay the walk in which is $20 the monthly i think is $180 which i cant afford/justify yet coz some weeks im pretty busy so i might not make it. Not sure if theres a contract etc.. my first gym charge $30 for a walk in glad i switched because my current ones vibe is just way better and have better coaches smaller class sizes..
  7. In comparison to NYC I feel like the gym prices here are pretty high compared to the rest of the world?
  8. The shout box work out timer looks interesting, seems like it would help alot for shadow boxing at home. I just looked it up its for androids only :(
  9. Funny, i had a similar experience a few weeks ago (i was going to write about it on the forum) since then ive realized that alot of people in the gym had some problems with the same person. To start they missed my glove during the drill and hit me in the face, this was infront of the trainer.. i think the trainer there was an awkward silence before i said i was fine. No apology from the person that socked me though.. then they were complaining about how i was holding my gloves for her to hit and then talking out loud about how the guys down the line were making "weird noises that sounded like sex" .. But i think she was kinda new.. loading up on her shots like nothing else. (we werent holding pads and i was getting tired holding for her shots).. i decided to not lash back about it and was just going for speed and not power. But then they complained that MY punches were too hard.. i couldnt win. :sleep: So from what ive read drills on a partners gloves not 100% which is what i already knew.. i feel bad sometimes when im paired with a guy coz i know they have to hold back on me since im absolutely the smallest person in the gym. Say 50-70% the general etiquette for drills etc punching the open glove/wrist of your partner?
  10. I asked my partner recently if he'd be willing to help me train by holding pads for me at home he said yes although not enthusiastically.. honestly i never though he'd say yes but he did! Fast forward just got a pair of fairtex in the mail and asked him to hold for me to just try them out, i ended up inadvertently teaching him how to punch too afterwards. My partner doesn't do Muay Thai or any other kind of contact sport for that matter (not really the kinda guy that wants to punch stuff although ive gotten him into UFC/Muaythai fight vids) it was kinda cool teaching him how to throw a hook. Does anyone have any advice for working out/padwork at home? especially experiences with people that dont do MT?
  11. I don't think im close to sparring anything yet so i was really just keen to be able to focus on where my punches are hitting on my closed hand. Also i got rid of my 14oz gloves because i keep hearing over and over again that gyms/people dont like those gloves because they are hard. (doesnt seem very cool for that other chick to spar in 10oz gloves tho) the whole point is to be able to practice and not hurt each other?
  12. 10oz Twins, im barely 100lbs soaking wet and have been using 14oz fairtex's.. one of the trainers was surprised to learn i was using them. They were hurting my knuckles because the compartment inside was so much larger than my fist. The twins fit soooooo nice! managed to sell my fairtex gloves! which was a plus because i hate waste and knew they were going to be too hard to spar with if i started that in the future anyway.
  13. Weirdly enough training mauy thai helped with the pretty gnarly carpal tunnel from my job.. Also made me feel better emotionally.
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