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  1. Does anyone know the prices of training and private lessons? After watching the videos of Silvie I'm thinking of going to Djrat..looks like a great coach.
  2. After my first trip to Thailand is something that I have very clear, without private lessons the only thing I get is to improve my cardio. The last two weeks what I did was a private lesson tomorrow and a group training in the afternoon, the problem cost. In Sinbi was 500 Bhats the lesson, in Bkk and Samui 800/1000 bhats, day after day is a lot of money. To say that in Bangkok the best option I found was in Elite Fight, with coach GAE, they were 1200 bhats, but included two sessions, private class, and use of facilities, including a pool, and at bkk it's great.
  3. Next trip Chiang Mai...Lanna is first option. Thanks.
  4. I am preparing my next trip to Thailand, on my first trip note that for a new student it is best to have private lessons, the problems is the price, in the gyms of Bkk around 1000 baths, if it is true that in Pukhet is something more Cheap, but Pukhet does not fit my plans. What Gym and instructor would you recommend that the cost of private lessons be cheap and of quality? I do not care about the location. (translator) Regards
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