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Found 3 results

  1. When the word "keto" escapes my lips, the first thing I get is a comment or message about how it's great for weight loss and terrible for athletes. As it happens, I'm an athlete and I haven't lost weight.... and yet it's good for me. Mostly people worry about endurance, hitting a wall, not having energy during training, etc. All of this is exacerbated by the fact that I also fast every other day. Not only is low carb supposed to make you tired, but no food at all should make you unable to move. I've experienced none of this. Not even so much at the beginning, before I was fat-adapted. But I will say this: folks who experience the drag and fatigue - or those who are simply afraid of it - I highly suspect the culprit is not calories or macros at all, but rather electrolytes. If you're struggling to train low carb or fasted - truly, either one - I would urge you to try focusing on your sodium, potassium and magnesium first. All those pre-blended satchets of electrolytes will have glucose in them as well, but I make my own without that and believe it's not needed at all. I'd wager that most of what people experience in being dead-tired when coming to Thailand, feeling depressed, exhausted, etc. is truly more to do with electrolytes than even the physical load. And the physical load is a lot; it's fucking exhausting. But if we're building a pyramid for what's most important, calories and breakdown of food comes a far third to both hydration (meaning electrolytes + adequate water) and sleep. You could eat absolutely nothing and have the electrolyte and sleep thing down and do okay. Even if you don't go low carb or keto, if you're struggling - anywhere in the world, but especially in hot climates where you sweat all day - start with electrolytes, fix your sleep. I heavily suspect people ignore or are ignorant of both these factors and so they focus on food. Did you eat "enough protein?" Are you eating enough or too much rice? Did you eat before training? You didn't eat before training. It goes on and on. On a violin there are pegs that pull the strings from the very end of it, on what's called the "scroll." Those make big changes to tuning the violin. At the opposite end of the string are little metal pegs, attached to the bridge. They make tiny adjustments to the string. Both are needed to tune a violin, but don't mistake them for each other. You can crank and crank at the little metal pegs and make no significant changes. Or you can barely move the bigger pegs on the scroll and have an entirely different sound. Sleep and electrolytes are the big pegs; food, even though it's important, are really those little pegs in comparison.
  2. I'd like to know if anyone has had struggles with this issue ? I hate it, I do it twice a week and it's draining. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle but mentally I am not strong when it comes to this issue. I usually binge after 3-4 days of hard training. The foods would include sandwiches, sugary foods, some chocolate and chips. The day after I would feel so drained, bloated, tired and heavy i'd probably do a fast. If you have experienced this I would love to hear your feedback on what helped you.
  3. Hi all, what diets are you on? Like your normal diets and your diet during training camp (if you do) and weight cut. And more important, are there any vegans out there? Is there anyone doing low carb and vegan, if so Id like to hear any experiences. Im trying to tweek my diet a lot. I hardly every east stuff like bread and pasta, I cook for myself and avoid all processed foods. I have carbs such as oats, fruits or a little rice in the morning or before training, but have veggies and proteins for the rest of the day. When I have to go on a diet to make weight there is usually a point in time when I start deleting off any carbs, usually starting out with fruits and afterwards cutting out oats and rice. So its basically protein and fat left. However this is just a very short amount of time, like weeks and I take supplements like minerals and vitamins in addition. Lately i find myself thinking about how low carb and vegan works with training. I am sourrounded by vegans, but they all eat a crazy amount of pasta, rice and other stuff I simply dont want to eat. Going vegetarian is not a problem at all. Im just such an egg and yogurt addict, I wouldnt know how to deal without it, hence I thought of doing a month trial and see how it goes - vegan and law carb. Whats your ideas on that topic... whats your diets look like?
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