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  1. I've seen some youtube clips from some bloggers that looked like they had some good private sessions (Muay Thai Pros is one of the names I remember).
  2. I don't get mad in sparring, but we do have one guy who excessively catches kicks. If they were full power they'd be too hard/fast for him to catch every single one. It just makes me work on other aspects of my game. I could be in a fight and hurt my leg and not be able to use kicks anymore. It's not unreasonable to practice your other "6 limbs" against him. Try to breathe and remember that this is practice and you're helping each other improve. When I'm with newer people I often handicap myself and try to work on specific weaknesses of mine. Have fun!
  3. I haven't yet been to Thailand, but just be careful and make sure you both aren't overdoing things as you push yourselves to prepare. Stay hydrated and watch each other. Have fun!
  4. Between people backing out and straight up not being matched for a card, I'm currently at 13 months since my last fight (female amateur USA). So having 6-10 weeks to prepare for a fight sounds about right for my experience simply because that's about as often as an opportunity exists, if even that.
  5. I think CM will be my pick because I can stay longer, and Hongthong is one of the gyms I have earmarked. I think I'll go and train a session at my top picks and then commit the rest of the trip to the one that I like the best. I live in NYC so while I'm sure there are great things in Bangkok I'm not really wanting to spend more time in a large, dirty city. I did ask Namsaknoi gym for their pricing and accomodation info, which was actually on par with the CM gyms I looked into. They have both onsite dorms (fan rooms with bunkbeds + 2 meals) and an affiliate bungalo with aircon rooms (no meals). Angie also reccomended a few beach-front resorts if you wanted to splurge. It's definitely tempting me, but the ferry/extra travel will eat two days of the trip so booooooo.
  6. Bumping this thread to see if anyone can add their experiences in Chiang Mai. Pretty sure it's where I'm headed, though the beautiful photos from Namsaknoi's island gym also sort of tempt me even though I'm sure it'll cost a lot more to stay there.
  7. You both signed up to compete in a sport. Would you forfeit a basketball game against them? Yes there are a lot of mental components involved in fighting that aren't a part of other sports (in basketball you score by shooting baskets, in muay thai you score by landing strikes that hurt your opponent), but at its core it is a sport and this is a match. I think you need to focus on that and accept that you each have the potential to be hurt in any fight, and you both sign up for them anyway - so you are both okay with the risk of being injured. Muay thai is violent, but it is something you both consent to when you lace up those gloves. I always say we can't be friends if we can't punch each other in the face. I have fought a friend on two separate occasions now and probably will again seeing it's sort of a small world. I say embrace this opportunity to fight and train hard! You can buy your buddy a beer afterward. :)
  8. Somewhat on topic: I did weekly private sessions for my first two years of training (in the USA) and they were extrenely helpful. I had to stop for financial reasons, but I've grabbed an individual session here and there as my budget allows. If you can afford them, I highly recommend working one-on-one with your trainer in addition to group classes.
  9. Do you do a food log? I used to have a harder time with this issue, then I got MyFitnessPal (food app) and I saw that I was WAY undereating on my "good" days, which inevitably would lead to a binge. Like I'd eat 1100-1200 calories, and I train 2x a day plus I work a physical job! So between the app and some reading I've brought that up to 1800-2200 depending on my day, and I've gone from no carbs to carbs. Not processed stuff, but sweet potato, quinoa, rice, fruit. I only restrict carbs the week of a weigh in now to coincide with the water/salt manipulation. It might be worth logging your food for a week without changing anything aboht the way you eat to see what you're averaging with your calories and macros now.
  10. I think expense is a relative term. What can you afford? What is a more convenient choice? These are things you need to decide for yourself.
  11. Sylvie has a thread discussing several gyms already. I'm on my phone so maybe someone on a desktop can link to that post for you. There are also many threads about individual gyms. Welcome and have fun looking through the posts here.
  12. Have you asked the gym? I know some gyms will arrange a taxi/transport for you.
  13. I'm also planning my first trip for later this year and I can so relate to the struggles of picking one area (or even one gym) to commit to sight unseen. Add to this the reality that it may be the only time I ever get to afford flying over and the weight of these choices seems impossible. For me what has helped was planning first, second, and third choices. Not just the gyms, but where to stay, how to travel between cities, etc. So I'm intending to go to my first choice and take a private or two at my second choice. If I need to make a switch I know what hotels are nearest rach (and if I feel the need, I know which bus to take to get to choice three). I've stressed less since having all that info put together. Realistically my trip is short enough that something major would have to happen to make me abandon my first choice fully. We shall see!
  14. While trying to maintain some level of internet anonymity: my coach and wife have trianed at Bali MMA and we have good history with some of the staff from when they were living stateside. If you like surfing they managed to get quite a lot of beach time during their stay.
  15. Fair warning: I have not trained here myself. In fact he just opened his own gym this Monday past, but as a small business owner I am always happy to help spread the word for a friend about theirs. Www.Kanongsukmuaythai.com If you Google "Kanongsuk Chuwattana" you can find not only his fight videos, but some of his training videos from his time with Evolve in Singapore. He is also super active with his gym page on Facebook with some video tours of the gym and info on the nearby hotels. This gym is in Chiang Rai within walking distance of local hotels. If you're headed to Thailand please consider Kru Chay and his new facility. Thanks!
  16. I'm finally going later this year. I kept putting it off for finances, etc. but I finally went ahead and booked plane tickets. So excited!
  17. I personally hate having limits placed on me, so I hate writing this, but if your knees are bad enough where you can't train or have decent range of motion, you may need to set more realistic goals. I know you mentioned waiting until 2018 to head to Thailand, so I hope this year you can do the things you need to do to heal up and be ready for the demands of fight camp, in or out of Thailand. My American coach allows swimming because it's more accepted here, but I can still run 5-10k at a whack with no issues and do sometimes when the weather begs for an outdoor activity. I don't do it every day because I don't want to be back at the ortho with more tears. Depending on the gym and the trainer, it's hard to say what fight opportunities you'll have in Thailand. Take care now so you'll be in top shape and increase your chances of fighting there.
  18. I tore my meniscus several years ago and did not do surgery, just PT and rehab work. I stopped running and instead swim at the pool. I'll do some sprint work with the team, but like 90-95% of my running has become swimming. My knee has been feeling SO much better. I don't know how that would translate to training in Thailand, but I'd say good shoes and proper form will help. Also, if you can rest your knee with swimming or some other form of cardio these few months so that it is healed and in prime shape for a Thai gym and the running there. Good luck!
  19. In 2017 I would like to: -have at least 2 fights outside a tournament -participate in a tournament -move down another weight class I am hoping to fight either in February or March depending on whether a match is found. My team is considering a few tournaments to choose from over the summer, and my weight loss has been planned and started already.
  20. I don't know, my advice would be train with a knowledgable coach who can teach you correct form before you develop bad habits that are harder to break.
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